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Posted by on Sep 4, 2013 in Featured, International, Politics | 11 comments

Senate Committee Ok’s resolution to strike Syria


Senate Committee says yes to authorizing US strike on/ against Syria.

Read more at WaPo….

Just my .02. I see people arguing about gas, not gas. Strike, not strike.

I’m still back at the beginning: It’s not about gas, no gas, strike, no strike.

It’s still about abject murder of 1400+ of one’s own citizens. It’s about mass murder. By any means.

The only halfway useful thing I have to say about this matter to date, is IF this mass murder of Innocents was not unleashed by al-Assad, then why hasnt el-Assad done what we would expect any decent and moral president/premiere to do… go visit the devastated, be amongst the funeral mourners, comfort the survivors, visit the souls in hospitals who are stuggling with the after-effects, be outraged beyond outraged, and vow publicly and daily that howsoever this happened, whoever the ‘carriers and releasers’ were, they will be brought to swift justice, that the money and time and just actions will and are being made daily to find and convict those responsible.

But he’s done no such thing. His silence and lack of just action are the tells.

Al-Assad can demur all he wants, he can like Saddam foolishly boast-threaten the ‘mother of all wars’ against those who seek to rout him from his palaces of pleasure and his non-action for justice regarding mass murder of innocent souls. But the fact remains, the indecent, inhumane, evil lack of response from Al-Assad with regards to the murders of babies, children, pregnant mothers, elders, mothers, fathers… The fact remains, no matter what.

Knowing Al-Assad’s background as a physician, knowing he trained in non-Syrian medical school also, and took a vow to heal and help akin to the Hippocratic oath, that says if one cannot help, DO NO HARM, knowing that he said he was a healer of human beings, specifically diseases of the eyes, knowing he has three young children whom he is now setting example for and training to be, what?, knowing that he was once a full human intent on healing others… set aside for a moment that he is a held up high by some as a head of a country: think instead, what perversion of the oath of the healer has become his forte.

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  • sheknows

    I wonder if the bombings will preempt any prime time shows…or better yet become one. Good to know we can all sit back, grab the popcorn and watch it all on the tele.

  • sheknows

    As much as I think Syria must be stopped, my worry is reflected in my cynicism. No matter how careful the strikes are, there was an” estimated percentage of collateral damage” the military said was “acceptable” ( in classified hearings).

    Don’t like to hear this kind of thing.

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    I appreciate your addendum SK. I find often that the cynical first thought often comes from those who care so very very deeply about humanity. It’s ok. Understood.

    We’ll all do what we can to help what is within our reach to help. Resistance is a form of helping also. Often joining with others who are holding the line, helps too.

  • Today

    I doubt if anybody is getting much satisfaction out of this decision, other than the weapons industry. I think most of us are pretty sure this guy is going to kill a lot of people before he gives up power. The United States seems to be the only country in the world to do something besides talk. There is only one way to stop this guy and it is not by asking him politely. I have to give President Obama two thumbs up for sticking with a politically unpopular solution and dragging the rest of our political “leaders” into doing the best possible thing, which is to try and stop or slow down this monster.

  • ShannonLeee

    Fundamentally I agree with you Dr E. This really is about 1400 dead innocents. But, I also believe the “gas” aspect (how they died) further compounds the “evilness” of the action and significantly increases the imperative to react.

  • JSpencer

    Would someone please explain to me why death or maiming by gas is where we draw the line, but having one’s limbs blown off, being burned beyond recognition, or receiving brain injuries from explosives is business as usual??

  • dduck

    I guess if you don’t see it right away it does seem the same. “Standard” weapons are becoming more efficient at killing people and usually have a limited target. Gas is harder to control if your own troops are near by and the wind shifts. This may have been one of the practical reasons for the international laws, or just maybe gas is such a disgusting way to kill and maim that some people with a conscience decided to ban its use. I also think accidental/collateral damage is harder to control. That’s the best I can do for an explanation.

  • sheknows

    JS has a very valid point that everyone is asking now. The thinking seems to be that if you are firing bullets at people, they can seek shelter and also fire back. With bombings, people have a slight chance with warnings and shelters, also anti-aircraft can be used to defend.
    Gas just says population. The enemy is not after installations, or cities, or bases. Just people. Although no less horrendous than other deaths, it just explicitly says kill people only. Perhaps that is what makes it so heinous.

  • justcowboyway

    “Would someone please explain to me why death or maiming by gas is where we draw the line, but having one’s limbs blown off, being burned beyond recognition, or receiving brain injuries from explosives is business as usual??”

    Very well said JSpencer. You have stated correctly what some of us here at TMV have been saying. The bottom line is that car bombs, land mines, drone attacks, etc. are just as bad as gas attacks. The results are the same. You are either dead or badly damaged.

  • ShannonLeee

    The difference is the indiscriminate torture of civilians before death. But hey, we were cool when Bush authorized torture. Why should we care now?

  • JSpencer

    It’s all horrible beyond measure to me, but there is something particularly obscene about the concept of “rules of war”. I’m sure it doesn’t need to be reiterated that our own country has done more than it’s share of raining down suffering upon innocents.

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