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Posted by on Sep 4, 2013 in Featured, International, Politics | 11 comments

Senate Committee Ok’s resolution to strike Syria


Senate Committee says yes to authorizing US strike on/ against Syria.

Read more at WaPo….

Just my .02. I see people arguing about gas, not gas. Strike, not strike.

I’m still back at the beginning: It’s not about gas, no gas, strike, no strike.

It’s still about abject murder of 1400+ of one’s own citizens. It’s about mass murder. By any means.

The only halfway useful thing I have to say about this matter to date, is IF this mass murder of Innocents was not unleashed by al-Assad, then why hasnt el-Assad done what we would expect any decent and moral president/premiere to do… go visit the devastated, be amongst the funeral mourners, comfort the survivors, visit the souls in hospitals who are stuggling with the after-effects, be outraged beyond outraged, and vow publicly and daily that howsoever this happened, whoever the ‘carriers and releasers’ were, they will be brought to swift justice, that the money and time and just actions will and are being made daily to find and convict those responsible.

But he’s done no such thing. His silence and lack of just action are the tells.

Al-Assad can demur all he wants, he can like Saddam foolishly boast-threaten the ‘mother of all wars’ against those who seek to rout him from his palaces of pleasure and his non-action for justice regarding mass murder of innocent souls. But the fact remains, the indecent, inhumane, evil lack of response from Al-Assad with regards to the murders of babies, children, pregnant mothers, elders, mothers, fathers… The fact remains, no matter what.

Knowing Al-Assad’s background as a physician, knowing he trained in non-Syrian medical school also, and took a vow to heal and help akin to the Hippocratic oath, that says if one cannot help, DO NO HARM, knowing that he said he was a healer of human beings, specifically diseases of the eyes, knowing he has three young children whom he is now setting example for and training to be, what?, knowing that he was once a full human intent on healing others… set aside for a moment that he is a held up high by some as a head of a country: think instead, what perversion of the oath of the healer has become his forte.

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