Oklahoma G.O.P. Senate candidate Ian M. Hurt caused an uproar last night when he asserted that legitimate rape is responsible for global warming and not fossil fuels. In response to a question on climate change on a local radio interview show in Tulsa, Hurt said that the emphasis by liberals and moderates on fossil fuels as the cause of warming is “dead wrong.”

According to Hurt, recent research at the Climatology Institute of America in Oklahoma City by Professor James Wright, has shown unequivocally that global warming is the result of forcible rape rather than from the burning of fossil fuels. (Wright’s research at the Institute has been funded by the Koch brothers.)

When a woman struggles against a rapist, the temperature in the immediate vicinity rises due to the generation of body heat. One rape alone has a minimal effect on global temperatures. However, multiple rapes throughout America and around the world have elevated atmospheric temperatures by two degrees Celsius over the last century, a much greater increase than would have normally been expected. It is believed that the temperature increase from rape may be even greater in the future. Wright asserts that the blame placed on fossil fuels by a number of climatologists for the temperature rise has been off base, propagated by radical environmentalists.

This new controversy after the comments on legitimate rape by G.O.P. Senate candidate Todd Akin of Missouri has put the Republican Party on the defensive once again. Many establishment Republicans have asked the national party to withdraw supporting funds from Hurt and have suggested that he withdraw from the Senate race. However, the Tea Party in Oklahoma and around the nation has come to his defense, saying that the new scientific information uncovered by Wright and reported by Hurt should be given greater credence. On the other hand, Democrats have declared that Hurt’s statements are further proof of the low esteem in which Republicans hold women.

Hurt, thus far, has refused to abandon his campaign for the Senate post after having won a three way primary last month to become the candidate. He is “standing his ground” in terms of the comments he made, though he has said that he sympathizes with those women who have been raped or abused. His wife and three adult daughters describe Hurt as a kind and compassionate man who is respectful of women. But his Democratic opponent, Constance Malleable issued a press release this morning demanding that Hurt apologize immediately to all women for his erroneous and painful statements, particularly since the claims of Wright and Hurt have not been independently verified.

Hurt has not yet responded to his opponent. In a written statement he has declared that if global warming is to be controlled, it is imperative that women not struggle when being forcibly raped but accept penetration passively. In this way, heat generation will be reduced and the climatic temperatures will slowly revert to normal over time.

Based on Wright’s data, Hurt is also advocating an end to all government subsidies and favoritism for alternative energy companies. Since fossil fuels have not been causing the climatic changes, they should be used preferentially as they are cheaper and more available. Hurt believes that America’s energy motto should be “drill baby, drill.” (He does not mean this to be applied to attacking women, but to increasing fossil fuel supplies.) And according to Hurt, a secondary motto should be “burn baby, burn,” as much coal and oil as necessary to enhance the American economy since no adverse effects will occur. He realizes that liberal and moderates who are convinced that fossil fuel is the culprit in global warming will do a slow burn over his suggestions, but says he must speak his mind about his beliefs.

Hurt emphasizes that his refusal to drop out of the Senate race is based on his conviction that he was correct in his comments regarding climate change and rape. He sees no reason to apologize since the facts are the facts. He is grateful for the many people in Oklahoma and throughout the nation who have voiced support for his stance and would like to thank all of them. He is ready to represent them in the Senate and feels that if he is elected, he can be an advocate for a sane energy policy in the government.

Though Hurt says he understands that rape is not a pleasant experience for most women, they should think of the big picture while it is taking place, such as the melting ice caps, the rise of the sea level, the flooding of low lying islands, and the destruction of coastal cities with global warming. Thus, when they are being attacked, for the good of all mankind they should not resist the rapist and try to enjoy it. Of course, their consciences should guide them, but if the mindset of no resistance becomes generally accepted by women, climate change could be controlled within the next decade.

Women should also remember that, fortunately, they are capable of preventing any pregnancies that might result from the rapes, as has been medically proven by reputable investigators according to candidates Akin and Hurt. This has solidified their opposition to abortion even in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother, in line with the Republican platform. Now, given the potential that exists for catastrophic changes from global warming, Hurt and Akin believe that the concept of non-resistant rape should be put on the front burner and would like to see it added to the Republican platform. However, their new initiative thus far remains up in the air.

Resurrecting Democracy

A VietNam vet and a Columbia history major who became a medical doctor, Bob Levine has watched the evolution of American politics over the past 40 years with increasing alarm. He knows he’s not alone. Partisan grid-lock, massive cash contributions and even more massive expenditures on lobbyists have undermined real democracy, and there is more than just a whiff of corruption emanating from Washington. If the nation is to overcome lockstep partisanship, restore growth to the economy and bring its debt under control, Levine argues that it will require a strong centrist third party to bring about the necessary reforms. Levine’s previous book, Shock Therapy For the American Health Care System took a realist approach to health care from a physician’s informed point of view; Resurrecting Democracy takes a similar pragmatic approach, putting aside ideology and taking a hard look at facts on the ground. In his latest book, Levine shines a light that cuts through the miasma of party propaganda and reactionary thinking, and reveals a new path for American politics. This post is cross posted from his blog.

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