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Posted by on Jan 7, 2010 in Society | 4 comments

Second Thoughts for Frequent Flyers

More than 50 million Americans a month board commercial airliners to go somewhere. In view of events from 9/11 to the recent Christmas Day unpleasantness, it may be time to revive memories of World War II posters asking, “Is your trip necessary?”

Now that any demented fellow passenger could be planning to blow them out of the sky, the question comes back with renewed force.

My own Luddite tendencies go back over half a century when, on a business flight, the thought occurred to me after growing up when air travel was rare, “I’m sitting here in a big tube in the sky having lunch.”

Where are all those millions from later generations going today and why and, if new security burdens are adding time, aggravation and expense to their trips, should they reconsider making them in the first place?

In an age of telecommuting, how much business travel is still vital or simply a 20th century habit that’s hard to break? How many vacation trips are prompted by a boredom perhaps better assuaged by other pursuits than mindless hyperactivity around the world?

In the short term, the airline and tourist industries would suffer, but there could be the benefit of less national reliance on those countries whose oil revenues are financing the terrorists who want to blow us up.


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  • Silhouette

    Yes. Thanks to BigOil politics, we are all now prisoners of the homeland and even carbound within its borders. Yippee! And since more people will be driving now, more consumers at the pump eh? Hmm? Sweeeeeet…

    Thanks George Sr., Cheney, Dubya, Rove and all the other nameless oilmen and all the rest who pitched in [Congresspeople, you know who you are!] to give us the “freedom” and “liberty” they promised all throughout their regimes.

  • Hohenheim

    If I were a terrorist going through an American airport looking at all the security, I would be thinking about how victorious we have been. The same with watching any news network for about an hour. Seemingly an entire country afraid and doing exactly what we wanted them to. The cowardice of some of my fellow Americans is depressing and the knee-jerk reactions even after a failed attempt is further proof of this.

    And Sil is spot on, most of this fear is fabricated and fanned lest the people avert their eyes to the garbage that is American politics and that one group that hasn’t had an approval rating above 30% in far too many years, CONGRESS. I fear a do-nothing and a big business loving congress more than any terrorist group or foreign state.

  • dduck12

    It should be retitled Frequent Cryers. But it’s too “oily” too tell.

  • DLS

    For whatever reason, the techno-toy crowd hasn’t tried to revive teleconferencing. (It never has been a substitution in all cases for direct encounters. I could add a related lurid and even obscene remark about similar examples, but I’ll refrain.)

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