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Posted by on Dec 20, 2013 in Featured, Media, Politics, Religion | 17 comments

SECOND, angrier Duck Dynasty star Robertson anti-gay rant emerges in video (Video)

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If you thought the controversy over Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson’s comments about gays had exploded and was big, you ain’t see nothing yet: new comments have emerged that are likely to take it to another level — and perhaps provide some benefits and risks to conservatives who are defending him. The new words make his previous comments seem like those issued by a diplomat:

Astonishing video has emerged in which Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson attacks gay people as ‘ruthless’ and ‘full of murder’ – charging them as ‘arrogant’ and liable to ‘invent ways of doing evil’.

Administering his deeply controversial views in the fervent manner of a preacher, the stark footage of Robertson, 67, sees him equate homosexuality with bestiality as he bellows that ‘they bow down to birds animals and reptiles and each other and the first thing you see coming out of them is gross sexual immorality.’

Hectoring the friendly crowd of the Wild Game Supper at the Berean Bible Church in Pennslyvania, Robertson accuses gay people of dishonoring and degrading behavior asking the rhetorical question ‘is this going on in America right now?’- answering with the statement, ‘Look around…boy, is there some immorality going on around here!’

The video:

More from Mailonline:

The blistering anti-gay rant – in which Robertson directly quotes from the Bible – was recorded three years ago, coming to light on the same day that the Roberston family said they were standing behind the family patriarch – stating they couldn’t see the show continuing without him.

The speech is taken from an hour long address given by the Duck Dynasty star two years before the huge hit appeared on screens nationwide.

It is also safe to assume that it was at least one year before A&E commissioned Robertson and his family to be the stars of the show, which is the highest rated cable reality program ever.

This has led to some questioning whether executives at A&E were aware of Robertson’s staunch views on homosexuality and if so, why did they green-light him and his family to star?

Robertson begins what is presumably his keynote after-dinner speech by approaching the podium holding his trademark duck calls in one hand and in the other, his Bible.
Addressing the state of the nation and how far it has strayed from the example laid out by Jesus and the Founding Fathers, Roberston begins to preach his opinions on the sexual morality of some sections of society.

While he never explicitly mentions the words homosexuality or gay, there is no doubt as to the topic of Robertson’s vitriol.

Since the controversy broke, conservatives such as former Alaska Gov. Sara Palin have been defending the star and calling it a free speech issue. Even some who strongly disagree with the content of Robertson’s original comments feel he should not have been suspended. Note CNN Don Lemon’s attempt to put this into perspective HERE. Cartoonists are also having a field day.

The Washington Post reports that GOPers who want to get the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination see this as a good way to woo Evangelicals, which still make up a vital part fo the Republican Party base — particularly, the part of the base that votes in primaries.

But now this could become risky: as the new video becomes the new development in this story, defending Robertson could still have a payoff for conservatives trying to woo the far right part of the Republican base but defending Robertson in light of the video will drive an even deeper wedge between Republicans and Americans who aren’t conservative as it will be more branding re-affirmation of the Republican Party as a party that either excludes of doesn’t respect key segments of the electorate.

Expect those who were attacking Robertson to redouble their attacks now — and those defending him to dig in their heels and attack those who are attacking him (the usual 21st century political tactic).

Another implication. Duck Dynasty’s family has made it clear they need to do show with Robertson and have been in discussion with A&E about it’s future. the new comments will likely make it more difficult for the show to continue with Robertson or for any major cable company to pick it up with the patriarch as part of its branding.

On the other hand, there IS that (multi-mllion dollar) bottom line…

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