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Posted by on Apr 11, 2017 in Education, History, Mental Health, Political Correctness | 0 comments

Sean Spicer Claims ‘… Hitler didnt even sink to using chemical weapons’ Really? Really really????

You know there are days when you just think there ought to be a daily ‘dumb cluck’ award.

Dumb cluck is an old way of saying about as bright as a hen.

I feel for Spicer in one sense, when someone pointed out the absurdity [very politely I might add] of his remark, he tried to cover by saying he really meant and really did mean this other… Trying to not swamp his own boat, but he did, just garbling it all even worse after the fact.

In this day, surely schools still teach about Zyklon B, right? Still teach about mustard gas from WWI. Still teach about agent orange in Nam?

That America had its own hand in commerce of poison gasses. That the tribes, groups and nations of the world have used animal and plant poisons and poisoned gasses randomly and planned out, on those perceived as enemy.

But NO ONE save Hitler and his minions took it to razor precision day after day after day after day gassing enormous numbers of children, mommies pregnant, teenagers, old men, old grandmas, lovers, husbands and wives, entire five generations of families in one day, murdered by gas, day after day after day after day.

So, “Hitler didnt even sink to using chemical weapons…”

It’s like saying ‘even in WWII, the sun never rose.’

And pronouncing Bashar al-Assad’s name wrong, atop it all…

I dont know, maybe Orwell… Ministry of Truth Award or something.

Let us pray.

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