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Posted by on Aug 23, 2009 in At TMV | 23 comments

Sean Hannity For President (??)


Yes, it is possible: read this which doesn’t rule it out. Also be SURE to read the fourth paragraph: it is totally written from the viewpoint of someone immersed in the talk radio political culture (Hannity is as likeable as Ronald Reagan? Which Ronald Reagan did he SEE I will ask as a then-Democrat who voted for Ronald Reagan). It’s unlikely that many independent voters, moderate Republicans or centrist Democrats or former Ronald Reagan Democrats would agree with those statements. Hannity has kept Media Matters very busy with the accuracy inaccuracy of his comments.

But a Hannity candidacy would certainly be the logical extension of 21st century America where sneeringly saying the name “librruls…” or “conservatives… or “Democrats” or “Republicans” or “moderates” or “centrists” is what now passes for political discussion.

Forget about studying debating or issues; brush up on your mockery and irony. Whipping up resentments, fanning rage and in some cases accentuating pure hatred of those who see things differently is how it is trending and those who don’t do it seem oh, so 20th century..

Question: Just what does this say about what we are likely to see by mid 21st century?

ON THE OTHER HAND DEPARTMENT: Note that this article is about Hannity not ruling it out.

I wouldn’t rule out my growing railroad tracks on my feet and becoming a route for Amtrack. I wouldn’t rule out my one day listening to Rush Limbaugh and concluding that he has constructive ideas on specific policy and respects those who don’t belong to his political party (or ideology). I wouldn’t rule out winning the lottery, being given my own TV show next week as an entertainer, being invited to have my own column on Newsweek or Time starting next Monday, or seeing a month go by without getting emails containing the phrase “how can you call your site a moderate site?” each time someone who is clearly on the left or right doesn’t like a post on TMV written by one of TMV’s zillion or so cobloggers (or even a Guest Post labeled as such). I wouldn’t rule out a week going by without someone insulting or negatively characterizing a TMV writer or commenter in comments (well I would rule that one out..).

UPDATE: Hey! I’m growing railroad tracks on my feet!!!

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  • rudi

    Hannity running for POTUS according to the WorldNutDaily – ROFLMAO!!!
    Did the Onion hijack the WND site.

  • Don Quijote

    As soon as I sell my house, convert all my assets to Euros, Swiss Francs and Yens I will vote for Hannity. He is what this country deserves.

  • narciso

    Of course, it’s unlikely, but then again Howard “Yeargh” Dean and Dennis Kucinich were given a chance,
    Al Franken in the Senate, take a whole plank out of your eye, there

  • You know it’s amazing how we keep hearing how Hollywood is liberal, and the “liberals” are pushing the opinions of the Hollywood elite on us, yet the Republicans are the ones who got an actor into the White House, an actor as governor of California (although he’s not all that bad), a beauty queen as governor of Alaska and as a Republican she was nominated as Vice-President, their politicians are afraid of offending entertainers like Rush Limbaugh and now they are considering another entertainer to run for President? (I hope most of us agree he’s an entertainer and not a serious journalist?)

    Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m not saying entertainers can’t be good politicians, and certainly the Democrats joined the Republicans at their own game by getting a comedian into office. It’s the hypocrisy that bothers me.

    The other thing that bothers me is anyone being so out of touch with reality that they think Hannity is in the same class as Reagan. Reagan was conservative, yes, but he was intelligent and had the respect of most people who disagreed with him (well at least until the Iran-Contra scandal but I now wonder if maybe the Alzheimer’s kicked in already, and he really was having memory troubles.) The problem with the conservative movement today is that they don’t respect intelligence anymore. In order to reach out to a tiny minority of voters who live in dying rural areas they attacked the “intellectual elite”, celebrated being “folksy”, put blind faith in ideology above results and even lied about scientific research to promote a political agenda. What’s wrong with being smart, and expecting our elected leaders to be smarter than we are?

  • sandboxreport has officially endorsed Hannity for president in 2012 –

  • rfyork

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!

    The perfect Republican slate in 2012: Palin for President, Hannity for Vice-President. Whooppee!!

    I’m a Democrat.

  • joeinhell

    Any country that would elect and reelect the bushcheneyrove gang will vote for any shithead.

    • StockBoySF

      joeinhell, “Any country that would elect and reelect the bushcheneyrove gang will vote….”

      I don’t particularly blame the American people who voted for Bush – Cheney in either 2000 or 2004. Bush and Cheney lied to the country. Even though time proved that the majority of Americans were taken in by their lies, at the time of the votes many Americans trusted the president and voted how they thought best.

      I do blame Bush, Cheney and the Republicans (and some Democrats) in congress for the debacle of the eight years under Bush.

      Going forward I would expect that the American people as a group have learned what the Republican Party is about these days and would not elect another national leader unless his (or her) hands are clean of the Bush/Cheney influence.

      • Don Quijote

        Going forward I would expect that the American people as a group have learned what the Republican Party is about these days and would not elect another national leader unless his (or her) hands are clean of the Bush/Cheney influence.

        If you really believe that, I have a bridge to sell you…

        Beautiful stone work, view of Manhattan & Brooklyn.

        • StockBoySF

          Don Quijote, I am trying my best to give the American people a pass when they are lied to by their government leaders. Time will tell.

          Also there was a time…. say a year and a half ago that no one thought American would elect Obama to be president.

          Fortunately the people making the most noise about healthcare / insurance reform are a minority of Americans. They unfortunately may have an outsized influence in the debate, but fortunately when it comes to electing people their vote counts just as much as everyone else’s. Thus we can be thankful they are in the minority.

          • Don Quijote


            You are far too generous in your assessment of the American populace.

  • jkremmers

    You all are missing the point. The question is:

    Can he govern?

    That would send shivers up any alien’s spine.

  • StockBoySF

    From the linked article referring to Hannity: “And he can debate.” ??? Define debate and what you want as a result.

  • Ripedia

    Maybe his twin brother Fred Flintstone can be his running mate.

  • Leonidas

    Hannity wont make it far, he wouldn’t have a prayer of winning, well unless he ran against Joe Biden in 2016. Then its a coin toss.

  • Leonidas

    Did the present owner acquire that bridge in the Hope and Change deal. =P

  • I’m amused that readers compare Franken and Palin, as being of equivalent depth. Franken graduated cum laude from Harvard in 1973 with a bachelor of arts degree in political science. After attending five different colleges in a six year span of time, Palin received a B.S. in communications from the University of Idaho in May 1987. Harvard is ranked #1 in the first tier of colleges and admitted 7.9% of its applicants. Idaho is a third tier university which accepts 77.9 % of its applicants. Tier 1 by the way is not just for private universities. The College of William & Mary is Tier 1 (#33). The University of Virginia is also Tier 1 (#24). as the University of NC at Chapel Hill (#28)

  • Leonidas

    @ Beth W

    I’m no fan of Palin (or Franken either for that matter) but your comparison smacks of elitism: Lets try that excercise with a different example.

    George W. Bush went to Yale and Harvard Business school, the only President to ever have an MBA. Now I don’t know you, and maybe you have an MBA or better in the area, and I’d need another example, but making the assumption your not for the sake of argument, do you think he did a better job with the US economy that you could have had you been president?

    A good education is a wonderful thing, but its not the only thing in the real world outside the ivory towers on academia.

    • Don Quijote

      A good education is a wonderful thing, but its not the only thing in the real world outside the ivory towers on academia.

      Not everyone can drive two or three businesses into the ground and walk away with money and more willing investors.

      Is there anything that Shrub has ever touched that has not turned into sh*t?

  • kritt11


    Bush didn’t graduate cum laude by any stretch, and probably got into Harvard as a legacy admission.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if Poppy Bush paid some elitist to take W’s exams for him.:-)

  • Can we please now dispense with the idea that this man is in any way a journalist? It’s pretty hard to be impartial if you’re running for president in one of the major parties. Of course, Fox news still considers itself a journalistic enterprise while giving Huckabee — the most laughably conservative candidate running last year — his own show.

  • RememebrNovember

    Joe Scarby has more cred that Slannity. At least Joe was in Congress. Hannity is a college dropout yellow journo talking head. He’d make Tamminy Hall look like a day at the Vatican. A character assasin running for office should grow eyes in the back of his head- he’s got volumes of material for his opponents to work with.
    He’s just slipping in the ratings- this is just Paris without underwear.

  • sandboxreport

    Breaking News – 2012 Presidential Candidate Sean Hannity Has No College Degree? –

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