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Posted by on Feb 10, 2014 in Science & Technology | 2 comments

Scientists: Earth’s mass extinction happened fast

Mass extinction happened fast (via AFP)

Something wiped out nearly all life on Earth more than 250 million years ago, and whatever unleashed this mass die-off acted much faster than previously thought, scientists said Monday. Based on an analysis of rocks in China, the end-Permian extinction…

  • JSpencer

    Wow! That is indeed super fast. Also gives us an idea of how well the earth can recover from catastrophe… with or without the orginal inhabitants. 😉 …given enough time.

  • petew

    But even 12 thousand years, is much longer than many Christians believe scientists claim. Many of them seem to think this relatively miniscule period of 12000 or more years, contradicts scientists who believe that all forms of life were destroyed instantaneously. But, I have never heard a scientist deny that the ancestors of modern day mammals were able to adapt and survive—thus contributing to the diversity of life that exists today, or claim that all of this happened instantly.

    But isn’t it funny?—If scientist discover that they have been wrong, they will freely admit to it, yet creationist who want to include unscientific ideas into our science classrooms, almost never admit to being wrong about any aspect of their subjective faith.

    According to them, open minded science should be out, and dogmatic insistence upon only one true faith, should be in! Good luck with that, since that is exactly the attitude that has led to so much bloodshed, prejudice and superstition over the many millenniums of modern human history!

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