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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in At TMV | 1 comment

School Shooting In Connecticut, 10+ Children May Be Dead

An absolutely horrifying story out of Connecticut with reports saying at least 10 children are dead in another school shooting.

It now appears that 20+ are dead and that most of them are children, the school is for K-4, so they are all quite young.

I am beyond sickened by the actions by a thing that would have to work at it to be a pile of human excrement. To target little children is probably the most cowardly thing you can do.

I also think this does prompt proper discussion of the need for more effective gun regulations. Obviously this thing was deranged and thus should not have had access to any guns.

In addition it appears that this involved some form of semi automatic and/or assault weapon and I am somewhat at a loss to understand why one would need such a weapon for either person defense or hunting.

At the same time however, I find it sad that some on the left are immediately leaping past placing any blame on the shooter and instead focus on the evil NRA and the need to “ban all guns”

I do not own guns and hope I never need to. But IF there comes a time when I or someone I care for does need protection it is important for the right to obtain a weapon to be there. The police are not going to guard me 24/7.

Right now we should focus on the victims and their families and helping them in this tragic time.

In the coming days and weeks though we do need a reasonable and balanced debate on the issue of regulating guns and insuring that those who should not have access to them do not.

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