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Posted by on Feb 8, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Energy, Environment, Weather | 0 comments

Save The Earth – An Environmental Protection Project Of My Heart

It was a very bad spill, The Big Belch graphic novel by Kay Wood ©2013

If you’ve been reading my posts on TMV in the last year or so, you know that threats to the environment are something I care about deeply. But I’ve also learned an important lesson over the course of my life — sometimes the best way to get a message across about something you care deeply is with a bit of humor.

I try to combine these two things, along with a cast of quirky characters in a graphic novel. Yup – me at age, well, won’t mention that – creating a graphic novel. Who says baby boomers can’t be cool?

Will a major oil company’s greed and foolishness spawn an environmental disaster so serious it could threaten the earth itself? And can this horror be foiled by a most unusual team; two baby boomers, a parrot and a French bulldog? They’re the ones who must take on a greedy oil company to save the world. That’s the plot of my new graphic novel, The Big Belch.

Along with the baby boomers, a cranky parrot of considerable intelligence, and lovable French bulldog, there is a whole cast of greedy oil company executives, a Strangelove-like scientist, corrupt bureaucrats, clueless dopers, desperate twenty-somethings, etc.

Here’s a link to my The Big Belch project on Kickstarter. The project has gotten a really good start off the block, but The Big Belch now needs some afterburner help. More specifically, it needs a bunch of small, $5 and $10 pledges, to kick the momentum motor into high gear.

It’s a project of my own heart. I hope it feels that way to some TMV visitors as well. I’ve also tried to make the gifts that come with the pledges appealing.

Up the earth! Screw big oil!

The Big Belch by Kay Wood ©2013


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