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Posted by on Jan 3, 2016 in International, Iran, Middle East, Saudi Arabia | 5 comments

Saudi execution of Shi’ite cleric sparks outrage

Saudi Arabia’s execution Saturday of a prominent Shi’ite cleric and 46 other men prompted outrage in parts of the Middle East, with Iran warning Riyadh would pay a “high price.” But several Saudi allies offered their support after Riyadh implemented death sentences against cleric Nimr al-Nimr, Shiite activists and Sunnis accused of involvement in Al-Qaeda attacks.…

  • Markus1

    The government of Saudi Arabia is a radical Sunni system of Sharia law, total suppression of all other religions, head-chopping off regime. It is expansionist starting wars in Syria and Yemen. They support alQaeda and its franchisees around the region.
    I understand why we are their customers, but I don’t understand why we give them weapons and the blood of our soldiers. I don’t understand why we don’t haggle a bit more about their economic power.
    The cost of the F35 program is reported to be in the trillion dollar range. I believe that if we had spent that sum on electric cars we would have bought more security. When Reagan pulled the solar panels off the White House, he signaled a surrender to this odious regime.
    I know that Iran is not a liberal democracy either, but there are synagogues in Tehran. Our all-in tilt toward the House of Saud needs rethinking.

    • Yep.. the Saudi’s are about as bad as it gets… a little better than North Korea I guess. I guess it is a question of security and their ability to manipulate oil prices which in turn hurt the nations that are our greatest security threats (not terrorism btw).

    • KP

      Nice summary.

  • dduck

    Yup to Markus and SL.

  • Slamfu

    Saudi Arabia is a disgusting nation by American standards. While they outlawed slavery in 1972, it is still in widespread practice there, especially among the royal family. Women are little better off than they were 1400 years ago, govt sanctioned religious police travel around enforcing strict wahhabist laws with street justice, and the govt is a theocratic dictatorship. Too bad they sit on an ocean of one of the most important commodities in the modern world, so I guess we’ll be putting up with them for another few decades.

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