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Posted by on Dec 8, 2014 in Humor, Politics, Satire | 23 comments

Satire Imitating Life: The Imperial Presidency

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The non-partisan Heritage Foundation, “leading the historic charge against the unsustainable binge of spending, taxing, and borrowing that threatens to destroy our nation’s future,” has often spoken out against Obama’s “Imperial Presidency.”

While Obama’s imperial presidency has manifested itself in many ways, the Foundation cites an e-mail by the President lamenting “the frustrating inadequacy of his office” and the president’s boast, “We’re going to do everything we can, wherever we can, with or without Congress, to make things happen” as prima facie evidence.

The Heritage Foundation laments, “Unfortunately, it appears that this is only the beginning of Obama’s imperialism.”

Lo and behold, in his latest report, Andy Borowitz confirms the Foundation’s worst fears.

As we all know, the Duke and Duchess of Cambrige are visiting New York and Washington, D.C. today.

If President Obama is interested in establishing an “Imperial Presidency,” who could be a better source of advice than the future King of England?

Borowitz quotes Fox News saying that the President “spent several hours on Monday in a closed-door Oval Office meeting seeking advice on how to establish a monarchy.”

The Borowitz Report:

According to Fox, the President peppered his Oval Office guest with detailed questions about the mechanics of setting up a monarchy and was curious about the perks and powers that go along with it.
Obama’s guest advised him that establishing a monarchy would probably require rewriting or even replacing the Constitution, an option that Obama reportedly said would be “difficult, but doable.”
Introducing a note of caution, the guest urged the President to alter the Constitution so that it vested the monarch with genuine power, adding, “You don’t want to wind up being a figurehead who just goes around visiting foreign dignitaries and so forth.”
According to the Fox report, the President came away “intrigued” by the meeting and said he would explore the idea further next week when Congress is on vacation.

While the White House “politely but firmly” asked reporters not to take selfies in the Oval Office during President Obama’s advice-seeking meeting, reports have leaked that Obama himself took a selfie with the Prince standing next to him while the President was seated on a large, ornate, throne-like chair.

Read for yourself here.

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  • Markus

    Our problem is not that one guy wants to be emperor. The problem is that so many of our politicians are working to be court jesters.

  • Lex Parsimoniae

    Problem: Heritage foundation is far from non-partisan, it is the most prestigious conservative thinktank.

    • DdW

      This is satire, Lex. 🙂

    • JSpencer

      “conservative thinktank” . . . . . . . 😉

      • Brownies girl

        Fabulous oxymoron – I must remember that!

  • David Weber

    I was going to say “it’s satire!” but why bother?

    • DdW

      Thanks, David.

      But, you see, that is exactly the conundrum we find ourselves politically in.

      So many unbelievably outrageous claims, accusation and just plain fantasies and lies are made and expressed by the GOP that it has become difficult to distinguish between satire and reality.

      Of course, satirists such as Andy Borowitz are having a field day — and rightly so.

      • Lex Parsimoniae

        Exactly what I’m thinking after LOLed at myself.

  • rudi

    non-partisan Heritage Foundation

    • Said in the same tone as “Fair and Balanced” Fox.

  • kritt11

    He should have borrowed Prince William’s crown and royal robes, ha ha

    • SteveK

      I’m sure someone has photoshopped him with a crown and royal robes in one of their group photos.

      It would be nice to have a copy to send to my tea-party relatives… It’s fun watching them explode. :o)

      Edit to add: Who’d thunk…
      Jester Biden in the background just adds that extra touch.

      • kritt11

        I have a few relatives who I avoid like the plague during the holidays and around elections myself 🙂

        • JSpencer

          I have some relatives (and a couple friends) I don’t discus politics with – as a favor to all of us. My immediate family (which is large) and I are all on the same page though, for which I’m very grateful.

          • kritt11

            You are lucky, then. I have a few friends who feel as I do, but most are not as liberal and my sister’s family and b-in-law’s do not think the govt belongs in peoples’ lives. B-in-law and wife are also a big time bigots. We used to have heated discussions before I realized that it only got me more annoyed with them than I already am. When my daughter had a new BF the first question was, is he white? Had a temporary tattoo on my arm — and p-ssing them off with it was quite gratifying

      • DdW

        LOL, Steve. Where did you get this one. It would make a great lead photo to this post.

  • dduck12

    I would not call it an imperial presidency, I would call it a frustrated presidency.

    • JSpencer

      “Frustrated” is an appropriate word, but so is “successful” given the obstacle course laid down by the source of the frustration.

      • dduck12

        Opinion noted.
        BTW, Rep ratings up, Obama’s down:
        “Roman Kenenitz, 62, a Democrat from Mount Carmel, Pa., says that “mainly the disgust with Obama” is what’s driving his more favorable views of the Republican Party rather than any sense that they are getting things done. His shift in partisan preference was intensified after the president last month announced a reprieve for the undocumented parents of children born in the U.S. and an expansion of permits for high-skilled foreign workers. Kenenitz said that Obama is “too much of a flip-flop type guy” and that “with him pulling this executive power” the president is “like a crybaby—‘it’s my way or no way’—and I just don’t feel he’s doing a good job.”

        • SteveK

          BTW, Rep ratings up, Obama’s down

          Another “Obama Bad” rant with no link (pun intended) to reality.

          Gallup Daily Tracking had President Obama’s Approval on Election day at 39%… So far in this month it’s averaged 43% with the last two tracks at 44%

          Edit to add: Here’s a link to Gallup’s interactive Presidential Job Approval Center.

          There you can compare recent presidents approval with other presidents… Week-by-week through their entire Presidency.

        • JSpencer

          I’d be more impressed with horse race politics (and associated polling) if the electorate wasn’t so fickle and uninformed.

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