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Posted by on Jun 10, 2011 in Politics | 17 comments

Sarah Palin’s Most Disastrous Year

Sarah Palin practices politics as lap dance, and we’re the suckers who pay the price.
Members of our jaded national press corps eagerly stuff hundred dollar bills into her g-string, even as they wink at one another to show that they don’t take her seriously.

In the greatest political anti-climax since Newt Gingrich’s latest president run collapsed, the state of Alaska today vomited up 24,199 pages of emails that half-term Governor Sarah Palin had sent and received through her statehouse and private email accounts. Another 2,353 pages that the state dubiously claimed were protected by executive privilege were withheld, as were many thousands of pages from personal email accounts that the couple used in an effort to hide their abuses of her office.

While I find the efforts of The New York Times and other media to solicit readers to cull the emails problematic, the timing of their release could not be better.

To riff off of Joe McGinniss’s term, Palin has been lap dancing up a storm this month. She has moved to Arizona, where she unfortunately can no longer see Russia from her kitchen window, completed a bus tour of national historic sites that was notable for generating a media frenzy, not a scintilla of real news but more fodder for late-night comedians when she asserted that Paul Revere’s famous ride was to warn the British, a contention that her supporters sought to bolster by trying to rewrite the American patriot’s Wikipedia entry.

And she is about to debut a fawning biopic in what would seem to be an effort to jump start a presidential campaign that, for all intents and purposes, is deader than a doornail.

Palin has had two and a half years — more or less the time span since the initial requests for the gubernatorial emails were submitted — to shake the image that she is a vindictive red-meat ideologue who has neither the chops nor the patience to immerse herself in policy and the other requisites for running a national campaign, let along holding high public office.

Instead, we have gotten more of the same — much more — and taking the long view, 2012 has been something of a disaster for her.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska, the television reality show that was going to keep her front and center, further revealed her as an opportunistic phony and the ratings quickly tanked. Then she injected herself into the Tuscon rampage with a video that yet again revealed her well-honed sense of victimhood. She claimed that she was being blamed for the shootings and attacked the news media for its “blood libel” against her, an explosive term that she clearly failed to understand.

Palin’s negative approval ratings are stratospheric, and only three presidential contenders since 2000 have come close to matching them — Gingrich, Pat Buchanan and Al Sharpton. While she conceivably could win a bake-off with Michelle Bachmann in the Iowa caucuses, she shows no inclination of hiring the kind of professionals who could run a campaign and continues to surround herself with sycophants.

The feeling grows that like everything else Palin has done after quitting the governorship because the job was . . . well, not the way to become a wealthy woman, she’s in it for the money, and 24,199 pages of emails will do nothing to change that.

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  • dduck

    Stories about Palin make me wish for more Weiner stories.

  • roro80

    Sarah Palin practices politics as lap dance, and we’re the suckers who pay the price.Members of our jaded national press corps eagerly stuff hundred dollar bills into her g-string, even as they wink at one another to show that they don’t take her seriously.

    You really really just can’t help yourself, can you Shaun?

  • gcothanrn:

    No, Palin is not at “fault” or “culpable” for the release of the emails. Neither is she at “fault” or “culpable” for resorting to thuggery while governor (the State Police scandal, among others) or siccing Todd on people, including in-laws, with whom she crossed swords. That simply is how she lives life.

    While the email dump will shed little new light, it is a consequence of her behavior as a public official.

  • DLS

    Ah, that liberal misogyny (this time, racism in other cases) directed at political or other forms of “traitors,” That Liberal Hypocrisy Again.

    Maybe it’s a good diversion from the Weiner scandal, especially if it precludes much attention on whether other (likely Dem) members of Congress have been misbehaving.

    Of all people, I thought you would save your venom (the best that can be said for what you write in instances like this) until after the Palin e-mails were all public and had time to be “analyzed” [scowl].

  • dls:

    You yet again ascribe feelings to me which are inaccurate. I do not feel venomous about Palin nor, as you have previously done, assert that I hate her. Long story short, she is a dangerous kook.

  • roro80

    DLS, in this particular case, I can’t help but agree with you. Palin as a lap dancer? Um, yup, that’s some grade-A misogyny. At least the Republicans are honest about their distain for women.

    (I know, I know, some of your best friends are women)

  • rudi

    Yes SP is doing a lap on America, but don’t take it as a negative thing. She flirts and teases her audience, which thinks she really feels for them. But its the audience that are the fools, not Sara Palin.

  • DLS

    Actually, Roro, that last line of yours has long been true, along with me being a Girl Dad when it comes to kids and who can and can’t (will and won’t) among men, be truly interested in their daughters.

    More than once, what lefties have said would motivate my goddaughters to kick those lefties’ asses. (The author here, Shaun, isn’t a rapist, or truly ugly misogynist, just unwilling lefty-parrot stuff, so I don’t have to worry about them swiping my shears from the garden tool “armory.”)

  • DLS

    “Dangerous kook” — OK, fair enough, but then how would you describe the more-likely-effective Michele Bachmann?

    (“More dangerous kook” is too easy.)

  • roro80

    DLS, I was actually directing that last line toward Shaun, as it is an argument he’s actually used on why he’s allowed to say super sexist things without criticism. In any case, sexism is certainly something that can come from individuals of all political stripes ( Shaun is a great example). Sexist policy is specifically fought for by Republicans, though, and at least until recently, was fought against by Democrats.

  • bluebelle

    Sorry DLS– the only credible female presidential candidate was Hillary Clinton. She was the one kicking male butt during the 2008 Democratic debates. Her chances were undermined by sexist treatment in the media and clumsy campaigning by her normally skilled husband.

    Palin and Bachmann are both poorly suited for the top position. Palin is ignorant and a narcissistic opportunist, and Bachmann would only find support from the Lipton crowd.

  • DLS

    You’re “sorry”? Sorry to tell me what I have known and stated before?

    I have news for you Blue Belle. I have been one of the non-liberal observers who have said that (Hillary) Clinton would have been a good Dem nominee and a good President.

    (One of my remarks at one time last year was to ask aloud what the Dow Jones Industrial Average would do if Clinton has replaced Obama last year. Zoom climb, is the answer.)

    Note that (despite what you may believe) being liberal or Democrat isn’t required to confer legitimacy on a female politician.

    Bachmann is heavier-weight (not by much, perhaps, but heavier-weight) than Palin. So, if you abhor Palin, what about Bachmann?

    That was what I was trying to convey. Sorry — I thought it was clear.

    * * *

    Roro, I know about your objections to Shaun’s racism.

    Republicans pursuing “sexist policy”? Proof required. Toughening restrictions on abortion versus minelessness by far-left Dems doesn’t qualify.

  • dduck

    Bluebelle, hmm.

  • roro80

    Pffft. “Proof”? Um.

    And I know you think that abortion is a silly issue, but I can only surmise from your position that you’ve never needed one, nor likely known anyone who did. Forced birth is an inherently violent policy position, and it is violent against one gender.

    Anyone who cares about such things could easily name 5 issues besides abortion on which Republicans as a party hold sexist positions. I won’t insult you by assuming you must never have thought about it.

  • roro80

    You know, on second thought, I do recall you saying that AIDS is a silly issue. Your ability to tell silly from extremely important is not historically very good.

  • DLS

    [shrug] I figured you couldn’t put up. (Could but wouldn’t isn’t acceptable or respectable.)

  • roro80

    You also seem unable to tell the difference between “acceptable” and “unacceptable”, as well as “respectable” and “not respectable”.

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