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Posted by on Dec 6, 2009 in Arts & Entertainment, Media, Politics | 12 comments

Sarah Palin Wowed ‘Em at the Gridiron Dinner


Sarah Palin wowed ’em at the Gridiron dinner, the place where journalistic and political big wigs meet for dinner for an evening where politicians say things that are intentionally hilarious.

The Christian Science Monitor gives some details on Palin’s 11 1/2 minute talk. Usually the comments are off the record and not to be reported but — in a sign of both changing times and the huge media interest in Palin, who has morphed into a political celebrity — they allowed Twittering.

During her talk Palin called out to her parents who stood at the back of the ballroom at the Renaissance Hotel and waved to the crowd. Palin quipped that her mom and dad “crashed the party.”

On the political front, Palin said that “if the election had turned out differently, I could be the one overseeing the signing of bailout checks and Vice President Biden could be on the road selling his book “Going Rogaine.” Biden is known for many things but not a full head of hair.

While Palin was not specific about her political plans, she noted that on Sunday she would be at a book store in Iowa, which is an influential proving ground for presidential candidates. “Come early, long lines are expected,” she said.


“Sometimes you’ve got to trust your instincts, and when you don’t you end up in a place like this,” she said. Palin also tweaked journalists for buying books and turning immediately to the index to see if they are mentioned. Her book does not have an index but she made up index entries during her speech including: “A. Alaska, media not understanding it, page 1 to 432.”


“It is good to be here though, really, in front of this audience of leading journalists and intellectuals or, as I like to call it, a death panel,” she said.

Palin’s book notes the sometimes troubled relationship she had with McCain campaign staffers. Talking about her bus tour for her book, “Going Rogue,” she said, “the view is so much better inside the bus than under the bus.”

In a reference to the rocky relations she had with Steve Schmidt, McCain’s bald campaign manager, Palin said that if she needed a bald campaign manager, “all that I am left with is James Carville.” Carville is a Democratic strategist.

The ritual at these dinners calls for self-deprecatory humor and Palin obliged. Being at the dinner meant “at least now I can put a face to the newspapers I do read,” she said, referencing her lack of response to Katie Couric’s question about what newspapers or magazines she liked to read. Palin also noted that she was “feeling right at home” since she could come down from her room and “could see the Russian embassy” – poking fun at her “you can actually see Russia” from Alaska campaign comment.

And the former Alaska Governor recounted being on a flight and reading a magazine with President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao on the cover. Another passenger said “Hu’s the Communist.” Palin said, “I thought he was asking a question.”

Palin has a broadcasting background and is a natural for the media. If politics doesn’t pan out for her, some network or syndication bigwig that wants to take a ton of money will likely sign her for a television or cable show — and she’ll make another ton of money.

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  • SteveK

    Sarah Palin wows me all the time. Every time she opens her mouth or her fan club starts carrying on about her brilliance and/or the “hatred” the left has for her all I can do shake my head and say, “Wow!”

    • kathykattenburg


  • Have always thought those who can poke fun of themselves are ones who are confident in themselves. Palin is certainly not ready for the big leagues. And may never be. But her “don’t give a damn about what my critics think of me” is one that will serve her well in the future. And this attitude is a must for any conservative woman running for public office.

  • gcotharn

    She’s an American Original who pulled herself up from nothing – she’s out of the same tradition as Andrew Jackson and Teddy Roosevelt. When a person can do that – can rise through sheer shrewdness and chutzpah: that person is interesting, and that person frightens people who prefer status quo (where no one rises except through a traditional path – i.e. through a more understandable path, and thus through a path which is more comforting to observers). What might Palin say? Or do? She is nontraditional, and thus unpredictable, and thus scary(even to her supporters). She doesn’t throw soothing and modulating tones and bones to the left: she is more likely to verbally punch the left in the eye. Other Repubs don’t throw punches as consistently or as overtly as she does. Scary. The left and the right – everyone – would be more comfortable with a more predictable Repub. politician; with a soothingly predictable Romney or Pawlenty.

  • lysergicasset

    She cracks me up. I still do not want her hand anywhere near the nuclear codes.

  • Leonidas

    Palin might not be the brightes buld in the pack, but she is a bit brighter than many of her critics. The mention of her name seems to drop their IQs by 50 points. At least those who had more than 50 to begin with.

  • akpetmom

    She is fit for a job on Fox news. She will be a pretty talking head and be able to spout talking points that are prepared for her. She has at least progressed to the point of being able to entertain a room of thinking people and that is a big step from where she was this time last year.

    I give thanks to whatever sky fairy there might be that she will never be a major player in the political system. I think that she and her supporters know this as well. Sarah Palin has proven that she’s more for going for the money and supporting other candidates rather than being a candidate herself and that’s all I need to know to sleep well at night. Quitting the only two political posts that you were either appointed or elected to (Alaska Oil and Gas Commission and Alaska Governor) does not qualify you to run for higher office. Higher office is not something that she will ever be able to achieve so we can all just watch her as we would anyone on Entertainment Tonight.

  • DLS

    “The mention of her name seems to drop their IQs by 50 points. At least those who had more than 50 to begin with.”

    Maybe that’s why what we see so much more of is not stupidity, but hatred of and obscession about her.

    • Leonidas

      Maybe that’s why what we see so much more of is not stupidity, but hatred of and obscession about her.

      I dunno, I see the hatred and obsession by some as very stupid.

      • DLS

        “I see the hatred and obsession by some as very stupid”

        But they’ll tell you that she is the gift that keeps on giving.  It’s her fault, not theirs!

  • DLS

    “she is a bit brighter than many of her critics”

    When I see Sarah Palin, including the photo used to start this thread, I think of the Supermarionation character, Lady Penelope.

    Ironically, that puppet ends up being smarter than so many, many of her critics and haters.

  • DdW

    “I dunno, I see the hatred and obsession by some as very stupid.”

    Here is an entry in a “write like Sarah Palin” contest (hatred, obsession, stupid??):

    Nothing inspired me more on the campaign trail than the metaphoric people
    who tended it — the mighty logger who cleared the brush, the farmer who
    planted rows of golden corn alongside it, the hunters in the misty distance
    who kept the wildlife at bay — all hardworking, loyal Americans who, woven
    together like the fabric of our flag, shone a light that illuminated the
    darkest shadows on that harrowing trail

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