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Posted by on Jan 19, 2013 in Featured, Politics | 7 comments

Sandy Hook ‘Truthers’ Harass Newtown Man, Conspiracy Theories Go Viral

Sandy Hook 'truthers' harass Newtown man, conspiracy theories go viral (via The Christian Science Monitor)

Sandy Hook ‘truthers’ are criticizing Gene Rosen, who took in six Sandy Hook schoolchildren after the shooting. Conspiracy theorists have edited video footage of Rosen, claiming it proves he is a paid actor.(Joshua Lott/Reuters) With talk of a second shooter, Israeli death squads, and connections to…

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  • The_Ohioan

    Yes, we’ve had some conspiracy theories right here on TMV. I plead guilty of suspecting voter suppression in the last election, of someone(s) trying to eliminate HC from 2016 by eliminating SR, and of the new GB network becoming the home of the TP. I can’t say more…you understand, I hope.

  • dduck

    Well, I for one will deny that this site has been infiltrated/perforated or constipated by the CIA, or at least I’m sure about myself. Semper Fi.

  • ordinarysparrow

    Two days after the murder of the children in Newtown..i read about this conspiracy…

    ” I don’t think for a second that this was done by a young boy. It was done to push gun control in this country. The “powers that be” have left their signature on this. Today’s date…add the numbers up, they add up to the #13, an Illuminati number they like using. Also the school being named Sandy is another big clue they left us… first HARRP made storm named Sandy and now a school name Sandy.”

    I use to listen to Coast to Coast not because i agreed with guests, i thought it an unique window into the the diversity of the human mind and seemed harmless..Nowadays, not entirely, but overall the trend is towards the paranoid conspiratorial …What concerns me is the number of followers of the increasing conspiracy theories which have so little room for rational thought or facts.

    Sometimes after taking in a few minutes of the paranoid conspiratorial rants i question the broad scope of the First Amendment much like i question the Second Amendment… They are both sacred cows, and after listening to some of the stuff that is out there these days, i wonder if it time for the U.S. to make some hamburgers.

  • The_Ohioan


    I sometimes wonder the same thing. Civil libertarians want to see no borders on freedom of speech which leave us with the Westboro cancer in our civic bloodstream – not to mention others. I’d like to see the Supreme Court make an effor to clarify what are mentally healthy pronouncements as opposed to, well, made up conspiracy theories; but I realize that’s almost impossible for them to do – especially after the Citizens United decision.

  • dduck

    Well, I’m not ready to throw the babyish conspiracy BS out with the differences of opinion unless they throw out the 2nd first.

  • zephyr

    What concerns me is the number of followers of the increasing conspiracy theories which have so little room for rational thought or facts.

    This is my concern as well. Just as you can’t argue with a drunk you can’t appeal to good sense in people who no longer have any. This has become a national problem needless to say – just look at congress and the electorate.

  • petew

    The Ohioan,

    Great reference to the Citizens United decision. I understand that, for the Court to uphold its decision it had to conclude that unlimited donations (which Congress assured could also be anonymous) constituted no form of corruption, or, even the APPEARANCE of corruption! That’s a hard one to swallow for both constitutional lawyers and ordinary citizens alike.

    It makes sense that conspiracies are often expressed in response to a psychological need to understand a situation that otherwise cannot be explained by those who frantically disagree. Of course the 1st Amendment is required to ensure that those, like Edward R. Murrow. who expose real and harmful conspiracies, can be heard. But why do Sandy hook conspiracy believers, think that their political opinions about gun ownership are SO important to eliminate, as to willfully undertake a viscous plot to murder 20 first graders, just to take away the guns of 2nd Amendment true believers? It is easy to see which side the crazy bread is buttered on!

    I also intensely disliked the actions of GW Bush, but, the wild idea that he deliberately conspired with radical terrorists in an horrific attack that destroyed the World Trade Center, just to make himself look like a better leader, is one of those that reaches the same level of disgusting, as this sandy hook notion. No American President would ever kill almost 3000 innocent civilians and jeopardize America’s economy, just to boost his political career—Those of us with any sanity at all will completely understand. Those that refuse to, are unfortunately, already bonkers!

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