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Posted by on Jul 21, 2015 in 2016 Elections, 2016 Presidential Election, Politics | 5 comments

Sanders Draws Record Crowds, O’Malley Addresses Issues and Engages The Press, and Hillary Clinton Answers Questions on Facebook

Sanders Phoenix MSNBC Screen Grab

Bernie Sanders continued to draw big crowds over the weekend. In Phoenix Sanders was once again forced to move to a larger venue, drawing twice the number originally anticipated:

Bernie Sanders drew more than 11,000 people to a rally Saturday night in downtown Phoenix — the largest crowd to date for a presidential candidate whose audiences have been swelling in recent months.

The Vermont senator, who has emerged as the leading alternative to Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic nomination, got a rock-star-like reception from supporters who streamed into a cavernous lower-level room of the city’s convention center.

Aides to the self-described democratic socialist had originally booked a Phoenix theater that could accommodate fewer than half the number of people who turned out. The crowd estimate of more than 11,000 people was provided by staff at the convention center, where Sanders also appeared Saturday at a convention of progressive activists.

“Somebody told me people are giving up on the political process,” Sanders said as he greeted the crowd Saturday night. “Not what I see here tonight.”

This exceeds his previous record in Wisconsin. The appearance in Phoenix was followed by thousands coming to see him in Texas.

While Sanders has so far received the bulk of the excitement, and media coverage, from liberal opposition to Hillary Clinton, BuzzFeed seems impressed with Martin O’Malley, calling him “the candidate who simply won’t go away: who will work harder and mingle longer, who will shake more hands, answer more questions, propose more policy, be the most progressive and most aggressive — the candidate who will always engage.”

While Clinton draws headlines about her “strained relations” with the press, O’Malley’s staff rarely turns a reporter away. (On Friday night, his super PAC invited members of the media to an afterparty with the sign-carrying field organizers. “It’s open-press and we promise no rope-lines,” an official said in an email, adding a smiling emoticon. The Clinton cheer-squad, meanwhile, said they weren’t allowed to talk to reporters.)

And while other Democrats in the race, including Sanders, don’t often go after Clinton, O’Malley makes a habit of it — indirectly, at least. (In his Iowa speech, he stressed his support for a $15 minimum wage, days after Clinton declined to endorse it, and suggested she was slow to oppose “bad trade deals” like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.)

With months to go until the Iowa caucus, this aggressive campaigning might pay off, and both O’Malley and Sanders might continue to reduce Clinton’s lead.

Hillary Clinton continues to limit access to the press but did answer some questions on Facebook. After Clinton previously received criticism for saying “All Lives Matter,” and Martin O’Malley failed to learn from this mistake, himself being attacked for saying, “Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter,” Clinton finally got it right on Facebook.

Originally posted at Liberal Values

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  • KP

    Overheard at Netroots Nation this weekend:

    Captain James T. Kirk: “Showing them compassion may be the only way to earn peace with them. It’s logic, Spock. I thought you’d like that.”

    Spock: “No, not really. Not this time.”

    • There was certainly no peace at Netroots Nation. My first impulse in hearing Clinton was not going to attend was to question if she was making a mistake. She would not be the first choice of people there, but she needs their support if she wins the nomination.

      Now that I saw what happened there, she probably made the right call.

      • Slamfu

        Clinton is not going to engage Sanders just yet. Standard political tactics is to ignore anyone you’ve got a big lead over. The thinking goes that all you are doing is handing a low key opponent a big microphone and making them look legitimate. I say standard political tactics because I wish to mock it for being stupid. It’s basically the same thing she did with Obama 8 years ago, and Clinton is clearly still following Democrat campaign orthodox rules once again, despite their abysmal results.

        When the opponent you’ve got a big lead over is a someone with a lot of charisma and a well spoken populist message, you better head that off at the pass, or at least engage early. I doubt Hillary will learn her lesson in time if she hasn’t already.

  • dduck12

    Native American lives matter. Wanna fight over that quibblers.:-)

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