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Posted by on Sep 15, 2006 in At TMV | 2 comments

Sabato’s Crystal Ball: ANGRY POLITICS

Crystal Ball
“Voters Gone Wild” in 2006

Watch out, folks! As of Tuesday, party nomination contests are “primarily” over (save for three states), and what a primary season it has been. But the same emotion that has characterized the summer primary season–the most powerful emotion in politics–shows scant signs of ebbing as we enter the fall.

There’s a lot of anger on the campaign trail in 2006. And it’s anger that is manifesting itself in several different forms:




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  • BrianOfAtlanta

    We had a bitter battle among the Democrats here over who would get the nomination for governor. Mark Taylor beat out Cathy Cox in a very nasty campaign. Cox has yet to endorse Taylor, and I can hardly blame her. I would have been tempted to vote for Cox against our incumbent Republican governor, Sonny Perdue (can’t make up a name like that for a southern governor) because she has done a good job in every office she’s had in the state, AFAIK. I’ve voted for her every time she’s come up on the ballot in the general election. Taylor comes across as a rich kid who has never had to work an honest day’s labor in his life. The Democrats have just made it a whole lot easier for me to cast my vote for governor in November.

  • Ryan

    Likewise, we had a very vicious campaign on the Republican side for attorney general in Wisconsin. In fact, it didn’t stop after the primary was over even. The loser said this election was evidence that you can buy an election (the winner easily overspent him). He has also said that he would not endorse his opponent, would not volunteer to help his opponent’s campaign in the general election, and may not offer help even if he is asked.

    I’ve seen some bitter reactions to losses in partisan elections but I’ve never seen this kind of reaction to a primary election. Usually, they are pretty cordial as the loser would like to ensure his or her party’s winner wins the general election.

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