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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in 2012 Elections, Featured, Media, Politics, Society, USA Presidential Election 2012 | 18 comments

Rupert Murdoch The Judas Goat: Christie Won’t Be Led

While Governor Christie acts like a true leader, Rupert Murdoch acts like the two-faced Judas Goat.

In livestock slaughterhouses, the term “Judas Goat” comes from literally having a goat lead the herd-oriented sheep who do do not question where they are being herded to… The Judas Goat leads them into being pushed along to their doom down the narrower and narrower corrals where they are slaughtered.

The Judas Goat lives to do his dastardly deeds again and again. The Judas Goat lives high off the slaughtered know-nothing lambs and with no remorse, no conscience. The Judas Goat struts about, not unaware–he knows literally millions are taken down by his deceits– but he is unaffected by the death he brings as long as he gets to eat trash, have sex, sleep in his own pen.

Rupert Murdoch’s tweet (how is it moguls are reduced to a thing called ‘tweeting’… that in itself a pathetic-poetic justice) saying that Governor Christie MUST conform to Murdoch’s playground bullying, as Murdoch wrote: “Now Christie, while thanking O, must re- declare for Romney, or take blame for next four dire years.”

Chris Christie need do no such thing Mr. Murdoch. Your days as lead Peter Pan of any political party are dwindling. You have money yes. But Chris Christie has honor.

You may hold huge stakes in media in our country, but you do not and will never be able to corral our minds… to take us to your ideas of death to all those pesky thinkers, activists, makers and shakers. Your days of squatting over others is coming to past twilight.

Your association with the Republican party has been a disaster, not to mention some of your newspapers with YOUR oversight, sending illicit phone messages to the cell phones of persons who were dead and missing –making their greieving families think their loved ones might still be alive– eavesdropping on those phones in order to try to create trash stories. You personally being pulled up mighty short by the coppers in Britain, and the Church of England divesting of NewsCorp, unable to support vile news gathering because of the philosophy of “harm innocent people to gain/make up salacious stories”…

the havoc you have caused in media wherein you have led many to the slaughter at venerable media sources by routing the best of minds, like the Wall Street Journal…. the stink of bilge follows you about. And the pattern. The pattern of dominating by creating echo chambers instead of presses. The pattern of dividing the people so none from your ‘side’ can be president of ALL the people. This falls to you. The dire outcomes fall to you. They fall to your exact penthouses’ and villas’ addresses.

I know, I know, you think you have so much money that you cannot be toppled. (Yet, I think of the 20 foot tall bronze statue of Stalin toppled in Budapest and torn to pieces, that bronze monstousity broken into pieces by the working people with their hammers and their bare hands.)

But, it is true that you have been pushed back and forth at the root… the evidences are there as the ‘sheep’ you have so counted on remaining in a daze and hopeful, instead get smarter and smarter and turn toward wisdom and innovation that is effective instead of following a Judas Goat into oblivion.

Your over-promises have come to naught, even with your huge manipulative over-reach. Under your ‘tutelage’ many fine and deeply thoughtful journalists have become hacks, more like rah-rah celebrities rather than who they were to begin with: carrying the gravitas needed for true truth-telling and helps to others to see and hear what is useful for them to lead good lives…

I see the up and coming journos turned away unless they tow YOUR party line. Freedom of the press begins with the press: And yours is neither free, nor a press. It is instead PRESSure. Pressure on others to go to their dooms to please you.

Neither Chris Christie nor anyone else has to do what you are attempting to force them to do… Chris Christie doesnt have to follow you into the corral where he will be slaughtered and you will live. He is way too smart– and too honorable– for that Mr. Murdoch.

Nor will Chris Christie be responsible for what YOU YOURSELF have done to our nation as a rich immigrant who ate up newspapers, well, just like a goat… and thereby turned civil discussion and debate–and valid investigations– into 24/7 contentious petty and pointless screeching. That’s on you Mr. Murdoch. Not Chris Christie. It’s on you for creating a vile environs in which those who would ordinarily be good leaders, have tried to grandstand for the cameras… saying alienating and ill-advised things, and being applauded by certain elements of YOUR media.

The list of those drawn into your corrals that end in screed and death, is long, far longer than we can say here. But people of conscience and decent heart, do not forget how you have vaunted those who are incivil and in the playground world you live in, those who please you at the same time forfeit any hope of appearing like ‘president of all the people’… just maybe puppet president of the few. That’s on you Mr. Murdoch for preening and literally pushing to cover those who overspeak and ill speak.

Chris Christie, by contrast, by HUGE contrast to Murdoch, is taking care of ravaged people and lands in his home state –and in so doing– by sidestepping the little huricane Rupert– is setting a BIG notable precedent at the same time.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: Christie is trailblazing the kind of Republican party that would truly give many of us a two party choice… a choice built on good people doing good things for ‘the people.’ And without a Judas Goat running the show.

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  • dduck

    dr. e, I understand your attack on RP, not so much your defense of CC.
    One deserves it, the other perhaps not.
    Thank the president, be respectful, but don’t do anything to harm your party. It ain’t necessary, remember who brought you to the dance and who you vigorously campaigned for (a rally 20 miles away, really, too busy). Are you worried that O would short change NJ by even one dollar if you acted with decorum? If so, that tells us something. Tell us you squeezed more money by genuflecting and all is well.

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    thanks dduck. As a mother and grandmother, I have to laugh a bit. Murdoch, to say it very down to earth, is the equiv of knocking at the door, saying you have to fan me and peel me some grapes because I say so, when all the children and adults in the family are down with the ‘explosive’ flu and you are the only one still standing. Christie has so much to do, that Murdoch’s demand is fool talk. And will be memorable to those citizens in NJ as intruding on their very real struggles.

    I think of what would have occurred had Murdoch said to Christie: “Take care of the family, we understand: we’ll keep the light on for you.”

    But Murdoch doesnt think of people as human beings each with a story being lived in struggle and hopefully some triumphs. He thinks of his short and predictable mental loop, and his counting house only.

    The many many bodies Rupert has kicked to the side of the road, say so.

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    On Murdoch, spot-on.

    On Christie, as I have said before, I have never liked the man, his views or his policies, but I do respect his doing the right thing for his state and his people and for a change being a gentleman. Having said all that, I still don’t like him, his views or his policies.

    This in contrast to those who adored Christie and now hate him, not because he has changed his views or policies, but solely because he was a gentleman and looked after his state and his people.

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    that’s insightful dorian: “This in contrast to those who adored Christie and now hate him, not because he has changed his views or policies, but solely because he was a gentleman and looked after his state and his people.”

  • zusa1

    Christie’s playing the long game.

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    smart analysis Zusai. I think it would be hard for a person with no heart to act more than a few minutes like they really had one. If Christie wasnt authentic, I think he would have caved in by now and become a snarking less than real, shadow self. I think Christie is real. The memory of ‘real’ is a long distance away for many in politics. The gloss becomes so thick in order not just to guide, but often enough, to protect oneself from the rancor that sometimes visits from others unjustly. But underneath, in most, I believe… is still true self.

  • ShannonLeee

    It all boils down to competing loyalties. Christie did his job as a loyal rep. He went after Obama wherever and whenever it was required. The hurricane hit and Christie’s loyalty to his people trumped loyalty to party. Then you also have loyalty to ideology, which didn’t play of a role for Christie.

    In contrast, Murdoch has only loyalty to his portfolio and ideology. He could not possibly understand Christie’s actions because loyalty to anyone outside of his inner circle is completely beyond his comprehension. Medically speaking, he could qualify as an antisocial sociopath.

  • dduck

    Well, all you new CC fans, check my TMV comments back when I said I didn’t like him.
    I’ll stick with my older and above comments. Please take him into your party and you can have Rush, Trump and Palin too.

  • ordinarysparrow

    I heartily agree Dr. E…. Murdock is suggesting unless Christie follows the Judas Goat then they will make him the scapegoat….

  • ShannonLeee

    I dont like the guy either duck, but he has done a good job over the past week. He isn’t exactly a statesman.

  • dduck

    SL, most rodents are not.

  • Carl

    Republicans are a vindictive lot. Down right mean to expect Christie to sacrifice his constituency for politicaly expediant results.

    The man and his state is in a mess and all his party wants is red meat for the election. God save this country from our politics!

  • dduck

    Please the melodrama ruse won’t work. He didn’t have to sacrifice anything, it wasn’t an either or choice. Do your job, ask for a lot and respectfully thank the president, no matter what his party. Meantime, I assume CC can chew gum and walk at the same time so he could have put in a quick stop (20 miles away, he does have a helicopter, because he used it to go to his son’s ball game) at Mitt’s campaign stop on a Sunday night.

  • hyperflow

    Christie sees the old-chasm left open from McCain and a new-chasm about to tear in the GOP loss.
    He is filling the holes. Get it?

    Super simple.

    Murdoch is one imported scotch away from being Donal Trump.

  • Carl


    Really duck? Do you REALLY believe that Christie would not cause additional suffering in Sandy destroyed Jersey if he attacked Obama instead of coming straight to him for help as fast as possible? In THIS political climate?

    I guess, “Go fxxx Yourself Dick Chaney”, was lost in translation for you after Katrina.

    The Jersey coast is destroyed. This is serious shxt duck. No time for politics. Really.

  • dduck

    There you go again, have a jelly bean. No one said attack anyone, least of all the guy with the big mo in DC. No, just do your job, like Coumo did and work with the powers that be. REALLY, no additional “suffering” unless you are saying O would have stiffed CC if he didn’t genuflect. I give O more credit than that, DO YOU, really.

  • Christie was “Forced” by forces of nature to play on another playing field, one that demanded compassion and direct action. Compare to Bush, who literally told his staff not to tell him about the hurricane, and it was days before they had the courage to tell him. Or so I read somewhere.

    Whatever Christie WAS…whatever political game he played before…how could he go back. His direct rejection of this political right wing rancor…the nation took notice, we all did. It spoke louder than the hurricane, louder than all of the Republican fueled PACs.

    People are attracted to THIS, and we noticed that we noticed. THIS is desired by so many now. I think the publicity about his storm-character brought many out to the polls, for this kind of behavior and direct talk has been outshouted and out bought…by the many Murdochs in many forms.

    In the last days of the campaign, I saw more essays about the values of decency itself…rather than countering arguments about stupid rumors and “obama birthers.” What lunacy. You want to pick a fight about it and insist Obama is a socialist muslim with anti-imperialist tendencies. You want to argue about this with ME?


  • dduck

    CW, is this about CC, or do we open up the discussion to, for instance, how filling up your bathtub (If you are lucky enough to have one) before Sandy, and how come it leaked out.
    No one “forced” CC to do anything except his job. He could have also gone over to Mitt’s meeting and spoke about Sandy and his state’s devastation, and the need for more preparation and planning in the future, which Mitt could have agreed to. No, I think, CC as Maddow said is selfish.

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