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Posted by on Nov 3, 2012 in 2012 Elections, Featured, Politics | 8 comments

Rudy Guiliani’s Final Transformation Into One More Screaming Partisan: Calls on Obama to Resign

How very sad for those of us who once thought of former Mayor Rudy Guiliani as “America’s Mayor,” or those (like yours truly) who admired him before 911 occurred due to certain qualities he displayed. After 911, Guiliani seemingly could not say a sentence without…911…(“I’ll have a burger and fries and here’s $9.11 — will that cover it?”) but even so he was in that rare political class in America: a political class that today includes Colin Powell, Michael Bloomberg and included the 2000 less predictable incarnation of Arizona Senator John McCain. Former Bush Administration Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is in that category as well. Political or government figures whose pronouncements carry far more heft than a partisan label — people who appeal to moderates, centrists and independents. Guiliani had started to shed that aura and lost a chunk of it when he ran for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2008, starting out the odds-on-favorite — until he campaigned. Or, rather, until he barely campaigned, was overtaken by others and fizzled in the end.

But how sad it is now to see him come full circle to become yet one more tiresome, chest-beating, screaming partisan who seems to be running for radio talk show host:

Not long after taking a few seconds of silence for those affected by Superstorm Sandy, Rudy Giuliani began ripping into President Barack Obama on Friday while speaking at major campaign event for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in Ohio.

The former New York City mayor delivered a series of blistering zingers against the president, rallying the massive crowd with line after line of reasons why Obama should “resign” and faulting him for “incompetence” over the Libya consulate attacks.

With new numbers showing the unemployment rate had ticked up to 7.9%, Giuliani said the Obama administration should be “ashamed of themselves” for framing the figure as a positive sign. Giuliani, however, did not mention that 171,000 jobs were added last month–more than economists were expecting.

“He should resign! He told us he would resign if he did this poorly,” Giuliani said, referring to a 2009 interview in which Obama vowed to turn the economy around in three years, otherwise there would be a “one-term proposition.”

Giuliani continued to fire off: “He lied. He has been a disaster. The worst president for our economy in our lifetime. He doesn’t want a second term. He wants a second chance, because he screwed it up the first time.”


Giuliani received perhaps his biggest applause of the night when he focused on the Benghazi consulate attacks, which killed four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya, in September. The administration is now investigating why the diplomatic post was not robustly staffed prior to and during the attacks.

The former mayor, a top surrogate for Romney’s campaign, argued the violence would not have happened if Sen. John McCain had won the presidential election in 2008.

“Maybe if we had a president who was paying attention, we wouldn’t be going through all this investigation of what’s being covered up about Libya,” he said.

He told the audience they have a chance to “right that wrong” by removing the president from office.

“You know that what happened in Libya is the result, at least, of incompetence,” he said.

America’s Mayor? No longer.

And, comparing him with Bloomberg, not even close to resembling New York’s Mayor.

Courage during 911?

Yes. A hero.

A profile in courage now?


He’s not even a profile in coherence:

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  • StockBoyLA

    I thought all Republicans were like this these days. Or at least I have as yet to meet a Republican who can lay out Romney’s economic plans and how those plans will improve the economy and I’d also like to know why people believe Romney when he says he is for all Americans, and that he believes in freedom for everyone. He doesn’t have a viable economic plan nor does he believe in freedom for everyone.

  • cjjack

    The former New York City mayor delivered a series of blistering zingers against the president, rallying the massive crowd with line after line of reasons why Obama should “resign” and faulting him for “incompetence” over the Libya consulate attacks.

    Rudy telescoped the bit. Fox News is doing it, too.

    See, when you’re writing jokes or comedy bits, you never want to telescope it…to give the audience enough information to see out where it’s going before you get to deliver the punchline.

    What we’re seeing here is the groundwork being laid for what’s going to happen if Obama wins reelection. He will be facing impeachment. Probably over Libya. Perhaps something else if the Libya thing doesn’t stick, but you can bank on the Republicans starting impeachment proceedings against Obama in the next four years.

    That’s the only way they can beat the guy. If he wins Tuesday, they’ll have no choice but to try and remove him from office. And they will try.

  • ordinarysparrow

    Not much need to give Rudy credit for astute political insight ….

    ” In choosing Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, John McCain has chosen for the future.” Rudy Giuliani

  • ShannonLeee

    He has been behaving this way for a while now. I’m not shocked. He’s a hitman for the party.

  • sheknows

    The Republicans needed someone in a real hurry to counter all the praise and support Obama has received . Whether they solicited him or he volunteered to bash the president hardly matters. He is saying all of this to block out the light currently being shown on Obama. WE all know it for what it is.
    The Republicans have shown themselves to be petty, self serving and small in mind as well as spirit.
    Giuliani is just one more foot soldier in the fight, not really worthy of rank or respect.

  • dduck

    Oh, yeah, when Biden blasts away, we smile because he is a nice guy. Rudy doesn’t do Chusckles The Clown, he does angry old white man. In Ohio, probably to the right audience, he railed and spouted and I hope he rounded up a few votes, because he gave a partisan political speech, which is what he intended to do.
    You guys want to lament on “oh he used to be a reasonable guy, and now he is just a partisan attack dog”, feel free if it makes you feel better about the guy you are “going to give another chance to”.

  • sheknows

    LOL dduck..” angry old white man” indeed. That seems to be a major theme with Republicans 🙂

  • dduck

    Glad to help you out. I was worried you might forget that one. 🙂

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