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Posted by on Dec 16, 2007 in At TMV | 3 comments

Ron Paul Campaign Breaks Own Fundraising Record

Ron Paul Fundraising

Having drawn media attention for amassing $5.2 million in fundraising during the third quarter (nearly matching rival John McCain’s $5.5 million during the same quarter), the Ron Paul campaign quickly raised the ante and challenged its supporters to raise $12 million during the fourth quarter. It was a particularly ambitious plan, given that even high profile candidates Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and John Edwards had failed to net that much money during the third quarter (see Q3 fundraising totals).

Yet, Ron Paul’s loyal supporters answered the call–putting together a grassroots effort to help their candidate meet this lofty goal. Help in this endeavor came from a most unlikely source—Trevor Lyman, a musician and internet entrepreneur who had never voted in a presidential election and had not even met Congressman Ron Paul. Lyman spearheaded the This November 5th internet fundraising campaign that netted the maverick congressman an impressive $4.3 million on November 5th. Lyman has also spurred today’s internet fundraising campaign, which takes place on the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

As of 7:00 PM EST, Ron Paul has managed to rake in an impressive $4.4 million, eclipsing his own $4.3 million one day internet fundraising record set on November 5th. Having begun the day with a fourth quarter fundraising total $11.5 million, the Ron Paul campaign now has $15.9 million.

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  • Elrod

    Interesting. What exactly is Ron Paul’s electoral plan? He’s got more money than Huckabee, I believe. Is he trying to shoot into second place in New Hampshire, which is not impossible.

  • George Sorwell

    I also wonder how Paul has been spending all the money he’s raised. Is he running commercials explaining his positions? Is he reaching out in some other way beyond self-identified libertarians?

  • Rambie

    I don’t call myself a libertarian, but I have to say, I like Ron Paul more than any other candidate running on either side.

    Elrod has a point, I’ve read more about Ron Paul’s positions on the web but not so much about how he plans to implement them or turn them into policy.

    GS, being in Utah, we don’t see too many ads until closer to November. I’ve seen a few national ads from any candidate and I do believe I’ve seen at least a few commercials for Ron Paul.

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