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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in 2012 Elections, International, Politics, USA Presidential Election 2012, War | 11 comments

Romney’s Vapid Turns Weird

John Darkow, Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri

That thousand-mile stare of the GOP candidate is coming into focus. As he lifts his eyes from the economy to the Middle East, Mitt Romney’s vacuity is dismaying Americans across party lines.

No surprise that Gail Collins advises, “Feel free to worry about anything. That he’d declare war on Malta. Lock himself in a nuclear missile silo and refuse to come out until there’s a tax cut.”

It’s something else when Peggy Noonan, who put Clint Eastwood’s “Read my lips” into Bush I’s mouth, tells Fox News Romney has not “been doing himself any favors” since the crisis in Libya and Egypt started: “Sometimes when really bad things happen, when hot things happen, cool words or no words is the way to go.”

Add an AP headline “Romney Misstates Facts on Attacks” and a Times editorial observing that he “showed an extraordinary lack of presidential character by using the murders of the Americans in Libya as an excuse not just to attack Mr. Obama, but to do so in a way that suggested either a dangerous ignorance of the facts or an equally dangerous willingness to twist them to his narrow partisan aims.”

For more than a year, the Obama campaign has been looking for ways to picture Romney as “weird,” and now he hands them ammunition to make John McCain’s reputation for shooting from the hip look like a model of sobriety.

But all is not lost for the GOP. To offset Romney doubters, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh are still on board.


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  • ShannonLeee

    Yet the hard core conservatives continue to defend him on this… makes you wonder

  • Willwright

    Unfortunately there are probably about 40 percent of the population that he will retain the support of no matter what he says or does just because he’s not Obama.

  • Dabb

    I will vote for Barack Obama just as I did in 2008. However, it really angers me that the Republican Party did not give the country a better choice. One would think they had learned their lesson with Sarah Palin.

  • ShannonLeee

    There were no better choices because the smart people stayed out of the process. Everyone knew that the ghost of GWB was still lingering and that the Rep brand was still damaged. 2016 will be very interesting. The Reps will have their best people on display and Dems will probably have Hillary.

    Had W been a half way decent President, Jeb would have run this year.

  • Willwright

    There were no better choices because the smart people stayed out of the process. Everyone knew that the ghost of GWB was still lingering and that the Rep brand was still damaged. 2016 will be very interesting. The Reps will have their best people on display and Dems will probably have Hillary.

    I hope you are right. But another scenario would be that the GOP decides the problem was that Romney was he was too moderate and they nominate one of their fast raising far right tea party types for president. Assume further the economy is still not great by 2016 and you have an upset electorate looking for change.

  • ShannonLeee

    Nah, the wackos will run, but Reps will end up going with Jeb Bush. The Tea Party is great for the House and they can be successful in the little alcoves of nuttery across the nation, but they wont be nearly as successful nation wide.

  • slamfu

    Or we can take a look at the move obvious answer. The avg voter in today’s GOP is really ignorant and those who showed up in the primaries were a reflection of that. I bet if you polled the top 5 reasons registered republicans won’t vote for Obama its because of a host of issues that aren’t true, like he’s a socialist, or muslim, or not a citizen, or that he raised taxes, or that his healthcare plan is single payer, take your pick. Remember, Romney was the best candidate, shallow as he is, and they still only got to him after sampling every other nut in the box during the primaries. That quite simply is the GOP of today.

  • ShannonLeee

    Most party members never cross lines. The hope is that both Dems and Reps will have nice long battles for the nominee, which would then give the idiots a chance to say something stupid, thus knocking themselves out of contention. After the long battle, the winner is the lesser idiot.

    I personally would be very interested and open to a Clinton vs Bush…again.

  • roro80

    After the long battle, the winner is the lesser idiot.

    If you remember, this is what did happen. Mitt’s level of idiocy is baffling, but can any of us doubt that Cain or Santorum or Bachmann or Trump out-idiot Romney in their sleep?

  • SteveK

    Week 30 of Mitt’s Mendacity is up for perusal…

    This week Mr. Romney has added 33 more lies to bring his 30 week total to… 533.

    Here’s the first two this week: (follow the link above for the rest)

    1. At an impromptu event in South Carolina yesterday, Romney said on Medicare policy, “Our plan [has] no change for current seniors and those 55 and older.”

    That’s plainly false. Romney’s plan eliminates all new benefits for seniors under the Affordable Care Act, which necessarily means higher prescription drug costs for seniors, and more expensive preventive care.

    2. At the same event, Romney argued, “Under the president’s plan, [Medicare] goes bankrupt… Under the plan I propose, it is solvent.”

    That’s the exact opposite of reality. Obama’s policy strengthens Medicare’s finances, and under Romney’s plan, the system would be closer to insolvency faster.

    Links to the other 29 weeks, 500 lies is at the bottom of the Mitt’s Mendacity page.

    * * *

    Regarding these lists, Fred Clark notes on his Progressive Christian blog “Slacktivist”

    One of the weirder aspects of this for me is watching this unfold in the politically conservative culture of my evangelical world. The most partisan evangelical conservatives are also those most likely to rant against “relativism” and to trumpet their status as defenders of “absolute truth.” Those same folks will dismiss this post — and all 30 of Benen’s posts above — as mere partisan attacks without ever bothering to examine the 533 factual instances of Mitt’s mendacity, chronicled.

    That’s the only cognitive defense they have, I guess. Jam fingers in ears and shout la-la-la-you’re-being-partisan!

    Because, you see, the fact that Mitt Romney said something he knew to be false is a partisan fact. And the fact that he has done this at least 533 times in the past 30 weeks is also partisan.

    I suppose the other approach for Romney defenders who cannot bear to face the fact of those 533 facts will be to angrily pore over all of Benen’s lists, reading each one with a lawyerly eye.

    Have at it. Please. Cherry-pick. Spin. Split hairs. Hand-wave away whichever lies you wish as mere misdemeanors and not full-fledged felonies against honesty.

    But how many of those charges do you think you can get dismissed? 10 percent? 20 percent? Maybe, if you’re that sort of person and you work really hard at it — if you’re willing to get even more pedantic and semantic and technical than even you are usually comfortable with — maybe you could half convince yourself that 50 percent of those lies somehow shouldn’t really count against Romney.

    The choice in November is clear… Unfortunately not all thinking is.

  • ProWife

    I’ll be happy when we can call him “Moot” Romney. Looks like that may be sooner than later. The problem is the radical right winged social engineers that call themselves the tea party have hijacked the moderate voice of the republican party. Until we pour the tea party out of office congress will be unable to do anything to better our great country.

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