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Posted by on Dec 25, 2011 in Miscellaneous | 5 comments

Romney’s Rewrapped Gift

We’ve all done it, and Mitt seems like someone who wouldn’t hesitate to pass on a second-hand present. He did it to a voter the other day.

Asked by a New Hampshire man who was being foreclosed by Bank of America even though he had made all his mortgage payments, a problem Romney has clearly never faced, the candidate suggested he go to court or occupy bank headquarters until he gets satisfaction.

“That would get their attention,” Romney said.

Problem is, neither the Governor or his staff has been paying enough attention to the news, having missed a widely spread story of a Florida couple who did just that last summer and, accompanied by Sheriff’s deputies and movers, went with court permission to remove desks, computers, copiers, filing cabinets and cash in the teller’s drawers, before the bank finally anted up what it owed them.

Oh well, never mind, it’s the thought that counts. And a Merry Christmas to all!

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  • What a joke column! How many people in America have ever faced foreclosure when making all the payments. Probably not many but I’m sure it happens.

    I’m not a Romney supporter but he probably gave as good as advice as anyone else.

    Bank of America has my mortgage and I would love for them to foreclose on me (with me making all the payments) because in the long run, you can sue the [email protected] and probably make a killing!

  • Rcoutme

    The case in Florida was actually even funnier. The couple had never had a mortgage. In other words, BAC tried to foreclose on a house they did not even hold the title on.

  • rudi

    Florida banks also started foreclosure on properties for being delinquent one day and paying early on a home refinanced to cover medical bills.

    Pasco couple fear losing home to foreclosure for paying mortgage too early

    NEW PORT RICHEY — Seventy-year-old Sharon Bullington may lose her home because she paid her mortgage a week early.

    That may not make much sense to the thousands of homeowners who are behind on their mortgages in Florida. But it seems it does to Bank of America, which has filed to foreclose on Bullington and her husband, James, 78, who is terminally ill.

    One day late with mortgage payment, gas station owner could lose business to foreclosure

    ST. PETERSBURG — Saji Mathew missed the Oct. 12 mortgage payment on the Mobil gas station he co-owns.

    On Oct. 13, he took the money to the bank, thinking that would make things right.

    He tried to make his November and December payments as well. But each time, BB&T kicked back his money.

    Ten months later, Mathew is still trying to pay. In circuit court on Tuesday, he offered BB&T $50,000, the total amount due since October.

    BB&T didn’t want the money.

    It wants the gas station.

    “They won’t take my money,”

  • DaGoat

    Looking at the article the homeowner stated he failed to make his balloon payment. That’s not exactly the same as saying he “made all his mortgage payments”. There must be more to the story – my guess is the guy can’t qualify to refinance the balloon or doesn’t want to. Really we need more info.

  • Robert Stein needs to do a better job reporting. The man didn’t make a $92,000 balloon payment. By not making that payment the man is in default of his loan and BoA can foreclose on the property. No one forced the man to sign a contract that required a $92,000 balloon payment.

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