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Posted by on May 8, 2012 in Media, Politics, Society | 10 comments

Romney’s Birds Start to Roost

Did the winner of a year-long Obama bashathon in the Republican debates think it would go away once he won the nomination? Did Mitt Romney think he could swerve back from high-volume hyperbole and turn his rational attention to traditional GOP voters and Independents?

Not so easy . He may no longer be battling the likes of those weird Ricks, Santorum and Perry, but he is discovering that right wing crazies won’t go away as a woman in Ohio gushes that President Obama “should be tried for treason,” and the state auditor warms up the crowd with cackles such as giving the President credit for the bin Laden raid is like “giving Ronald McDonald credit for the Big Mac you ate for lunch…the the griddle deserved credit.”

Clueless, Romney responds to the woman by waffling that the Constitution was “brilliant, probably inspired” but fails to distance himself from such rants as John McCain did in 2008. “I don’t correct all of the questions that get asked of me,” Romney tells reporters. “Obviously I don’t agree that he should be tried.”

The Obama campaign calls him to account: “Today we saw Mitt Romney’s version of leadership: standing by silently as his chief surrogate attacked the President’s family at the event and another supporter alleged that the President should be tried for treason.

“Time after time in this campaign, Mitt Romney has had the opportunity to show that he has the fortitude to stand up to hateful and over-the-line rhetoric and time after time, he has failed to do so. If this is the ‘leadership’ he has shown on the campaign trail, what can the American people expect of him as commander-in-chief?”


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  • slamfu

    Well the funny thing is he hasn’t actually got the nomination even though in the general public’s mind the general election is on. Which means, Romney can’t quite “Etch-a-sketch” just yet, while Obama can open up with both barrels. Once he actually has the nomination its probably too late to walk back tot he middle to get the votes he’ll need to have a shot at the Oval.

  • dduck

    Mitt is letting these people exercise their right to free speech. Maybe some people would prefer him to jump off the stage and gag any loudmouths.

  • Anna

    Wow duck, way to construct your man of straw…

    I guess John McCain was gagging his supporters when he came out against talk like that. Whatever happened to just some good ol’ fashioned common courtesy?

  • dduck

    Gee, I thought he was the Tin Man.

  • DaGoat

    dduck I actually think Mitt has more to gain than to lose by calling out stupid comments like this woman’s. He lost out on an opportunity to come across as the bigger, more tolerant person.

    What does get tiresome is when every time some damn fool makes a stupid comment the blogosphere demands Romney or Obama denounce it immediately, but in this case the damn fool was standing in front of him.

  • slamfu

    Lol, I just read that Mittens is not trying to take credit for GM’s success after the bailout. Someone needs to do a piece on that soon. Mittens is going off the deep end on that one.

  • dduck

    GM may not be out of the woods yet, so both sides might want to hold off the criticism of the other side.

  • DaGoat

    dduck we turned a company too big to fail into the biggest auto company in the world, what could go wrong?

  • zephyr

    Mitt will find that pandering to extremes as a “severe conservative” has tainted him in a way that won’t wash off easily. If character matters, Mitt isn’t your man. Not much courage OR conviction there.

  • dduck

    Some people still feel the GM rescue was not done properly:
    The UAW pension fund received 17.5 percent of the new GM. Shareholders were wiped out. Contrary to established law, the Treasury allowed the new GM to carry forward $50 billion of losses, at an eventual taxpayer cost of around $15 billion.
    “Mar 2, 2012 – General Motors announced that it planned to halt production of the Volt for five weeks, another troubling sign for a hybrid whose sales fell short …”

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