If Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan do manage to get themselves elected in November, will they find it impossible to govern thanks to the campaign they and their supporters have run? For Austria’s Der Standard, columnist Eric Frey writes that in turning his back on moderation and picking Paul Ryan as a running mate, Mitt Romney may have set the stage for another frustrating four years for Americans.

For Der Standard, Eric Frey writes in part:

While Romney has control over the party convention, he does not control his party. Ultra-right wing forces connected with the Tea Party have recently expanded their influence and have substantially limited the top candidate’s freedom of action.


This is reflected in the new party platform, which was approved in Tampa. It urges massive tax cuts, the radical reform of Medicare – the popular health insurance program for senior citizens, a tough anti-immigration policy and a total ban on abortions. Neither under Ronald Reagan nor George W. Bush were the Republicans as right-wing as they are today. They are farther out of the American mainstream than they’ve ever been. They are the mirror image of the Democratic Party of the early 1970s, which to the outside world was marked by the anti-Vietnam War and hippie movements.


A brilliant speech, a strong performance in the televised debates and a flawless campaign could make Romney the next president. But that would not dispel the radical specter hovering over his party. As a campaigner and potential head of state, this is a curse.

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  • Rcoutme

    I have consistently mentioned that Romney (or any other Republican president who might unseat Obama) has the distinct possibility of facing a Boehner backlash. The old saying goes, “Payback is a bitch!” If the Democrats want to take a page out of the Republican playbook, they can cause the next two years to be a living hell, no matter how well the Republicans do in the polls.

  • zephyr

    They are the mirror image of the Democratic Party of the early 1970s, which to the outside world was marked by the anti-Vietnam War and hippie movements.

    Well, we’re talking forty years ago and it’s clear that many people either don’t remember or weren’t around during those times. Anti-Vietnam War sentiment was pretty damned mainstream, as was the hippie “movement”. That “mirror image” nonsense just doesn’t hold up – except in revisionist history of course.

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    there’s no mirror image. Perhaps other informed metaphor would work better. But no mirror image… Unless one thought of america as only made up of people reported on by MSM. That was the true 1%. The rest of us 99% had many opinions, werent hippies, died at the Tet, and no one ever covered our very diverse lives in the media. Nuf’ said.

  • ShannonLeee

    History is off, but the writer is still correct in regards to the current madhouse called the Republican party.