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Posted by on Jan 8, 2012 in Politics | 4 comments

Romney Under Fire in “Meet the Press” Republican Presidential Nomination Debate

And yet another debate. But this time former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney is not getting off quite that easy:

Mitt Romney found himself under fire early in a Sunday GOP debate, with conservative candidates piling on Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum went on the attack at the outset of Sunday’s NBC News-Facebook debate, broadcast on “Meet the Press.” The two of them went after Romney from his right flank, assailing him as an inauthentic conservative.

“If his record was so great as governor of Massachusetts, why didn’t he run for reelection?” asked Santorum, the candidate who basically tied Romney in last Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses. “If it was so great, why did you bail out?”

The offensive against Romney were an element largely absent from another GOP debate last night in Manchester. The rest of the Republican field is looking to draw distinctions with Romney in the remaining 48 hours before the New Hampshire primary, in which Romney is leading, according to polls.

“I’m very proud of my record and I think the one thing you can’t fool the people of New Hampshire about is the record of a governor next door,” Romney said in response to the pile-on, largely avoiding making direct attacks against his detractors.

At one point, though, when Santorum interrupted him, Romney snipped: “Rick, it’s still my time.”

Gingrich, who had vowed to draw more stark contrasts against Romney in New Hampshire after having been assailed by ads in Iowa run by a pro-Romney super PAC, voiced criticisms of Romney similar to the ones he’d voiced while barnstorming through the Granite State this week.

Perhaps I’m getting jaded but in my quick review of this debate my reaction was: I am so sick of hearing candidates mouth talking points that sound like talking points in a way they know they are talking points. Why not just say: “Go to my website and you can read what my handlers and I whipped up as an answer.” (I almost long to hear Joe Biden speak…)

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  • lawquest

    I missed Meet the Press but saw last night’s debate. The questions were far too polite. Why not ask whether they would have vetoed the National Defense Act until the provision authorizing government to arrest and imprison American citizens forever, without trial or charge, was eliminated?

  • RP

    I watched both and both debates were the same ol’ talking points. And when they were not, they were asinine questions like the one George Step. was asking about privacy and contraception. It was a waste of time and he kept harping on the same thing until the audiance even became agitated toward his stupidity.

    Lets ask some hard questions like what leadership would the candidate offer to make government work the same as private industry. How would they lead the process to develop programs that promote the use of technologies and replace outdated programs that have outrun their useful lives. How would they promote thinking in government the same as Steve Jobs promoted thinking at Apple?

    We have problems in this country that is going to take the best and smartest thinkers to come up with ideas to fix these problems. All we do now is bitch and moan about government, but we have no one coming up with the ideas like those that made smart phones smart. Had the government run the communication companies, we would still have party lines on phones.

    And for those too young to know what a party line was, due to limitation on the number of lines available, two or three neighbors used the same phone lines with each neighbor having a different number of rings for thier incoming calls. Privacy did not exist for the most part.

  • I haven’t watched one debate yet. I’m not sure why anyone would waste one or two hours of their lifetime watching the crap. You can go to three or four websites and get the jest of the debate in about 10 minutes.

    I will agree that I would rather listening to Joe Biden. He cracks me up every time he opens his mouth. He should be in the entertainment business. He talks like he knows something but when you listen to the words you realize that he is a DA clown. There are so many YouTube videos of Joe sticking the entire leg into his mouth.

  • Allen

    The Republican candidates are fools. The debates have shown that much to the world. It’s pretty clear that Republicans have complete ignorance of the Constitution.

    Actually I’ve enjoyed Joe Biden’s eloquent Constitutional speeches on C-Span over the years. Very beautiful, very moving. Joe gets into trouble when he, “goes layman”. He wants to box. So do I really, but we always look a bit silly when we start clipping chins. Personally, I think Joe Biden could humiliate any of these fool Republican candidates in a fair fight. Debate or Boxing.

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