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Posted by on Aug 20, 2012 in Politics | 8 comments

Romney-Ryan Are Albatrosses, Half Truths Are Lies & Much More: Report From 20 Paws Ranch

I continue to cling to the notion that voters have not lost their collective minds. That there remains hope for a brighter American future. So I draw sustenance from the news that it has been nine days since Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan to be his running mate in a desperate effort to curry favor with a right-wing Republican Party base less than enamored of him and thereby revive his subterranean campaign. But hallelujah and all that. The Tea Party darling from Wisconsin has provided no bounce. Nor will there be a Romney rally.

This is because Ryan’s vision for America is radical, which is kind of ironic given that Republicans have sought to tar Barack Obama with that label over the last four years.

Ryan, in word and deed, has stressed individualism over what he calls collectivism, a loaded word with communist-socialist connotations, but it is individuals like the rich who would benefit and individuals like the elderly, the infirm, the middle class and the poor who rely on Washington to get by, ease their suffering and provide job training who would be deeply affected by his slash-and-burn budgets of last and this year. Oh, and financial markets — the very banksters and others who drove the country into recession with a helping hand from George W. Bush — would be relieved of all government oversight and regulation, thank you.

More than three-fifths of the cuts advocated by Ryan and rapturously applauded by the Tea Party come from programs for low-income Americans. We’re talking billions of dollars eliminated for job training at a time of continuing high unemployment, Pell grants for students and food stamps for the hungry, cuts so severe that the National Conference of Catholic Bishops scolded Ryan, himself a Roman Catholic, for walking away from the nation’s moral obligations.

New York Times polling guru Nate Silver found that Romney has gained an underwhelming net of one point, on average, in the eleven polls conducted wholly or partially after the Ryan announcement, while Gallup characterized public reaction to the pick as among “the least positive” that it ever has recorded.

Translation: Voters aren’t buying Ryan’s toxic recipe and that could hand Obama Florida and Pennsylvania, swing states with large elderly populations. Ryan also has accomplished something that Obama, his surrogates and the news media have been unable to do: Pin Romney down on some economic and social issues that he has been vague about or fled from.

This is the first time in my life — which has included covering 10 presidential elections — that a vice presidential nominee has actually defined the presidential nominee, but then this election is shaping up to be special, or I should say especially ugly given the vast gulf between a kinder, gentler but pragmatic Obama and Biden and a pair of challengers who would return the U.S. to the pre-New Deal era when the federal government cared and did little about those moral obligations.

Ben Smith noted at BuzzFeed Politics that:

“[T]he campaign has reached its ugliest, most fevered moment. President Obama himself invoked an old story about Romney strapping a dog to the roof of his car. The Chairman of the Republican National Committee shot back with a jibe about Obama having eaten dog as a schoolboy in Indonesia. Biden suggested that Republicans want to put voters back ‘in chains.’ Romney demanded Obama takes his campaign of ‘division and anger and hate back to Chicago.’ Obama’s spokesman called him ‘unhinged.’ The atmosphere bristled with conflict, Twitter spilled over with gleeful vitriol, and the campaign reached the sort of fevered political moment when it feels like anything can happen.”

What will happen, and some Republican bigs are already saying so privately, is that the selection of someone as radical as Ryan to run with an empty suit like Romney all but hands the election to Obama, whom I believe is en route to an Electoral College rout. (Go ahead, do the math yourself and you’ll see what I mean.) Consequently, these leaders are quietly working to try to inoculate down-ticket candidates from the havoc the twin albatrosses could wreak at the state and local level.

* * * * *

The entrance of Ryan into the race has resulted in a proliferation of half truths, which is to say not outright lies but lies nevertheless. A pungent example is the claim that Ryan’s plan to cut Medicare closely matches Obama’s.

That is half true insofar as the pretty much identical amount that would be trimmed.

Here’s the other half: Obama’s Affordable Care Act puts this money back into the pockets of people who need help paying medical bills, fills the so-called “donut hole” in Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage and seeks efficiencies throughout the system. Ryan’s 2012 budget — now eagerly embraced by Romney — takes those benefits away and replaces them with a voucher system that may work for healthy seniors but will be disastrous for those with various ailments. The donut hole would open back up, access to preventive care would vanish and a portion of the cuts would be used to pay for tax decreases weighted toward the wealthy.

It is rich, or something, that Romney and other Republicans have repeatedly whacked Obama for “failing to lead” on fiscal issues because “he refuses to tackle the entitlement crisis,” but then turn around and whack him for cutting $700 billion from Medicare.

Ryan has responded to criticism about this Revere Robin Hood Plan by saying that he actually is helping the poor by eliminating their dependence on the government, a notion that certainly resonates with many voters. But he has been unable to explain how he would make the poor self-sufficient, let alone turn around a struggling economy.

State and local government employee layoffs and not welfare kings and queens are the big engine in the ongoing unemployment malaise, yet Ryan’s budget would cut aid to these governments by at least 20 percent, as well as reduce mass transit and highway spending and some other things that we take for granted, like federal money for your local sewage treatment plan and fire department. Unimportant stuff, I’m sure you will agree.

* * * * *

Ryan’s grand introduction briefly enabled the Romney campaign to change the subject from the presumptive nominee’s tax returns, which except for the year 2010, and apparently in a few days the 2011 return, he adamantly refuses to release, to more important subjects like taking class warfare to new heights.

It occurred to me, as well as other uh . . . great minds, that if Obama had made the same claim about his birth certificate — that “We’ll get attacked,” which has become I Wannabe First Lady Ann Romney’s meme about the refusal to abide by an income tax return transparency pioneered by her hubby’s father in 1968 — he would be laughed out of the White House and all the way back to Kenya.

Ron Dreher nails it when he writes that Romney pays far less in taxes than virtually all of us, on fact at a rate when we were in college, “and he still seems to think he deserves a cookie. I’m sick and tired of him and his wife whining about how people are so mean to them about their taxes.”

Me, too.

* * * * *

Veteran political pundit Dick Polman raises an interesting question. When Romney tells lies day after day, is it fair for a political reporter to state unequivocally that the candidate is a liar?

Well yes, but don’t hold your breath.

Polman cites the oft-repeated Romney canard, now taken up by Ryan, in ads and on the stump that Obama intends to hand out welfare checks to slackers who don’t want to work. There is no factual basis whatsoever for this claim because Obama is as committed as ever to enforcing the federal welfare-to-work requirements. What’s new is a tweak that gives the states more flexibility in how they would meet those requirements. That flexibility was requested by (cough, cough) Republican governors.

“But surely the traveling reporters can do more,” writes Polman. “If ‘lie’ is too strong a word, then perhaps a more genteel sentence construction would work. Something like, ‘Today, Romney said again that Obama has eliminated the work requirement for welfare recipients, an assertion that is contradicted by the factual record.’ Anything would be better than the usual stenography.”

Ryan is similarly disposed, claiming in recent days that Obama failed to rescue an auto factory in his Wisconsin district that closed in 2008 Bush.

* * * * *

Speaking of slackers, Romney has been pretty much been one save for making tons of money by shutting down companies and his one-term stint as Massachusetts governor, and this has been the case since he was eligible for the military draft.

Although an early and enthusiastic supporter of the Vietnam War, Romney avoided military service by seeking and receiving four draft deferments. They included college deferments and a 31-month stint as a “minister of religion” in France, where he luxuriated in a mansion when not proselytizing. Church elders were concerned at the time that this classification for the church’s missionaries was being overused at the height of the war. Go figure.

Romney is in good company in this respect. Fellow chickenhawks include George Bush and Dick Cheney, as well as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Rush Limbaugh among many, many others.

* * * * *

Stealing a march on Romney, Ryan now says that he will not reveal specifics of his updated 2013 budget plan until after the election. Same for the specifics of how Romney will revive the economy.

This, if you didn’t catch my earlier drift, is because both men’s plans are political poison unless you happen to be spending a few leisurely days away from Wall Street and are sunbathing on your yacht.

Photograph by Win McNamee/Getty Images. Shaun Mullen is an award winning journalist and blogger.
“Report From 20 Paws Ranch,” which is the name of his mountain hideaway, appears on Mondays.

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  • SteveK

    Great article Shaun. You’ve presented not opinion but paragraph after paragraph of documented fact but I’m afraid the ‘right side’ of America isn’t interested in fact.

    More than three-fifths of the cuts advocated by Ryan and rapturously applauded by the Tea Party come from programs for low-income Americans. We’re talking billions of dollars eliminated for job training at a time of continuing high unemployment, Pell grants for students and food stamps for the hungry, cuts so severe that the National Conference of Catholic Bishops scolded Ryan, himself a Roman Catholic, for walking away from the nation’s moral obligations.

    This paragraph alone could/should lead to an interesting and important debate and maybe even a little soul searching but the right side of the room doesn’t want that conversation so they’ll either ignore you completely or find a word or a comma they think is out of place and try to segue the discussion into an argument over what ‘is’ is.

    I’ll stop where you started

    I continue to cling to the notion that voters have not lost their collective minds. That there remains hope for a brighter American future.

    I think you are correct, I have faith in America and it’s future too.

  • zephyr

    When Romney tells lies day after day, is it fair for a political reporter to state unequivocally that the candidate is a liar?

    Only if we can call Obama a liar too. Not because Obama is a liar but because them’s the new rules!

  • dduck

    SM, I wonder how long, or even if you would have written one, your Portman or Pawlenty post would have been. I am glad that at least, love him or hate him, Ryan has given a tremendous amount of ammunition for journalists, bloggers and plain BS artists.
    Ah, the smell of roasted politicians in the morning. Enjoy.

  • dduck:

    I happen to like Portman, altho as a veep candidate he would have been fair game as the architect of the Bush Recession as Dubya’s budget director. Pawlenty is meh personified.

    So the short answer is that I would not have written nearly so long a post given who these two guys are.

  • petew

    This is a great article by Mr. Mullen and also incorporates some great quotes and observations from other journalists. It is another gem revealing the mad hatter’s type of campaign we’ve had and the absurd gaffes and lies committed while leading up to November.

    One of the most brazen lies, in my book, is the sudden claim that Obama is a meany for wanting to “cut” 700 billion from Medicare. It seems like just yesterday (and for ages before that) when Republicans blamed Democrats like Obama for refusing to reform entitlements and propose effective cuts to Medicare, and Social Security–this even though Obama has agreed several times to include these items as possible topics of discussions about reaching a compromise. Then there is the fact that the 700 billion would result used from trimming the Medicare budget and would NOT result in lower benefits for beneficiaries. Ryan’s budget proposes the same trims–who would’ve know?

    It’s also great that Mullen brings up the problem of just how far the truth can be stretched before journalist are allowed to call politicians liars. He specifically mentions the remarks by political pundit, Dick Polman, who had the guts to question Romney’s claim about Obama wanting to hand out free welfare checks for people who refuse to work. Because of journalists like Polman,we now know the truth sooner instead of later–that this claim is totally false. It’s always great to see some media people willing to state the truth without partisanship just because part of their job is to do so. It turns out that Obama just wants to grant state more leeway in how welfare programs are administered, and, the equally ironic and outrageous fact, that Republican Governor’s were the ones who asked for this flexibility for the states in the first place–is hilarious!

    Those of us who revere truth can take heart in the fact that even Uber-Journalists like Joe Klein, who often writes for TIME, can no longer restrain their criticisms. In the last issue of TIME, Klein says about Ryan, “He lives in a libertarian Disneyland where freedom is never abused,the government is an alien entity whose only function is to flummox the creative intelligence of Ubermensches like Ian Rand’s hero, the architect Howard Roark.” Klein also states that the basis of supply side economics–less taxes equaling more production–was disproved by Ronald Reagan in 1980 when, after implementing such a plan, “The result was such a huge hole in the Federal deficit that, in 1982 Reagan was forced to come back with one of the largest proportional tax increases in American history.” Klein also states that such supply side tax cuts were tried by Bush and did not work, but when Clinton raised taxes the economy boomed! What does that tell us?

    I really believe that the most important freedom in our democracy is the freedom of speech and the access to REAL INFORMATION which can keep we Americans,as well as citizens in other Nations, truly informed. We all deserve better than blatant deception, but perhaps one good thing about this election cycle is that, a substantial amount of truth will result from exposing many of these outrageous lies!

    Just when the truth–that Romney and Ryan are feverishly spinning lies to deceive voters, couldn’t be more obvious–we are hit with the laughable decision of the Romney cap, including Ryan, that they will not release specific information about just what they cut and how much, until after the elections. Who in the world would have expected such brazen lies and deceptions–at least at this degree of extreme dishonesty?

  • petew:

    Thank you for your cogent observations. I am not the first person to remark that in this election year truth is a malleable object and many people, including liberal Democrats, wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the ass. This is especially true of people who lust to see Obama sent packing.

  • slamfu

    It does seem as if in this election the relationship with the truth has pretty much been abandoned whenever it conflicts with the party’s message. And when these things are pointed out, the public seems to just shrug its shoulders and wait for the next juicy tidbit to come down the pipeline.

  • petew

    I just had to mention that Obama’s people are now playing hardball with negative ads of their own because that has become the name of the game. However, doesn’t have a shortage of half truths and false claims circulated by Obama’s people either.

    I think it would be great if both Obama and Romney would immediately denounce any outrageous and untrue ads against their opponents, saying clearly something like, “I do not endorse the false ideas in this ad, and, I would like to ask this organization to quite running it,” as support for my candidacy.

    We are told that candidates cannot control the actions of certain rogue super-packs, but couldn’t they constantly, and even routinely, deny any ads that are too caustic and extreme?

    Although I believe that the Romney/Ryan budget plans may eventually result in more and more senior losing adequate health care due to privatization and vouchers schemes but,for now, Obama should admit that Ryan’s Medicare plan may not take away from the monetary resources of the lower and middle classes who are elderly and currently of retirement age–Their children may have to, but not those of us who are currently guaranteed to receive our full retirement benefits.

    Whenever a lie is told, politicians should quickly release pubic statements openly denying its credibility. Obama as well as all other politicians in the world today, always claim that they want to give the American people honest and accurate, truth. But, while I believe the Obama people follow a more laudable course than Mitt, this is no time to morph into our enemies,because of self perceived evils. just like one’s own arch enemies, One can easily make judgement calls concerning the honesty and/or credibility of certain claims while not exempting one’s own responsibilities for running a fair campaign. If politicians continue to lie brazenly and without remorse, then the press should be able to remove the cloud of secrecy and non-culpability that has so far only blessed them for being the best and the brightest. Slanderous lies done in the name of the outright thievery on Wall Street, should be punished because actions done by others, should not be pursued at the risk of us all.

    It would be great if all politicians and office holders, had real ethics about what they said and did–namely, displaying honesty and accountability for the mistakes they make and the lies that they spread. However that will be the day when Niagara falls runs uphill and backwards!

    Unfortunately genuine honesty and integrity are so hard to find now-a-days, that, the possibility of Niagara Falls reversing its course, doesn’t seem so unreasonable to believe! If we can’t get honest, then, lets give ourselves the long needed means to find and extinguish the rampant dishonesty done by political power moguls! Its something that is really needed in America! and something we all should cherish well.

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