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Posted by on Jun 3, 2011 in Politics, Religion, Science & Technology | 15 comments

Romney Doesn’t Want To Be President

As if failing to apologize for Obama Care Massachusetts style, being a serial flip flopper and belonging to the wrong cult weren’t enough Mitt Romney now believes in science.

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney broke with Republican orthodoxy on Friday by saying he believes that humans are responsible, at least to some extent, for climate change.

“I believe the world is getting warmer, and I believe that humans have contributed to that,” he told a crowd of about 200 at a town hall meeting in Manchester, New Hampshire.

“It’s important for us to reduce our emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases that may be significant contributors.”

Now how do you spell political suicide?  This will not go over very well with either the corporate base or the knuckle dragging base of the Republican Party.

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