Romney breaks silence in bitter broadside at Obama (via AFP)

Mitt Romney, in his first remarks since an unexpectedly lopsided election loss to Barack Obama, blamed his defeat Wednesday on “gifts” showered by the president on his female, African-American and Hispanic supporters. A little more than a week after the election, Romney in a phone call with his national…

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  • Why won’t the GOP ever take what they demand the rest of us take: personal responsibility for their actions!

    Infuriating hypocrisy and self-dillusion.

  • rudi

    What responsibility, Mittens is just a spoiled frat boy. Let him pack his dog on his car roof and just go away,…

  • We should rebuke the secession petitioners by declaring the emancipation of all Romney’s pets from the oppressive yoke of indifference.

  • zephyr

    Two words: Sore loser.

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    In all, I thought better of Romney, expecting he’d be a class act like Bush leaving or Clinton, or Ford, or Carter or Reagan or… all of whom could have said any number of things departing, but didnt. Same for many contenders who lost the presidency. Very little to no bitterness. Just gave the sportsmanship or statesmanship response and went on to other things, had a real life to go to. Romney would appear to have a fabulous family and a rich and care-free life for the most part, with lots of sons and lots of grandchildren and standing in his church and lots of money, worry free. Lots of people would give anything for all that and say screw being president.

    But then, my Old Country father who worked the farmlands as a child, used to say, a wealthy person’s house might shine on the outside but inside there can be table set for Greed and Loss. Then he’d proceed to caution: dont be a hog about anything, otherwise you get slaughtered. Then he’d laugh like a maniac saying there were many many hogs in the world who bragged their skin was made of armor. But it wasnt. They go down squealing just like all the rest.

  • sheknows

    What happened to his ” lets all cooperate” parting words? Well, like most of his positions, he flip-flopped on them.

  • The_Ohioan

    Unsurprising comments and in complete accord with the 47% comments. My old aphorism is – A wise man changes his mind as facts dictate, a fool never does.

  • dduck

    Mitt could have been a positive force in the Reps future with money and finding ways to bring back the people who soundly thrashed him. But, I am sad to say, he going to do harm with speeches like this one. If he really wants to help the Rep party, instead of massaging his ego, he should either die away or make positive statements. Probably better to keep quiet as he is not very good on social issues.

  • StockBoyLA

    Looked at it that way (Romney’s way), Romney would have given gifts to corporations and the wealthiest 1%, beginning with tax cuts, giving them hundreds of thousands or millions each. And lets not forget that he’s the one who started Obamacare in MA. I wonder if Romney would have won if he had supported his own plan in the form of Obamacare and not scared off people by threatening to take it away.

  • dduck

    Stock, no. His plan was Obamacare and both are no good. Universal, which O and congress could have passed, was the plan O ran on, but muffed the delivery.
    Whoops, I guess we are off topic, sorry.

  • sheknows

    dd, you are right. Romney could have been a positive force for the Reps, but instead he releases another rallying cry to the stupids.
    He evokes an image of a grade B war movie where the leader of an army has fallen, and while wallowing in his death throes, raises a defiant fist and yells ” Keep on fighting Boys”.

  • roro80

    Yes, Obama is terrible for giving all those black people and Mexicans and women and college kids the “gift” of being treated like maybe they matter as almost much as the rich white job-creating titans of industry. How dare he! Good thing Romney stuck to his guns and didn’t do such a terrible thing as pretend that those moochers deserve human dignity. I vote he should go Galt.

  • roro80

    Gifts I get from my government for being upper middle class:
    -Tax-free mortgage interest. Because I don’t have to rent, it’s like a magic extra $1000 of income every month!
    -Because I make way more money than I need every month, I can take that extra money and put it in a 401k, and not only does my company match it, but I don’t have to pay taxes on it. More free money!
    -I only have to pay payroll taxes on part of my income, while the poor and lower middle class folks have to pay it on all of their income.
    -Large amounts of my disposable income go into stock, which means that I only have to pay 15% tax on the income that I make on the gains — it just sits there, I do nothing, and pay very little tax on it.

    If I were genuinely wealthy instead of merely upper middle class, I’d have even more government hand-outs to take advantage of. Someday!

  • slamfu

    Remember guys, Mittens thought he was talking to friends and backers, so, you know, he let some true feelings out. Apparently he is a slow learner about being on tape/video with those kinds of comments when he thinks its just his old boy network listening.

    That or he didn’t get the Nov 7th GOP memo about pretending to have a little respect for poor and/or minority voters.