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Posted by on Jun 17, 2013 in Politics | 6 comments

Right Wing Freak-Out Over White House Tweeting Photo of Obama with Water Gun

The right wing never stops at nothing to manufacture scandal after scandal. The latest freak-out is over the White House releasing a photograph of President Obama and his daughter, Sasha, playing with water guns by pool during her birthday party at Camp David in 2011.   I would think the right wing is besides itself now that President Obama’s approval rating has taken a major hit due to the controversies swirling around his administration.

They are saying it’s hypocritical since “an elementary-school student gets suspended for merely mentioning the word gun, the picture instead stands as an image of hypocrisy, as the White House’s Twitter followers pointed out, The Blaze reported.” Really people? I am sorry, but I don’t believe President Obama ever told any school to suspend students mentioning the word “gun,” Red Alert reports. Melissa Quinn outdid herself by ending the article with this statement:  “As many across the Twitter-sphere react to the Father’s Day photo, they’re telling the President, “you should be suspended from the White House.””

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  • slamfu

    This is obviously a carefully staged photo-Op to give the president some street cred with the NWRA lobby. Shameless Mr. President, just shameless.

  • petew


    Only humor can be adequately used in response to such hysteria!

  • sheknows

    The whole strategy has very little to do with content and everything to do with frequency.
    The Republicans don’t care how ridiculous the story, just as long as someone will carry it…and there are plenty of heretofore reputable news sources only too willing. The name of the game is “keep him in your sights”.
    The American people are hearing as much negative feedback as can be delivered, as FAST as it can be delivered , for as LONG as it can be delivered. Their entire goal is to paint him as a dolt, an ineffectual leader, a dishonest person, a corrupt politician etc. If someone is out to get you, there is very little you can do to stop them BEFOREHAND. To spend your remaining days in office defending yourself is a horrible legacy, and a shameful one for this country thanks to the most despicable and hateful Republican party in the history of this country.

  • JSpencer

    What sheknows said. How low can they go? Stay tuned…

  • dduck

    What, no pictures of him smoking pot?

  • KP

    What a cool image. Dad is Prez but he is running around playing games at a pool. He and Michelle and the girls will love this one 30 years from now! That is a dad’s love in motion.

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