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Posted by on Jul 8, 2009 in Politics | 5 comments

Rick Lazio’s Comeback

RickLazio.jpgAfter the beating he took at that hands of Hillary Clinton in New York’s 2000 Senate race, plenty of observers thought that Rick Lazio’s political career might have drawn to a close. They may prove wrong, though, if the former congressman winds up being the next Governor of New York. Before you begin guffawing over the idea of a Republican taking the helm in this bluest of blue states, there are a few background facts you should consider. This is the subject of my latest column at Pajamas Media, and I invite your consideration and comment.

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  • DLS

    I was in Upstate at the time — Hillary Clinton made him look like a kid. My DC friend and I toured Long Island and even there, unsurprisingly, it was a divided place, with plenty of “Hillary” as well as “Lazio” yard signs.

    Nobody really was surprised that Hillary Clinton would win, or worse, Eliot Spitzer, at that time. (Those Spitzer commercials harkening back to black-and-white grainy film of steam-powered trains were quite revealing about the nature of the people Spitzer was exploiting — similar to those anti-government-cutback health-care ads featuring the requisite quick shot of elderly with canes and walkers and in wheelchairs.)

  • DLS

    As in New York, also in Michigan and in California (with a _real_ Republican, that is, someday): It depends on how much the Dems are willing to “stretch the envelope” or how low they’re willing to go in their behavior.

    I still wonder if the reason the Dems in Washington are behaving so badly is that they misread the public and believe more of them will accept no limits to misconduct than is actually the case (but the limit has not been reached yet), and to what extent that attitude (developing in its own way over decades) in the states is similar.

  • dmf

    i was in WNY at the time. and yes,HC embarrassed that crap out of him. especially when she, in my opinion totally rope-a-doped him in to attempting to physically intimidate her at a debate which made him look like a date rapist.

    but calling NY the bluest of blue is misguided, i think. there’s a LOT of red there. i mean, it’s no massachusetts, fer cryin’ out loud.

  • DLS

    In Upstate there’s plenty of red outside the old blue cities (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, etc.). Yes —

    It’s actually something I’m aware of somewhere else I’ve lived, the Pacific Northwest. Some (lefties) are enamored of the “Cascadia” concept, which would be an independent Pacific Northwest, ideally bounded by the Pacific Crest (the eastern parts of Oregon and Washington are dry authentic West and quite Red). While the wet side includes the major metro areas and gives the states their Blue status, the political complexion there is similar to Upstate in that outside the cities, it’s politically more mainstream center-left to downright conservative (which is also true of many Northwestern and other major metro area suburbs, incidentally). In other words, the Cascadia lefty-dreams will have to live with plenty of loggers and fishermen, for example.

    Now as to naming a whole state Blue or Red, it depends on the numbers, as well as the culture among those numbers, and New York is among the Bluest states there is. (Note also that New England is quite Blue — and there’s a skew in the Mid-Atlantic as well.)

  • CCinDC

    His career is over. Nobody, nobody likes Tricky Ricky Lazio.

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