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Posted by on Aug 16, 2007 in Politics | 7 comments

Richardson Aide Quits After Brothel Link Discovery

You’ve been reading about all the Republican sex scandals — and now it’s time for a Democratic one:

One of Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson’s top organizers in rural Nevada resigned Thursday after the campaign learned he had worked for a brothel and was wanted on a felony arrest warrant in California.

“We did not know about all of this,” Richardson spokesman Josh McNeil said after the staffer’s record was brought to the campaign’s attention by The Associated Press. “We accepted his resignation today.”

Kristian Forland, the campaign’s eastern Nevada field director, is being sought by Los Angeles County authorities for failure to appear on four counts of writing bad checks……

Forland also was arrested twice, once last year and again last month, in his home of Elko, Nev., on a similar bad check charge out of Las Vegas.

In both arrests, Forland posted bail and was released. It’s not clear from court records if the case was resolved.

Forland also was investigated by Elko police after women working at Mona’s Ranch, a legal brothel, complained he was shorting them on their pay.

So he’s accused of screwing the brothel. MORE:

An investigator described Forland as “at best a manager of the property,” according to a June 2006 police report obtained by the AP.

Managing a brothel…working for a political campaign? We would not LOWER ourselves on this site to make a gratuitous joke about the similarities (politicians once in office often do to the public what brothel employees do to their customers — but we won’t say that).

No charges were filed.

Forland said the bad check charges have come out of business transactions gone bad. Forland said he has hired a lawyer who is working to resolve the California case.

Something is wrong in this story: it didn’t say he left to spend more time with his family.

Some other comment on this news story can be found at:

Riehl World View, which has the commentary of the year: “And while there’s nothing illegal about working at a brothel and Liberals might forgive a California felony warrant for kiting checks and a few previous arrests, they will surely draw the line at his abuse of the … working stiffies?”

Done With Mirrors (which has better headline than TMV does).

Ed Morrissey sees a more serious lesson here.

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  • Sounds like the kind of sleaze no candidate wants anywhere near him or her, all right.

    I wonder, though, if it’s fair or even accurate to characterize this as a “Democratic sex scandal.”

    Does Forland have a longstanding history of working for the Democratic Party or Democratic candidates? Or, is he just some guy in a very sparsely populated region who volunteered for the Richardson campaign and was accepted because the chances of getting another, better volunteer were slim to none?

    Come to think of it, is this really a sex scandal at all? For all we actually know, Forland could be gay or even asexual. His alleged wrongdoing involved no sexual activity of any kind; money handling and bad checks were the problems.

    Neither major party can sensibly claim a spotless record where sex scandals are concerned. But this story, if considered a little more carefully, doesn’t serve to balance any scorecard.

  • Lynx

    Well, it’s not really a SEX scandal, per se. No actual sex is involved, and the prostitution involved is legal. Hardly a wholesome individual though, I mean shortchanging hookers is going pretty low.

    Geez, don’t campaigns do background checks? I mean, I understand that maybe to put letters in envelopes they wouldn’t bother, but a field director? Even the most cursory check would bring up a felony arrest warrant.

    Won’t hurt Richardson though, I mean, he already stands a nill chance of winning the nomination, I bet you Kusinich gets more votes.

  • Somebody

    ”And while there’s nothing illegal about working at a brothel and Liberals might forgive a California felony warrant for kiting checks and a few previous arrests, they will surely draw the line at his abuse of the … working stiffies?”

    Yep how dare that man screw the employees.

  • George Sorwell


    He wrote them checks?!?

    If ever there was a cash-only business….

  • reader_iam

    Perfect name for a brothel, by the way. Sorry, after all these hours, just couldn’t resist making that observation anymore! (I could have come up with a hed exploiting that as well, but instead chose to eschew the lowest road. ; ) )

    And thanks for the link.

    Brothel’s being legal in the locale in question, writing checks doesn’t seem so weird to me.

  • reader_iam

    “Brothels,” that is.

  • George Sorwell

    A check, in this case, is documentary evidence that you were a patron of prostitutes.

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