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Posted by on Dec 3, 2009 in Science & Technology | 3 comments

Review: The New Mac Magic Mouse


Boing Boing’s Rob Beschizza says it makes casual use easier and serious use harder:

Visually, Magic Mouse is an archetypally beautiful Apple product. There are just two curving surfaces, which meet to trace the geometrical form otherwise represented in nature by shoe horns. On top is the expansive white button/trackpad. Underneath is the metal base, broken up by two long teflon pads, a hole for tracking optics, a power switch and a battery light. Two AA batteries are required and are included. It’s well-made, wireless (BlueTooth) and attractive; the minimalist design will be a boon for those who like neat desktops. Drivers are available for Windows.

Momentum scrolling feels natural and establishes an organic correspondence between force used and on-screen results. It’s the best thing about it. Other tricks the touchpad facilitates, like holding one finger down to click and then using another finger to scroll-select—feel elegant, a taste of even better implementations to come. This stuff is the magic in the Magic.

Also good is that it doesn’t have the wake lag that typifies the BlueTooth mice I’ve used before. In its tracking, responsiveness and precision, it feels much like a decent RF wireless mouse from Logitech or Microsoft.

The lack of middle click remains my most pressing real problem. Snow Leopard users can set up a triple-tap gesture with this trick, but people on 10.5 seem out of luck. Command-clicking is a poor substitute.

Mine arrives Friday.

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