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Posted by on Oct 17, 2013 in Politics | 7 comments

Republicans go back to war against… who? this time? (Ted Cruz)

John Darkow, Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri

John Darkow, Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri

Republicans go back to war against… who? this time?

…Ted Cruz. One of their own.

Greg Sargent reports that Peter King, the Republican rep from New York, “predicts the Texas Senator will try do this all again in a few months, and crucially, he points out that it’s on the non-crazy Republicans to prevent this from happening”:

“He’s going to be coming back, rewriting history, saying, ‘We were on the verge of victory back in October, and we could have won if we’d just stayed in there another week.’ And he’s going to have phone calls being made, and he’s going to have town hall meetings. And he’s going to have all those support groups out there, threatening to downgrade people on their scorecards and all that stuff.” […]

“I think it’s important for people in the Republican Party around the country not to just come in at the end and say, ‘Congress was dysfunctional,’ or ‘Congress screwed up.’ That’s too easy to do,” King said. “Say who it was. Because it wasn’t Congress. it was one person who was able to steamroll Congress and unless we target him for what he is, he’s going to do it again. So I’m hoping other Republicans will join me and start going after this guy, and say we’re not going to let it happen again.” …WaPo

Greg Sargent thinks the Cruz problem will resurface. Maybe there aren’t enough “non-crazies” among elected Republicans to stop the Senator. For the Republicans, the sooner Cruz is reined in, the better.

But not for Democrats.

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  • SteveK

    The New Yorker – Cruz: “The dream of keeping poor people from seeing a doctor must never die.”

    WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Acknowledging that the government shutdown was coming to an end, an emotional Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) took to the Senate floor today to make an impassioned speech, telling his colleagues, “The dream of keeping poor people from seeing a doctor must never die.”

    His eyes welling up with tears, Sen. Cruz said, “I embarked on this crusade with a simple goal: to keep affordable health care out of the reach of ordinary, hard-working Americans. And while this battle was lost, that dream—that precious, cherished dream—will live on.”


  • sheknows

    King is no bargain either. If he sees Cruz doing this again in Feb. he is giving us all a heads up, or he is talking “code” to his comrades to ” keep fighting”. LOL 🙂
    King is also a liar. It WASN’T just one person..that’s pure BS. It was the entire party that just like every piece of legislation they have blocked in the last 5 years, now looked to the ACA as their extortion device.
    King wants us to believe it was lone dissenter, but just how stupid does he think we all are?….Don’t answer that.

  • Rip

    What group of people does this remind you of…

    Distrust for mainstream media and political parties (liberal media, betrayed by the mainstream GOP)

    Extreme nationalism with a desire to “save” the country from external and internal “enemies” who betrayed it. (Liberals, immigrants….)

    Extreme homophobia leading to the discrimination of homosexuals. (self-descriptive)

    Anti-intellectualism, distrust of science among other things (climate change nonexistent).

    Where did I get this you ask? I was looking up some info on Hitler’s political views on one of those liberal media sites, Wikipedia (sorry I couldn’t help myself) because I have heard people compare President Obama to Hitler and wanted to see just how in the world they came up with that. Compare President Obama to Hitler? Really? But I can think of another extreme faction we have had the pleasure of dealing with lately that it does remind me of.

  • Rip

    Dang, didnt paste the last part of my post……

    I know the above view maybe a bit extreme but, it does make you think. When you look back in history and wonder how in the world people could let things get so out of hand and you think it would never happen today, you have to wonder if this is how it started back then.

  • The_Ohioan


    There were a few differences, though; the Germans were defeated in WWI, were burdened with ridiculously high reparations demands, were an authoritarian society, and suffered terribly from the Great Depression.

    Still, we must be always vigilant and be able to peg the demagogues when they appear – and they always do appear. The worse things are for the majority of the population (or their perception of it – which you address), the better chance they have of succeeding. We’ve certainly had enough experience with them in our recent history to be able to see them coming.

  • ProWife

    It is not historically uncommon to have three political parties in this country. Ted Cruz is clearly the leader of the Tea Party. They have irreconcilable differences with McCain and the real GOP and should part ways. The congress would be able to function again if the Tea Party became party #3!

  • sheknows

    Just a side note. There are currently 233 house Republicans.
    Currently 113 of those are Tea Party caucus. Almost half.
    There are also 5 Senators and 2 Governors who are members.

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