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Posted by on Feb 4, 2014 in At TMV | 7 comments

Republicans defend using GOP websites set up to look like Democratic ones for fundraising

Our partisan politics gets smellier and smellier than ever — and partisans and parties defend the smelly practices, issuing statements that even a mosquito knows are flimsy, unconvincing cover-story plausible deniability statements that are…smelly. Partisans fall in line with each smelly lowering of the bar in American politics because it’s their political sports team trying to get the advantage. The latest: Republicans are setting up websites that look like fundraising websites for Democrats and but the money goes to Republicans.

And, or course, it’s defended with an argument that will only have Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and conservative bloggers nodding their heads say, “Nothing wrong with that!” as the rest of American dons gas masks.

Republicans are defending a series of websites they established that appear to support Democratic candidates for Congress, but instead direct contributions to the GOP.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) said its websites were not confusing, and accused Democrats of crying foul because their candidates were struggling.

The sites, like this one for Arizona Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, feature a “Kyrsten Sinema for Congress” banner, and a picture of the first-term congresswoman from a competitive Maricopa County district.

The sites also display a clear, but smaller secondary banner, urging contributions to “help defeat” (in this case) Sinema. At the bottom of the page, it features an NRCC disclaimer.

“Democrats are clearly pitching stories on these effective websites because they are worried about voters learning the truth about their candidates’ disastrous records,” said NRCC spokeswoman Andrea Bozek. “Anyone who reads the website understand these are negative attacks. Also as required our disclaimer is at the bottom.”

Asked whether the website was potentially confusing to a potential donor seeking to support a Democratic candidate for Congress, Bozek said: “I think we give voters a little more credit than that.”

Chris Cillizza’s summary: “A National Republican Congressional Committee Web site is confusing voters who think their donations are going to Alex Sink, who’s running for Congress in Florida.”

I just heard the mosquito talk. He didn’t say “bull”but he said something close: “Horsefly.” Or something that comes out of a horse.

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  • slamfu

    Definitely bending the rules on that one lol, but I wouldn’t say breaking them. This will certainly reel in the kids who failed that part of the test that asked you to read all the instructions before you start doing anything.

  • The_Ohioan

    Years ago, when I was young, and we played “limbo” the chant was “How low can you go?” which seems appropriate here.

    For those of you who never heard of “limbo”, don’t bother looking it up; it was one of those passing fads that still leaves some of us blushing. 🙂

  • JSpencer

    As demographics increasingly threaten the GOP, the more they can be expected to resort to subterfuge and chicanery. The standards that once inhibited them from doing so have long since been jettisoned.

  • sheknows

    Republicans have to be slimy. They have no platform, no ethics and no conscience.
    Their sole purpose is to destroy the evil liberals. They find no tactics off limits. Thanks to GWB and his corrupt SC appointees, the big wigs that control the media, and the gullibility and stupidity of followers, they pretty much get away with anything they want.

    Funny, if reds are so convinced we are evil, why is it always THEIR party doing crappy things to people? You would think someone not in a religious fervor induced coma would notice.

  • The_Ohioan

    They’re sorry; in a snarly way. From kos:

    In addition to offering Bellamy a refund, Bozek told The Huffington Post that the NRCC would return money to people who felt misled by the sites for other candidates. She suggested that anyone who doesn’t notice the “defeat” word on the website is actually asking for a refund on behalf of the Democratic Party.

    “We will refund any other Democrat plants who are asked to donate,” she said.


  • bluebelle

    A few years ago I volunteered for Ben Cardin’s US Senate campaign. His opponent was Michael Steele- who later went on to chair the RNC. I remember vividly that Steele sent out these leaflets to heavily black, Democratic areas with pictures of
    black Democrats who supposedly had endorsed him–it was a total con. He also used deceptive bumper stickers which made it look like he was running as a Democrat
    Since then, nothing like this surprises me all that much

  • sheknows

    Bluebelle, thanks. I had forgotten that.

    Well the Republicans have no platform to run on. They have no ideology that can make life easier and more equitable for the American citizen.
    Consequently, they have to lie and cheat. In fact, Politifact tally results show them to be twice as dishonest as Democrats with double the amount of completely false and pants on fires.
    They know they have nothing to offer America. Too bad Americans don’t know that.

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