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Posted by on Nov 1, 2015 in Business, Featured, Immigration, Law, Politics | 14 comments

Republicans and Immigration Reform: Your cheatin’ heart


My, my. Republicans do go on about immigration and immigration reform. You and I and others with ears and eyeballs have noticed over the years that the right really doesn’t want reform. The value of cheap and sometimes virtually slave labor pouring in over the border to clean our California houses and staff our tourist services and labor on our ranches and farms from California to Texas and well beyond is just too convenient to the “small businesses” Republicans claim as their own.

But they do love to jump and scream about the very “illegal aliens” they love so dearly. So we’ve seen this since god knows when: leading right wing pol declares there will be no immigration reform. Vide Paul Ryan.

The 2012 vice presidential nominee has vowed there will be no immigration vote while Obama is in office, and he said he won’t bring other immigration bills to the floor unless they have backing from a majority of House Republicans.

“I think if we reach consensus on something like border enforcement, interior security, that’s one thing,” he told NBC host Chuck Todd. “But I do not believe we should advance comprehensive immigration legislation with a president who’s proven himself untrustworthy on this issue.” ...TheHill

The language will change as it has over the years. But you won’t find Republicans embracing a reform that will actually make the system work fairly for prospective Mexican emigres. “Keep ’em scared and keep ’em underpaid but don’t keep ’em out” works far too well for those Republican voters.

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  • Markus

    I don’t understand Mr. Ryan’s concerns. I doubt Obama will secretly change the wording of a bill written in Congress. Laws are not enacted because people are trustworthy. In fact the opposite is true; laws exist to create a clear delimitation of what is not allowed.

  • Jim_Satterfield

    And the dance goes on for yet another decade. The only real question is whether or not immigration is the issue that the GOP is most hypocritical on or not.

  • DonHonda

    “By any measure, fears of (Illegal) immigration are driving many white Americans to the Republican Party. And, indeed, the Republican strategy on immigration appears to have been successful. Republicans now control the House and the Senate, the governor’s office in 31 states, and two-thirds of the state legislatures. They are winning the political war.”

    “An even bigger factor is that the ties of racial and ethnic minorities to the Democratic Party are tenuous. Research by Taeku Lee and myself shows that most Latinos and Asian Americans don’t feel like they fit into either party. In national surveys, those who refuse to answer a question about party identification, those who claim that they do not think in partisan terms, and independents make up the clear majority of both groups. All told, 56 percent of Latinos and 57 percent of Asian-American identify as nonpartisans.

    Even among blacks, there are signs of ambivalence. Almost 30 percent of blacks feel
    that the Democratic Party does not work hard for black interests.”

    Most Hispanics aren’t single-issue voters when it comes to immigration. A recent Gallup poll found that among registered Latino voters, 67 percent are at least willing to support a candidate who doesn’t share their views on immigration. And 18 percent don’t consider the issue important at all.

    What’s more, many Hispanic citizens have little sympathy for immigrants who haven’t played by the rules. Especially among Latino voters born in the United States, resentment of immigrants who have entered the country illegally can run deep. Forty-two percent of American-born Hispanics disapprove of President Obama’s executive actions to prevent the deportation of illegal immigrants.

    Gee, No wonder why I fall into the Proud Independent group.

    • dduck12


  • DonHonda

    The Liberal Case AGAINST Illegal Immigration:

    This is the Progressive Case AGAINST Illegal Immigration:
    The Conscience Of A Liberal–Paul Krugman

    “First, the benefits of immigration to the population already here are small.
    ” But as Mr. Hanson explains in his paper, reasonable calculations suggest that we’re talking about very small numbers, perhaps as little as 0.1 percent of GDP.

    “My second negative point is that immigration reduces the wages of domestic workers who compete with immigrants. That’s just supply and demand…

    “Finally, the fiscal burden of low-wage immigrants is also pretty clear. ”
    Report: Obama’s Book Says Illegals Can Hurt Americans
    Didn’t anyone in the Hispanic media read Obama’s book? Or listen to when he speaks?
    Barack Obama in his own words from “The Audacity of Hope”
    – Illegal Immigration hurts Black Americans and Blue Collared Workers

    Video Not Working? I wonder why?!? Here’s an Audio Link:

  • DonHonda

    An Atlantic Monthly article that shows that most economists’ thinking that an increased influx of immigrants provides more jobs for Americans is FALSE and does harm jobs for US workers and the economy:
    The Conscience Of A Liberal–Paul Krugman

    “First, the benefits of immigration to the population already here are small.
    ” But as Mr. Hanson explains in his paper, reasonable calculations suggest that we’re talking about very small numbers, perhaps as little as 0.1 percent of GDP.

    “My second negative point is that immigration reduces the wages of domestic workers who compete with immigrants. That’s just supply and demand…

    “Finally, the fiscal burden of low-wage immigrants is also pretty clear. ”

    Also, it is patently untrue that “immigrants” are the solution to low rate of start-ups:

  • DonHonda…/hillary-clinton-gets-it…/…
    Hillary Clinton Gets It Wrong on Immigration Reform

    “So, the next time Hillary Clinton or anyone else denounces the “partisan” attacks that are aimed at relegating illegal immigrants to a “second-class” status, remind them that, under comprehensive immigration reform, illegal immigrants will be getting a generous deal that no one else – neither legal immigrants nor U.S. citizens – is being offered.”

    “Moreover, her position is incoherent. It is true that anything other than citizenship is literally a second class of status. But even if Congress did what she wants and granted every person here illegally a green card, we would still have a second class of residents. A green card — lawful permanent residency — does not grant citizenship, voting rights, access to public benefits or even an irrevocable right to reside in the United States.”

  • DonHonda
  • DonHonda

    “In the passage, Obama also reveals that he personally feels “patriotic resentment” when he sees Mexican flags at immigration rallies.

    “Native-born Americans suspect that it is they, and not the immigrant, who are being forced to adapt” to social changes caused by migration, he said.

    “And if I’m honest with myself, I must admit that I’m not entirely immune to such nativist sentiments,” Obama wrote. “When I see Mexican flags waved at pro-immigration demonstrations, I sometimes feel a flush of patriotic resentment. When I’m forced to use a translator to communicate with the guy fixing my car, I feel a certain frustration.”

  • DonHonda

    Hypocrite Harry Reid in 1993: “No Sane Country” Would Permit Birthright Citizenship

  • DonHonda

    “You know how for so long we have thought that the racist wing of the Democratic Party called the Dixiecrats, that were based in the South were dead and replaced by Republicans? The actions of Democratic officials like gov Jay Nixon, always thought there had to be something slimey about a Democrat named Nixon, and Bill McCulloch, the vile St. Louis DA who smirked as he gave cops the green light to keep murdering young African-American males have proven that assumption wrong.

    This is where the “big tent” philosophy gets us, folks. How can we point the finger at Republican racism with so much racism in our own party? We need to drive these people out. If this party has no standards and no limits on what the people we put up for office believe and how they conduct themselves, what’s the point.”

    “So far, national Democrats haven’t discouraged Southern conservative newcomers. Congressional campaign committee heads helped Childers and Cazayoux, just as they did Heath Shuler in 2006. They helped recruit Webb and promoted him over the more conventionally liberal Harris Miller. Chuck Schumer and Rahm Emanuel have even been willing to boost pro-life and pro-gun Democrats north of the Mason Dixon line, including Bob Casey in Pennsylvania and both Brad Ellsworth and Joe Donnelly in Indiana. Jack Davis has even run as a Pat Buchanan Democrat against Republican Congressman Tom Reynolds in New York. It may not seem like much of an innovation to run culturally conservative candidates in culturally conservative areas, but it took years for the Democrats to decide that they liked being in the majority better than imposing litmus tests.”

  • Slamfu

    I still maintain that if Republicans could get over their seemingly built in racism regarding Mexicans, they could dominate national elections. Mexicans are socially conservative, religious, and people who leave their home country for a shot in another probably are fans of small govt type messages. Give all Latino immigrants what we give Cubans, amnesty and a clear path to citizenship, and CA would be a red state overnight. I think Mexicans would vote as reliably Republican as Cubans do, and for largely the same reasons.

    But no. Republicans basically crap on Mexicans every chance they get, calling them criminals, living off of welfare, voting Democratic for free stuff, sucking up free healthcare and taking all those prime farm and service industry jobs that “real Americans” should be getting but don’t ever want to actually work at. If they could stop being dicks to Latinos for awhile, they’d find a big base of voters to tap into.

  • dduck12

    Hey, DH, don’t be a hog, they get slaughtered. Be a pig, spread it around, plenty here do that.

    • Sal Monela

      Agree DD. I don’t mind a long well reasoned post or two but 7 in a row (with 18 links to other sites) is a bit too much to read. Not that he doesn’t have an interesting perspective.

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