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Posted by on Sep 18, 2013 in Economy, Featured, Politics | 14 comments

Republicans all in: government shutdown by Repubicans virtually certain

shutterstock_33123706It’s going to happen. You can bet on it. Republicans now seem all in — despite some pesky noises from they-must-be-RINO websites such as the Wall Street Journal and the National Review about the dangers — to set the stage for a government shut down. And don’t be surprised if it then gets worse and House Republicans engineer a default on the debt ceiling as well:

House Republicans are moving forward with a government funding bill that would defund ObamaCare.

The legislation is a nod to House conservatives, some of whom quickly backed the plan.

But Senate Democrats and the White House have promised to reject any legislation that would defund the healthcare law, meaning the legislation won’t move farther than the House.

Unless the House and Senate can agree on legislation and get it to the White House by Oct. 1, the government will shut down at that time.

Basically, the GOP House leadership is politically twerking its powerful Tea Party sympathetic members. But the consquences to many Americans that even a brief shutdown would bring could be huge.

And who says this will necessarily be a brief shutdown?

The House measure would keep the government funded through Dec. 15 at the current $986 billion spending rate, rather than the lower $967 billion level called for in the 2011 Budget Control Act.

GOP leaders also announced Wednesday that they will condition a debt ceiling increase on a one-year delay of ObamaCare, approval of the Keystone XL pipeline and an outline for tax reform.

In other words:

Republicans are going to use political extortion — hurting the United States’s economy — if they can’t get policies that they are unable to get by winning elections or putting together coalitions in Congress. It’s a tough choice for Barack Obama and the Democrats: if this is allowed to happen it will fundamentally change the form of American democracy.

Republican Study Committee Chairman Steve Scalise (R-La.) said he was on board with the plan despite the higher spending level.

“This reflects the principles we’ve been pushing for,” he said. “We want to address ObamaCare directly in the CR. We want to address ObamaCare in the debt ceiling and this keeps both of those moving.”

Yes — in a way unprecedented in American democracy. And:

Rep. Tom Graves (R-Ga.), who authored a one-year CR that would increase defense spending while defunding ObamaCare, said he would vote for the new Boehner plan.

“It’s a step in the right direction,” Graves said. “The American people should view this as a victory.”

I agree with Booman: there is a notable lack of adults in the Republican room, and a notably large number of conservative talk show host followers and Tea Party members. Booman:

It’s a two-pronged approach. On the continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government, the Republicans will limit the funding to December 15th. The funding level will be slightly above what the Budget Control Act of 2011 calls for. And it will defund ObamaCare.

On the debt ceiling, they will have a separate vote that will delay ObamaCare for a year, authorize the Keystone XL pipeline, and provide an outline for tax reform.

Their hope is that they can successfully pass the buck to Republican senators who will be expected to sustain a filibuster against any CR or debt ceiling hike that includes money for health care.

It really doesn’t matter whether the Senate Republicans go along with the plan or not, because the government will shut down either way and we will default on our debts either way.

The pressure on Republican senators will be intense, but they’d rather let the House take the blame for the catastrophe.

The fact that the Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, is facing a primary challenge from his right makes it unlikely that he will ride to the House’s rescue this time around. If we’re hoping for adult leadership in the Senate, it will have to come from a rump of moderate Republican senators that doesn’t seem to exist.

And yes — all this reflects THIS.

PREDICTION: Expect a large part of the conservative entertainment media and the new media to say that Obama’s trying to close down the government and that Obama is trying to engineer a debt default.

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  • justcowboyway
  • Rambie

    too bad that they have to drag the rest of us with them.

  • SteveK

    There’s a reason the Republicans are so set on delaying “Obamacare.” Once it kicks in and 90%+ of the America people favor it… Their anti-American activities will be even more apparent.

    It seems that “Obamacare” is more popular now than Medicare Part D (now sitting with a 90% approval) was prior to it’s implementation.

    There’s an interesting thread over at Crooks and Liars that document the now and then of them both…Medicare Drug Plan Polls Suggest Bright Future for Obamacare

    For the whole story follow the link above.

  • petew

    I am so angered by the blatant power mongering and greed embraced by the TP, that I would rather see the economy crumble. At least that might possibly allow Americans to understand how crazy teabaggers really are, and how little they really care for the well being of our country and other Americans.

    In an ideal world, the President should arrest these extorting criminals for interfering with normal government functions, and lock them up until they withdraw such an enormously harmful and absurd plan. There probably is some sort of law that could be applied, but Obama is too much of a moderate to deal so heavily handed even with them. It would be better for him to tell the public specially what will happen, and how all of them will suffer because of it. If voters really understand the sinister powerplay at hand, they would realize the teabaggers are not sainted martyrs, but rather, criminally insane extortionists.

    As another commenter mentioned, if the government is truly shut down, will the members of the TP be willing to give up their paychecks and benefits–just like the rest of we poor, supposedly “over taxed” American will be forced to?

  • cjjack

    …if the government is truly shut down, will the members of the TP be willing to give up their paychecks and benefits–just like the rest of we poor, supposedly “over taxed” American will be forced to?

    Well of course there’s the government – which routinely if inefficiently provides services without much fuss, and then there’s “the government,” which sucks every last penny from honest taxpayers and gleefully hands it over to freeloaders who never worked a day in their lives, while at the same time crushing the dreams of everyone who ever wanted to create a small business.

    There is no doubt that the latter must be shut down, as history shows that our society has functioned best when there is no government to speak of…apart of course from a world-spanning military presence.

    Sarcasm aside, I wonder what would happen if a politician were brave enough to say to the GOP “you want to shut down the government? Fine…let’s start with the Army.”

  • petew


    The trouble is, that raising the debt limit IS a routine function of the government and willfully denying it will threaten our credit rating. And, as far as sucking every penny from “honest” taxpayers—would Exxon mobile and many other giant corporations be willing to forgo any future government subsidies used to grease the vault tumblers in their Cayman Islands banks? Is there nothing wrong with a wealthy Ceo paying a higher effective tax rate than his secretary?—honest my foot!—honest only as much as you can load the dice!

    Forgive my offense, but my father, who was born in 1906 and only had an eighth grade education worked several physically taxing jobs in order to raise myself and my two sisters. still during the 50s and 60s, he was a great father that took care of all of us—even managing to send two of us on to receive college degrees. He died at 67 of heart disease after only enjoying his SS check for two years, and after and having wages withheld for the system since it was first created. I doubt if any CEO or Wall Street executive will ever know how taxing real world, and truly hard physical labor can be. In my book, it takes much more work to shovel coal into the 120 degree heat of a great lakes freighter’s furnaces for eight hours a day, than leveraging unproductive businesses out of existence—for obscenely handsome profits, will ever require!

    Sucks every last penny?…How many millionaire and billionaire businessmen have ever been driven into poverty simply by paying fair tax rates? And, funny how Obamacare is providing tax breaks and credits to help small businesses grow and flourish!

    Your self-righteous bunk makes me want to tell you to put something where something else isn’t, but I can’t use such nasty language on this forum! You, on the other hand, seem to successfully offend no matter how proper your english may be!

  • cjjack


    I’ll kindly direct you to the two words:

    “Sarcasm aside.”

  • petew

    Unfortunately sarcasm is sometimes appropriate—Physician heal thyself!

  • SteveK

    Facts aside too it seems.

  • yoopermoose

    If they go through with this, the inmates have officially taken over the asylum. And damn them all. Arrrr! (I added the last part in appreciation of talk like a pirate day which makes me feel like making them all walk the plank into the gloomy depths!)

  • petew

    I hope that when the American public wakes up we can finally say, “Good bye and good riddance to bad garbage!” Even right now,is much too late!

  • rudi

    We’re stuck with the rethugs till 2022. The 2010 census, gerrymandering and redistricting pushed the advantage to the Teabaggers. Nevermind that the aggregate vote in 2012 favored the Democrats. Until districts reflect sanity instead of politics, voters are screwed.

  • sheknows

    True Rudi. Don’t know a Dem win can really be achieved anymore.

    Maybe if we get more D senators and congressmen to start making comments and statements in public about how great the party is and how much it has done and it’s values etc. We can never match the scope of R propaganda, but without some sort of advertising and promotion we are surely doomed.

  • slamfu

    Well for that to happen the dems would have to start being more successful at the state level, and frankly the state dems make the federal ones look like paragons of virtue. Smaller stakes breed more viciousness it seems, especially in CA.

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