In World War II, U boats would send up wreckage to the surface to make pursuers think they had been sunk. The GOP presidential campaign is at that stage now.

Huckabee, Trump, Barbour, (gulp) Gingrich…the flotsam and jetsam keep coming, but down below in the engine room, are real missiles being loaded? (Apologies to Sarah Palin for the war image.)

A Gallup poll shows name recognition is still the game with only Romney reaching 20 percent as the preferred candidate. Most GOP voters seem to want something, but they won’t know what it is until they see it.

“Top Republicans,” reports Politico, “are increasingly convinced that President Barack Obama will be easily reelected if stronger GOP contenders do not emerge, and some are virtually begging Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels to add some excitement…

“It’s a sign of the GOP’s straits that the party is depending on the bland, wonkish Daniels for an adrenaline boost.”

There is talk of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who has declined, as well as any other Republican governor or senator untainted by scandal or blatant stupidity.

Is John M. Huntsman Jr. the man? Who?


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  • DLS

    Actually, the metaphorical application of “submarine” is more like other words beginning with “under” such as “undermining” or “underhanded” — a sneaky as well as “dirty” action.

    In this case, it could apply to the Bushes if they’re trying to boost the notoriety (and boost the misfortune) of the current Republican candidates for President, to make Jeb Bush look better and better.

  • slamfu

    Does anyone else still think the election is really far off and wonder why everyone seems to be acting like its THIS November? Calm down, someone will get nominated sometime early next year.

  • merkin

    slamfu says:

    … Calm down, someone will get nominated sometime early next year.

    I am not so sure. In their current state the last thing they need is what they are most likely to get, a long drawn out primary campaign with no clear winner going into the convention. The Republicans have veered so far right in opposition to this President that the eventual nominee will not have the time to steer back to the center before November. Then it will come down to how many of their own troops they can get to the polls and how effective their gerrymandering and voter suppression efforts have been.

  • DLS

    If baseball can run now into November, and hockey and basketball well into May and flirting with running into June, we can have many primary elections well before the start of 2012.

    Of course, the teevee money for the sports are probably a better bet.

  • slamfu

    Well I was really hoping maybe our politicians can take a year and actually get to work fixing things. But why do that when they can just be in eternal election mode.

  • ShannonLeee

    Mitt is their best bet…the rest are either too attached to the Bush admin or bat-crap crazy. Not too mention that beating Obama is going to be soooo hard.

    Why would any Rep with a future risk taking Obama on now when they can go against a non-incumbent in 2016?