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Posted by on Oct 12, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

Republican Sexist Staffers Blasting Miers Nomination

(Since First Lady Laura Bush explained to everyone what’s really going on regarding the GOP rebellion to Harriet Miers’ nomination to the Supreme Court, we have incorporated it in our headline).

You know you’ve upset people when lawyers for your own party on the Judiciary Committee diss your choice for Supreme Court…bigtime:

As the White House seeks to rally senators behind the Supreme Court nomination of Harriet E. Miers, lawyers for the Republican senators on the Judiciary Committee are expressing dissatisfaction with the choice and pushing back against her, aides to 6 of the 10 Republican committee members said yesterday.

“Everybody is hoping that something will happen on Miers, either that the president would withdraw her or she would realize she is not up to it and pull out while she has some dignity intact,” a lawyer to a Republican committee member said.

All the Republican staff members insisted on anonymity for fear of retaliation from their supervisors and from the Senate leaders.
A smart move…but as this New York Times piece notes, it isn’t as if their feelings are secret:

At two stormy meetings on Friday – the first a planning meeting of the chief counsels to Republican committee members and the second a Republican staff meeting with Ed Gillespie, the former Republican Party chairman who is helping to lobby for the nomination – committee lawyers were unanimous in their dismay over Ms. Miers’s qualifications and conservative credentials, several attendees said.

Many lawyers were critical or hostile, these people said, although Michael E. O’Neill, chief counsel to the committee chairman, Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, tried to remain relatively neutral. Mr. O’Neill could not be reached for comment.

“You could say there is pretty much uniform disappointment with the nomination at the staff level,” another Republican on the committee staff said. “It is clear there is quite a bit of skepticism, and even some flashes of hostility.”

One thing you keep getting back to on this nomination is this: the conservatives who oppose Mier have a slew of grounds for doing so, one of the most basic being that they want PROOF in the form of past judgements or some kind of a paper trail.

But the entire history of George Bush’s administration — minus the immediate aftermath of 911 when there was national unity — has been to deliver most of the goods to the right. In 2000 he ran on “compassionate conservatism” but once he got in made it clear he planned to change many things and be a conservative President. Of course, on some teeny weenie issues such as the size of government and government spending he fudged a bit as a conservative..

So on one hand there’s the argument that some Bush family members are actually pro-life and that overturning Roe VS Wade won’t happen with Miers. Which is what conservatives fear. On the other, Bush’s “trust me” defense asks conservatives to look at what he has done in office so far. Throw a dart and whichever one it hits, believe that…for now…

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