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Posted by on Jul 6, 2009 in Media, Politics, Society | 56 comments

Rep. Peter King (R-NY): Michael Jackson A ‘Pervert,’ ‘Pedophile’


Rep. Peter King may be speaking for a lot of people with his tirade against the media for devoting so much time to Michael Jackson’s death. Even some of us media people are wearying of the some of the excessive cable TV coverage.

King, a Republican congressman who represents a conservative Long Island, NY district, is especially ticked because all this attention is being bestowed on a man he calls a “pervert” and “low-life” who, he allows “had some talent” but really wasn’t to be trusted around children.

Watch it:

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  • DLS

    Al Sharpton actually says there should be a national day of mourning for Jackson, something worse than anything this GOP guy says (that is the object of cheap GOP-bashing).

    What’s worse than anyone who has misgivings about Jackson’s being too close with the kiddies is the celeb-style obscession we’ve seen with Jackson (and Palin and Sanford) rather than current _real_ newsmakers like the late Steve McNair (far from a role model; a subject once more for the gun control debate), or Lance Armstrong (in the Tour de France) or President Obama and his “counterpart” (bearing in mind the strings pulled by Putin) Medvedev in Russia (implications not only for nuclear arms reduction and the fate of the European NATO missile shield, but for Russian involvement in Iran’s nuclear program).

    Oh, and don’t forget the fun and games in Honduras and the threats Chavez had made to interfere there.

    • dollbaby

      Go Al Sharpton, he is absolutely correct, there should be a day of mourning for the greatest entertainer to ever live. Of course, if there is not a formal one, the people of the world will make one anyway, for the millions of people who want to participate.

  • Leonidas

    King is pretty much right, the news medai should report more new worthy stuff, let the entertainment magazines cover Jackson.

    Don’t know if he was actually a pervert and a pedaphile, but I don’t know anyone who would trust him with their kids on a sleepover.

    • StynWoes

      As a matter of fact he was the only adult trusted by other adults to be around their kids. Hey, Leonidas, No parent will trustYOU near children.

    • gibbsmaria

      @Leonidas He was more than an entertainer! Thats why he has received such media coverage. I really cant believe you guys! Do your research before you criticize someone, man! At least I was going to give you credit for keeping your comments respectable, but as I continue to read! So much for that!!!!

    • dollbaby

      Leonidas, you should have kept up with the trial and then you would know. You are right, you don’t know anyone who would trust MJJ with their children, because you probably don’t know very many, or nobody who is rich and famous, or African American. MJJ never said he slept with children, he said he shared his bed with them. Most families share their bed with their guests, which simply means you give the bed to your guest(s) and you sleep someplace else. If you watched him on Ed Bradley, he said he slept on the floor in a sleeping bag. I do have a wide circle of friends and relatives, and any of us would have let our children have a sleep over at Neverland or wherever MJJ might be. We love our children, and would not use them and teach them to lie for financial gain, as did the case of 1993 and 2003.

  • MichaelFan

    Great. Just what we need. Another judgmental Republican shooting his mouth off in the face of someone’s tragedy. No doubt another hypocritical bible thumping “do as I say do but not as I do” right wing freak with skeletons in his own closet. Who cares what this Congressman says?

    Douche bag…

  • Leonidas

    Democrats seem pretty judgemental of late as well. Mark Sanford, the Palin family……

  • DLS

    “Democrats seem pretty judgemental of late as well. Mark Sanford, the Palin family…..”

    [shrug] They certainly have rushed away from “their” Iranian revolution they “adopted” to go back to their obscession with attacking Sanford and the Palins in no time. If anything, it is set to increase after Jacko is buried, unless another object of their — rabid wrath — materializes between now and then.

  • forbes528

    Well many of you are still seeing elvis, and although it has been a lot of coverage Mr. Jackson, I just tune my tv elsewhere. As far as him being a pervert, I wasn’t there never met him, however I do respect all he has done around the globe. Fans of Mr. McNair is asking he be respected regardless to facts, so Michael is gone now the least we can do is respect him or just move on. I just suppose if Michael was of another race it would be ok. One thing is for certain, peter king is in the very small minority.

    • dollbaby

      forbes528 you are right Peter King (peedie weedie) is in the very small minority, and not only that he is with a very small mind. The others who don’t care for the King of Pop have the decency to keep it between themselves. Peter King, the lowlife who wish he was the King of Pop.

  • DLS

    I’d just as soon hear about someone else — if Shaun Mullen were still on this site, he’d probably have started a thread on the death of Robert McNamara.

  • omenfour

    Wow! I didn’t know it was suitable conduct for a congressman to be issuing derogatory statements about ANYONE to the public. Also, as a congressman, I would think Mr. King would be familiar with the law “innocent until proven guilty”. Mr. Jackson was never proven guilty of anything to my knowledge. Mr. King is hurting the children left behind that may hear this garbage he is spouting. That’s what he has accomplished. Thank you Mr. Congressman for your unacceptable behavior. Before you speak you should think of those you may hurt with your thoughtless words.

    • AustinRoth

      omen – so, you claim that congressmen lose their constitutional right to express their opinion, and that only those found guilty in a court of law actually committed the crime, because I guess all guilty people are found guilty, and all innocent people are acquitted.

      You live in a reality of which I have no familiarity.

      • omenfour

        Austin….I didn’t SAY that he lost his right to express his opinion, I said that public name calling is unacceptable behavior for a congressmen. It is the kind of behavior one finds on Jerry Springer. He did not express his opinion, he stated his belief as a matter of fact, as if Mr. Jackson had been found guilty when he definitely had not. Acquitted means acquitted. Not guilty. Whether Mr. Jackson did the deed or not is a moot point here. Mr. King has no proof of his claims, and should not be behaving as if he does. He should be showing some respect for the system he was trained to uphold instead of behaving like a kid in the school yard.

        • Sharcam7

          Omenfour, I totally agree. I think he has a right to express his opinion, but not in the bitter, disgusting way he did it. I do think that the “terms” he used to described Mr. Jackson denotes jealousy and one wonders,poszsibly racisim. Very unfortunate.

        • AustinRoth

          And I don’t believe OJ is innocent; that the LAPD was innocent of beating Rodney King; that Robert Blake was innocent; that William Kennedy Smith didn’t rape anyone; etc.

          And I, and a congressman, or anyone, has the right to express those opinions, or state that they beleive that those to be facts.

          Just like not all guilty verdicts are for people who committed the crime. Any objections against those who state as a fact that some person ‘X’ is in fact innocent of a crime ‘Y’ they were found guilty of? Or is this a one way street in your mind?

          • dollbaby

            AustinRoth, you just said what we are saying, read your words:
            And I don’t believe OJ is innocent; that the LAPD was innocent of beating Rodney King; that Robert Blake was innocent; that William Kennedy Smith didn’t rape anyone; etc.
            Peedie Weedie (Congressman King) did not say “I believe,” he stated it as a fact instead of an opinion.

          • AustinRoth

            OJ killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman; the LAPD beat Rodney King in a case of police brutality; Robert Blake killed his wife; William Kennedy Smith raped Patricia Bowman.

            That clear it up for you?

  • StynWoes

    Is this not the same guy who said USA should severe her ties with France for not going to war. No consumptions of french wine, french(freedom) fries. He went on to say Americans should write memories instead of memoirs.

  • NoVaBlonde

    and to think the courts dismissed the latest charges, and MJ’s insurance co closed the other case with a payoff MJ did not want. can’t even believe our courts, can we Mr. King? I suppose you relate closely to the plaintiff who was $65000 behind in child support, and had no reason to want a payoff? Do you think your constituents are going to remember you in your next election? better start believing that!

  • JSpencer

    A certain amount of guilty until proven innocent dynamic going on here eh? Well, I guess people tend to believe what they want to believe, evidence be damned. Maybe Rep King is a failed singer/dancer and is trying to downplay MJ’s considerable talents. 😉

    And DLS, I’d be interested in a discussion about Robert McNamara too. I wonder how comfortably he’s resting where he is now? I suppose that question assumes some kind of judgemental hereafter, which I have serious doubts about, but I was using it mainly as a figure of speech.

  • Loviatar

    Those of you not from the NYC area and with limited knowledge of Rep. Peter King, do a quick Google search on Peter King and IRA (Irish Republican Army) and Peter King and Irish immigration and you’ll notice how his stance on terrorism and immigration seems to change based upon skin color and religion

    See for Peter King and most conservatives its not about whats right or whats best for America, its about what best for Peter King; in this case white Irish man.

    That all you need to know about the man.

    ~ L

  • mlhradio

    I really, really, REALLY do not like Peter King. But, as the saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    I am awfully sick and tired of all this idol worship over a washed-up pedophile. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say – I’m avoiding the news channels until all this pedophile-lovefest is over.

    • gazzaboy

      Yes I also find it sickening and the thousands who turned up to say goodbye to one of the worlds most famous PEDAPHILES. The media have demonstrated their indiference to what is actually going on around them.His so called inocence was purchased for a few million. He should be included in the GUINESS BOOK OF FAMOUS PHEDAPHILES. Just to look at him makes my skin crawl, as I know there are also a few million more who feel the same repulsion at the site of this sicko indevidual.
      Our consulation is that he will go to HELL for the sick way he played out his life and was able to pay for his inocenct verdict. America , you have a lot to answer too. Garry.

      • cecilia63

        Who made you the judge and jury?,you never had ,or have or will have any idea to even understand someone like Michael Jackson,his passion for music,what are you passionate about? criticizing someone just because the media did the same?how do you know he was sick,you and many people like you have no clue that real love can be pure and not sick,Michael Jackson loved kids thats it nothing more,but you are too insignificant to even get to that level,hell its reserved for many people I am sure that you are on your way there too if you have no shame and disrespect an icon like MJ.even before he was burried,millions will remember his great legacy,don;t think that anyone will bother remembering you. Pathetic!!

      • gibbsmaria

        @ Gazzaboy OMG, you should have testified at his trial, because of course you were there and know exactly what happened!

      • dollbaby

        gazzaboy, I don’t know what gazza stands for, but by your comments and your spelling, I think boy is appropriate. Your comments are equivalent to that of a 9-year old, but you could be 10. If you are older than that, then you should be ashamed to call a person a name that you cannot spell. If looking at the King of Pop, music legend, genius, incomparable entertainer, superior humanitarian, Michael J. Jackson makes your skin crawl, can’t you think to stop looking at him?

    • gibbsmaria

      OMG, MLHRADIO…you were there too! I swear the plaintiffs had the wrong witnesses testifying! They are missing all these people that knows exactly what happened!

    • dollbaby

      mlhradio, too bad, you will never watch TV again because there will always be news about the King of Pop who is loved so deeply all over the planet. The “lovefest” will never be over, as there are millions, maybe billions of us who will make sure of that it never ends. There is nothing you can do about it, Michael Jackson will be honored endlessly, and will live in the hearts of people forever. Each time you make a hateful and unjust remark, many people love Michael more for the ignorance he has had to endure during his life, and now even in death.

  • MrUniteUs1

    The news media and Peter King know anything said about Michael Jackson will get attention.

    Peter King has already gotten more attention for this than he has for anything he ever accomplished as an elected official.

    • Happymeal

      Wow… where was the Catholick Peter King when the Catholick church was letting known PRiest/ Sick Ass perverts proven not specilated on by ther on sick ass church. I guess he was not sickened enough by that. WHAT SHAME you call yourself a humane? Hey Peter go sit in front of a mirror and ask yourself who you really are.



  • Father_Time

    The never ending monotonous media coverage of MJ’s death not withstanding, the man was not a political figure. It would seem to me that congressman King’s comments are thus libel defamation of character.

  • omenfour

    LOL MrUniteUs1 !!!!! Love it!

  • allalone

    This peter king is a jerk. Go on you decrepit old #*%*!!!!! You know you could have checked the facts before you went off spewing lies, Michael Jackson was AQUITTED, did you get that?? There was 1000 other news stories you could have commented on but you chose Michael because you knew it would bring you publicity. You are a pathetic human being. You wish you could be loved an iota of how much Michael is loved. So go back to your sad life.

  • Leonidas

    ” As a matter of fact he was the only adult trusted by other adults to be around their kids. Hey, Leonidas, No parent will trustYOU near children.”

    [email protected]

    Parents trust me with their kids everyday in my job. I have been trusted with hundreds of them without any a single incident , accusation, or suspicion whatsoever. You see I don’t hold sleepovers with little boys or do other suspicious activities. If you would have trusted your children with Jacko, well, thats up to you, most people have more sense when it comes to their kids.

    I’m not saying Jackson was guilty, but I am saying that his behavior was suspect, and not many parents would want their kids hanging out unsupervised with a guy who had been taken to court on child molestation charges.

    • dollbaby

      “not many parents would want their kids hanging out unsupervised with a guy who had been taken to court on child molestation charges.”
      I think it depends on how informed the parents are. I would not trust my children with you, because believe me, if you continue to be around hundreds of children your turn to be accused is not far off. In addition, I am of the opinion that you need to feel what it’s like to be falsely accused, and especially of such a terrible thing as child molestation.

  • pkr1291

    Rep King – Why don’t you stick to what you get paid to do – probably nothing. Concentrate on trying to make your state/city a better place to live. This does not involve you. MJ was a true humanitarian and music icon. Something that you will never be mistaken for in your lifetime. He that is without sin can cast the first stone – is that you? I doubt it. You should be ashamed of your comments – what an embarrassment of someone in your job capacity – I guess it goes with the territory.

  • EEllis

    So what if MJ did a little naked snuggling after giving young boys some happy juice? I mean he was such a great star they should be thrilled!

  • mm1949

    Rep. King’s comments disgust me! They show complete irresponsibility for an elected official. There are a multitide of reasons for the enormous outpouring of love being shown to Michael Jackson at this time. After the brutal trial for the allegations made, Michael Jackson was acquitted of charges. Do you not have any respect for the judicial system? If not, why do you choose to continue to be a part of it?

    Please do not forget Mr.King the good Michael did during his life, not only the talent he shared with all of us for so many years, but all of the charitable and humanitarian work he did. Your comments are hateful and show deep rooted anger. I bet we wouldn’t have to dig too deep to uncover your faults or people’s “perceived” thoughts about your shortcomings.

    You could benefit from the gentle and loving spirit that Michael had. I am glad you do not represent my area. You should be ashamed, I’m sure your district is.

  • Leonidas

    The MJ discussions should just die, as should the media blitz hopefully. Michael Jackson is a shovel ready project.

  • machinist

    MIchael was a talented singer and crotch grabbing, air humping dancer.I do not know if he molested children, but I do know that he thought there was something caring and special about sharing his bed with pubescent boys. So he may not be a pedaphile, but he may have been a homosexual hebephile who had an infactuation with 12 & 13 yr. old boys. I seen an interview where he held hands with a 12 yr old boy for a long time. I do not know of too many pubescent boys who would hold a grown mans hand unless there was something wrong at home, and maybe Michael took advantage of their situation.He was a freak, I do not care about what his father did to him as a child, it is not a valid excuse.There are alot of people who were abused physically or sexually by someone they trusted and they are not freaks. So quit taking up for the guy, he is not a great man, most of you have forgotten about him over the last 5 years and have not listened to his music for the last 15 years. GO G.O.P.!!, Democrats are homo-humpers and fetus dumpers! GO MARK SANFORD YOU PIMP! SPANK THAT LATINA ASS IN ARGENTINA!

    • dollbaby

      machinist, what would the haters say if he was having sleepovers with little girls? It behooves me to know that people have such gutter minds that they attach sex to everything. Believe it or not, people can have fun without having sex; please try and grasp that concept: FUN WITHOUT SEX.



  • Mary56


  • Leonidas

    I give Jackson credit for his charitable donations, that it, otherwise I don’t think he gave us very much of note. A new dance, some popular songs do not a hero make, I get more from my local volunteer firefighters and law enforcement than I ever got from him. I will commend him for his charity work and donations though. A lot of other millionaires who are not celebrities deserve the same on this account, but will never recieve it, even some of the more well know rich.

    Has anyone made a thread praising Michael Bloomberg’s giving?

  • Darr247

    This IRA terrorist supporter wraps himself in the flag (notice the american legion hall in the background) and slanders dead people… as the bard put it, methinks thou doth protest too much. i.e. ever notice how many people who complain loudest about pedophiles and perverts end up getting arrested later on for being pedophiles and perverts themselves?

  • DLS

    “And DLS, I’d be interested in a discussion about Robert McNamara too. I wonder how comfortably he’s resting where he is now?”

    Probably just fine, especially when he made his grand admission he was wrong and an apology first.

    * * *

    As to King’s comments, well, the memorial service was surprisingly good and not marred too much by defensive remarks about Jackson’s foibles (which had no place in that memorial at all, incidentally), so King got his comeuppance in both the form of the remarks as well as how the memorial was received.

  • cecilia63

    Mr.King,first of all you should be proud that someone like Michael Jackson was born in your country,second he was never found guilty, people who smelled money used their kids to say terrible things about him,its always about money,how come you don’t mention the hundreds of millions of dollars he gave for education,for poor people and charitties,or its just more convenient to stick by your little agenda you against millions of people…,third people like you are born everyday ,people like Michael Jackson once in a lifertime, from every corner or this planet people will remember him forever genereations and generations to comeI.. don ‘t think many will remember you.

  • Thissucks09

    Joe Windish, ,what conservative Long Island district are your referring to. King currently has over 325 pedophiles in one of his districts. Exactly what do you think he has done to correct the problems in the 3rd District of NY. Do a bit of research before you decide to report.

    Peter King is no more than a pathetically self serving politician with limited potential.

  • gibbsmaria

    Its not about guilt or innocence anymore. The man iis dead now, RESPECT THE DEAD! Peter King is just jealous that he’ll NEVER receive that kind of recognition for what he’s done for NY, which is NOTHING! When he dies he would want to be glorified! He wouldn’t want anyone to discuss any of the “Charitable Contributions” he received regularly!!!

  • mlhradio

    It’s a shame that the man-boy-love pedophile did not commit suicide earlier. World would have been better off if the sicko had offed himself years ago.

    • dollbaby

      mlhradio, you should feel awful ashamed for this comment. Now, just compare yourself to MJJ, who never said mean things about people and tried to help them. If you just stop your hating for a moment, you will learn that a sicko is a person who call people names, wish death upon them, and say hateful things. Please reconsider who is sick in the head and heart and who gave to others their entire life.

  • dollbaby

    Peter King (Peedie Weedie), a judgmental, ignorant, jealous, hateful lowlife outcast, who wish he was loved as the King of Pop was loved. Nobody forced him to watch television, it was his choice to do so; and I suppose he was under the impression that the news stations would televise what he and a few others wanted to see, versus televising what the whole world wanted to see. When the media went with the GREATEST MAJORITY, Peedie Weedie had a tantrum, like any other 3-year old I guess. What a slap in the face to members of the jury, who, in order to fulfill their civic duty, spent many days sitting in their seats, listening to insane lies and testimonies. Why did Peedie Weedie get elected to his position to uphold the law, when he is so ignorant he doesn’t understand the law? How can a human being (if he is human) be hateful enough to say such awful things about a deceased person? I am flabbergasted at the mean and immature statement from a person (I guess) who calls himself a man.

  • Sharone

    I agree that the media has taken this too far, and that not enough credit is given to those who have healing effects on the people around them. In my Heart I feel that Micheal WAS indeed a very wounded person who had sexuality problems – that he was guilty of inappropriate behaviors with children. (I’d had a vision which told me this) But it is not fair for us to judge him, label him or put him down. We all have our own kinds of issues. And Micheal’s issues were also “too publicised”. Perhaps more healing could have taken place in him if he’d had less mud thrown at him and more realizations of his inner woundedness and the need for help and healing from his abusive childhood. Micheal was a wounded child and a great artist who lead a sad life. Perhaps there is something we can learn from the intrusions the media has invaded his life with. Perhaps the media’s greed for stories is the real issue here.

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