220px-John_Abney_Culberson,_Official_Portrait,_112th_CongressOn CNN just a few minutes ago, Rep John Abney Culberson [r. Texas] asserted three times he is ‘standing on principle’ instead of allowing the poor people in his district to not have a shut down of government. Absurdist language from Culberson about ‘loving liberty’ and voting to allow govt to shut down so that his people in Texas can “be left alone” — Culberson is breaktakingly out of touch. Culberson claims all 700+thousand plus of his district want him to vote to ‘be left alone.’ I dont recall that being polled by any responsible org. Knowing personally several persons in “his district” who vociferously DISAGREE with Culberson, I’d say Culberson is living in blowhard-land.

I’d also guesstimate were I to call randomly around his district asking just one question, one narrow question: Do you want a government shut down that will take literally millions if not billions of YOUR dollars to start up again… and in the meantime millions of people go without paychecks, many of whom will never be able to recover for their children and families to catch up–
-my hunch is Culberson would be amazed at how few agree with the harsh reality Culberson’s purposefully grinding toward: government shut down.

The aspect Culberson seems to forget is vile and ill will toward the 300 million citizens of the USA, will never ever keep his party or his person in esteem as a statesman, only as an ankle biter. Imo, Culberson is well on his way to going down as a Nero.

The next election in his district will be the tell. Many many in his district have NEVER had health insurance, they are poor… and now have a chance to have low cost insurance via various govt programs for those with incomes under 45K. Culberson fails to tell the truth about how the poor will have health insurance for their children and old people and for themselves. It is, imo, vile, to omit truth that would uplift so many, in order to try to be one of the ‘important’ haircuts on the hill.

Rave on Rep Culberson. Stand on your ‘principle’ but note you are also standing on the backs of the poor in order to spew utter empty words. And when you say you are voting for the people, the people’s will… I’ve worse news yet… many many of the people are watching you. Many belong to large voting blocks who are angry. At you. Yes, you, a card carrying member of the Tea Party Caucus. Not only blackening your own eyes, but those of the Tea Party as well, a group who had some viable ideas before being taken over by empty suits spouting gol darn am gonna stand on principle, in light of knowingly harming, HARMING millions of person OUTSIDE your district.


DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist
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  • ordinarysparrow

    On Saturday when House Republicans voted to make funding the government contingent on a one-year delay in implementing the Affordable Care Act, he relates the words he said to inspire his fellow Republicans;

    “I said, like 9/11, ‘Let’s roll!’” This line was reportedly met with applause.

    To suggest that undoing a Obamacare, passed by Congress, signed by the president, and upheld by the Supreme Court is like the actions of the passengers of United Flight 93….Sigh…..

    I checked to see what District he is from, and the sad part is he is from the 7th District, which is one of the wealthiest Districts in Texas, it was one that redistricted and since that time it has only elected Republicans Representatives, including former President George H.W. Bush….

    Also will share this choice bit about Culberson….

    In August 2011 AlterNet reported that Culberson, along with Ted Poe and Michael McCaul, was attempting to remove the right of deceased soldiers families to choose which prayers, if any, were to be read at a soldiers funeral. The three politicians were said to be attempting to impose Christian ceremonies on the military funerals of everybody who has served in the military, regardless of whether or not the deceased was Christian and with or without the consent of the family of the deceased. The three politicians stated their demands were a response to Veterans Affairs (VA) banning Christian prayers at military funerals, however, VA state this claim is “blatantly false” as VA respects a families “rights to pray however they choose at our national cemeteries”

    Don’t understand why any Americans would want that kind of representation….

  • sheknows

    So many crazies in that party Dr. E, Many, many more than I think the country realized. I thought it was just confined to a minority of them, but this Culberson character is just aberrant.

    to me it is very plain now that these types dominate the party, and they did not vote to stop this shutdown because they want the Tea party to do their dirty work.
    What is so truly sad, is I will not be remotely surprised if he is re-elected.

    What has happened to out nation? We have become a mean-spirited, corporate power-mad, morally displaced country.

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist