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Posted by on Sep 18, 2016 in 2016 Presidential Election, Politics | 28 comments

Reince Priebus, RNC chief, threatens John Kasich, other Republicans who won’t back Donald Trump


Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Sunday threatened Ohio Gov. John Kasich and other Republicans who refuse to support presidential nominee Donald Trump, saying the party may take steps to ensure it’s not “that easy for them” to seek the White House again. Speaking on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Mr. Priebus said every Republican who…

  • DocPolitics

    Remember during the Bush Administration there was the same threats toward the press and anyone who spoke out against them? That little weasel Ari Fleisher was the one who threatened back then. The press would be apoplectic if a Democratic President behaved in that manner.

  • dduck

    Tell RP to rotate on this.

  • Markus1

    The slate of aspirants to the nomination that Mr. Priebus allowed to take up our national attention culminated in Trump. Has anyone ever done more to destroy a party? I’ll never forgive him for making me vote for Hillary.

    • KP

      “I’ll never forgive him for making me vote for Hillary.”

      A tailgate reservation for two under the stars.

      Sounds like a painful riff from a country western song out of Bakersfield California.

      • KP

        “When Coke was a soda and a joint was a bad place to be.”

        • In Kansas City a Coke is a soda…even if you want a Pepsi 🙂

          • KP

            Thumbs up, mate.

      • KP

        To be clear, I will never ever, join the Democratic party.

        I may vote for a politician that is a Dem, Like Feinstein or Jerry Brown (I did).

        “They spit on me in my home land …

        Gloria sent me pictures of my boy ….

        Got my pills ‘gainst mosquito death …

        My buddy’s breathin’ his dyin’ breath …”

        I remember leftie punks spitting on my brother when he went out for a beer at night from Annapolis and gangs picking fights with them in the 70s.

        You know who you are … you punks.

        F*ck you.

        Having said that, f*uck Repubs too 🙂

        • KP

          “I’m easy, like Sunday morning … 🙂

          • JSpencer

            Easy like mercury. 😉

          • KP

            I did play with quicksilver as a child.


          • KP
          • KP
          • JSpencer

            “I did play with quicksilver as a child.”

            You played with Quicksilver Messenger Service? 😉

          • KP


            I hit you back with some Claude Debussy: Clair du Lune. Does it get any better.

          • JSpencer

            My mother used to play Clair du Lune on the piano. I can still hear her… close to magic.

          • KP

            So true …

            I have the licorice LP for my Bang & Olufsen.

            I am fortunate that Mrs KP plays classical piano and like you, I have heard it live over and over. Heavenly.

          • JSpencer


          • KP

            Rolling with some Gymnopédie

            Erik Satie

          • KP

            I am guessing your mother enjoyed favorite of ours as well …

            Pachelbel canon D

            I am a mushy lump.

            Love my mum.

          • JSpencer

            Even political junkies can be mushy lumps. Are we not human? I would never assume anything…


            You’re welcome.

          • KP

            Thank you!

  • What should a private party do….

    people need to be reminded that political parties are not government organizations and should not be trusted any more than any private company or religion. They are not constitutional parts of our political process.

    We would probably be better off without any of them…each politician would have to create their own platform and answer to their constituents for their behavior. No more blind loyalty.

    • JSpencer

      Amen Shannon.

  • I doubt Preibus is going to last for very long after this election.

    • KP

      Tilt your Etch A Sketch. Start over.

  • Bob Munck

    Priebus is sacrificing those things that make the Republican Party Republican in an attempt to preserve those things that make the Republican Party a party. It demonstrates a very shallow concept of what his job should be.

    If Trump were a viable political leader, he would make some major attempt to bring Kasich and other old-line Republicans into agreement with him. I don’t believe he’s capable of such a thing, will almost certainly do the exact opposite.

    • JSpencer

      The Grand Old Mob… not getting better with age.

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