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Posted by on Aug 13, 2017 in African-Americans, Race, Violence | 0 comments

reflections of a moderate black man on the events in Virginia [Guest voice]

by Mark Collier

We don’t want equal rights we want equal judgement

I have yet to say much on Virginia yesterday because that attack impacted  me on a different level entirely.
Being black myself it is particularly difficult to remain  objective about these types of incidents because of what my ancestors endured through their valiant and just struggle for Civil Rights. From a black, historical, raised in the United States of America perspective, this rips the bandaid off a very ugly and serious wound. I hope all other races  can empathize with me and all other black people’s viewpoint on having to witness and experience again the white KKK like violence.
But what what gives me the strength not to reach the same level of anger I have seen,  is because I have fairly and justly reasoned that this small subset of white  miscreants and reprobates  represent an extremely small segments of the white race in a country of almost 320 million total  people.
The type of violence exhibited yesterday is indeed, at least loosely tied to the proposed NFL boycott against those types of injustices. Although we have come a long way in  race relations, events like yesterday remind us we still have a ways to go.
 The place where I hope we all get to one day  is when white people, and all  other races come to the same conclusion about the black race as I did when I watched that white thug roll over those  helpless pedestrians yesterday.
That conclusion that we want other races  to understand and fully  accept is that the disproportionate violent crimes committed  by young black males, and broadcast on the media ad infinitum, represent only an extremely small subset  of the 37 million plus black people who live in this country.
When ALL people get to that point then we will be much further down the road in terms of the  direction we want race relations to go.
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