I know all about being a die hard fan, so immersed in your belief that you tend to deny reality. After all, I’m a veteran of decades of support for the New York Jets. (This is the year! I SWEAR it is this time!) Unfortunately, we sometimes have to face up to the fact that our team simply sucks. This is a lesson that could prove useful to “Smitty” over at The Other McCain blog, when he decides to proclaim that Rick Moran is “a blowhard.

The bee in his bonnet on this occasion is Rick’s column this weekend in which he comments on the same Sarah Palin gaffe which I had some fun with yesterday. Rick writes:

I wholeheartedly agree that this statement by Sarah Palin on her Facebook page is unconscionable, outrageous, and either a deliberate lie, or proof that she really is an airhead.

This sends poor Smitty into a tailspin, and he seeks to enlighten Mr. Moran by pointing him to an editorial from Obama health care adviser Dr. Ezekial Emanuel, as reported and analyzed by “the excellent William Jacobson.”

The article in which Dr. Emanuel puts forth his approach is “Principles for Allocation of Scarce Medical Interventions,” published on January 31, 2009. A full copy is embedded below. Read it, particularly the section beginning at page 6 of the embed (page 428 in the original) at which Dr. Emanuel sets forth the principles of “The Complete Lives System.”

It’s certainly an eye opening article, and I’m hardly one to stand here defending the choice of Ezekial Emanuel for his current position. But there’s one teeny, tiny point which Smitty is missing in his criticism of Right Wing Nuthouse’s proprietor. Rick – along with the rest of us – are not talking about random editorials published by public officials. We’re talking about legislation, either extant or proposed, which has shown up in committee on the floor of the House and/or Senate. And these so called “Death Panels” are simply not there.

Kathleen Sebelius could pen a dozen op-eds extolling the positive health virtues of feasting on the writhing flesh of living puppies, and we could all certainly react in horror. But until somebody actually writes the Filleted Puppy Diet into a health care reform bill, it’s rather pointless to begin screaming about it and accusing Obama of puppycide. Just call Dr. Emanuel an idiot and move along.

The big point these Palin die-hards are missing here was best summed up by Rick in another portion of his column which Smitty also apparently failed to read:

The damn bill is plenty bad enough without lying about it. Jesus Christ! Your loyal subjects, who don’t think you can do any wrong, are smart enough to figure that out without you having to demagogue the issue like a Democrat, for God’s sake!

Indeed. There is more than sufficient ammunition available to oppose the Democrats’ version of health care reform. Making up pointless bits of screaming hyperbole discredits the person doing the shouting.

(More on this from Memeorandum)

JAZZ SHAW, Assistant Editor
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  • $199537

    Palin is an astoundingly bad politician and I continue to be amazed by her popularity. Her portrayal of the “death squads” is either intentionally misleading or really ignorant. There are plenty of things to criticize in the health care proposals and there is no need to make things up.

    Looking at the actual proposal to pay for end-of-life counseling (assuming this is what Palin is talking about – who knows), I am a little surprised it’s even in the bill. Normally the AMA and Medicare revise CPT codes annually, and this is the kind of thing that usually gets done at the yearly revision. If it had been done that way I doubt anyone would have noticed.

    If I understand it correctly it essentially formalizes a way for doctors to get reimbursed for end-of-life counseling, which generally is talking about living will topics like whether people want to be on a ventilator, do they want feeding tubes, etc. Actually doctors can already get reimbursed for this sort of thing, they just have to code the visit based on time and link it to any disease diagnosis the patient might have, such as diabetes, heart disease, whatever.

  • The most amazing thing about Palin’s comment is that the “death panels” at the private insurance companies have already written off her Down Syndrome baby. If she gets insurance it will have to be through Medicade, yes, a “socialist” progam.

  • Viper4

    Re DaGoat: Palin is an astoundingly bad politician and I continue to be amazed by her popularity.

    Yeah. And Obama is Disraeli.

    If you’re amazed now, you might start taking preemptive measures to minimize your vertigo after Roger Ailes gets a year or so to do his Henry Higgins job on her.

    Google it.

  • Pug

    Sarah should apply for health insurance for her son with any private carrier. Then she will know where the real “death panels” are.

    This woman is beyond clueless. And proud of it.

  • rudi

    Sara Palin will fit in nicely next to the Glenn Beck Show on Fox. A rodeo clown and moose hunter on Fox, but no Larison or Schwenkler.

    Found this over at AS:

  • StockBoySF

    Concerning Palin’s lies from her Facebook post, I wrote this in response to a fellow commenter…

    As Maureen Dowd put it in today’s column: “…she [Palin] put up a demented, fact-free Facebook rant trashing the president’s health care plan….”.

    “Fact-free” seems so non-confrontational, yet snarky.

    • $270502

      Getting fact-checked by Maureen Dowd is like having Stevie Wonder critique your outfit.

  • Response from alleged illiterate here, sir.

    • Smitty, Smitty, Smitty. By definition, illiterate people can not have reading comprehension problems, silly. 🙂

  • Wouldn’t illiteracy be the limit as reading comprehension goes to zero?

  • skylights

    “Palin is an astoundingly bad politician and I continue to be amazed by her popularity.”

    I’m not surprised at all. I’ve long contended that about 85% of the American public is comprised of imbeciles. Palin’s fans and supporters come entirely from this large segment of society. They like Palin because she is like them, and she gives a loud, proud voice to their stupidity.

    The rest of these ignoramuses either didn’t vote, or voted for Obama, despite his intelligence and learning. Luckily, some morons want someone smarter than them to be their leader.

    • ehcanada

      P. T. Barnum and H. L. Mencken both covered this well. Barnum’s “a sucker is born every minute” (probably every nano second now). Mr. Mencken said something like “no one ever went broke betting on the stupidity of the American public”. My opinion is that both were absolutely correct.

  • elrod

    The biggest boost to Obama’s healthcare initiative this August has been the nutjobs. They have completely obfuscated the legitimate questions and discredited the whole conservative opposition. Instead of talking about whether or not proposals to increase coverage will also increase costs – and for whom – we are laughing at conspiracy-minded morons who compare Obama to Hitler and political has-beens conjuring up death panels. At first I thought Obama was in trouble this month with all the teabaggers lined up for war. Instead, Obama just ju-jitsued his opposition. Again.

  • narciso

    Have you read the bill, particularly pg 425-6, 52, 16, 19, et al; then come up with a better argument, Arguing from faith doesn’t help your cause

  • Corley

    It’s the government take over of the health care system. End of life care is part of Health Care. That is what you want to look for. “End of Life Care”.

    Seeing how rationing will be taking place on how to cut costs. End of Life care (see, there is that phrase again) for the elderly and infirmed will come down to How Much It Will Cost Per Day. Is it that much of a stretch to wonder if Obamacare will want to pull the plug on patients sooner rather than later?

    I’ve seen Death Panels elsewhere on the nets too, before Gov. Palin used it. But I’m sure a thorough researcher would have found that out.

    Nice quibble about the usage of the lexicon, however.