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  • Mike P.

    I’ll chime in with a disgusted “agreed.”

    It’s just a matter of time before someone’s pitching some form of “extreme” reality TV where players might actually (hopefully?) die onscreen.

    Snuff films in the vernacular.

  • bellisaurius

    I don’t know. Survivor’s usually struck me as not untasteful, and while rich in human drama, it’s not Jerry Springer either. I’d be willing to give this a shot on the grounds of “nobody seems to have tried something like this.” As something where I have no idea how it will come out, this is a bit intriguing.

  • Lynx

    It may be in bad taste, I don’t know, in general I hate reality TV but I think I might watch this. Seeing the different strategies and organization of different groups, and how they react to the idea of competing with other races. Will one team especially want to beat another team? What kind of team structure will they have?

    It would be more interesting if they had a control groups. Other sets of teams to see the difference:

    1. Multi-racial teams competing
    2. Teams that think they are competing against members of their own race.
    3. Teams that aren’t told the race of other teams.

  • It’s unfortunate that race matters so much in our country. The “bigotry demons” are working overtime at CBS. The Washington Post reports 20 contestants will be divided into the White Tribe, the African American Tribe, the Asian American Tribe and the Hispanic Tribe. Why not a Native American Tribe or a Japanese American Tribe? It seems to me the African American Tribe, Native American Tribe and Japense American Tribe are real survivors of American Racism let get them to play the game.

    Ooops the “bigotry demons” at CBS got it wrong, what is the white tribe doing in there? Let’s kick out the white tribe real soon, they are not really “survivors” they are descendents of slave owners and neocolonialist but not really “survivors.” How about a Jewish holocoust tribe for good measure. Oops again, to old, not in the CBS viewer market. How about an O.J. Simpson tribe? A Rodney King Tribe? Oh better yet, how about a KKK Tribe?

  • Pyst

    I hope this is signaling the beginning of the end of “reality” TV.

  • Sarum

    Intriguing my a–s, just another way to appeal to the slugs of the world.

  • gal

    I’ve always counted Survivor among my guilty-pleasure TV viewing (along with American Idol and Project Runway), but I cringed when I heard about this.

    Burnett is either desperate for more ratings or a genius for getting all of us talking about it. Probably both.

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