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Posted by on Oct 7, 2013 in Politics | 15 comments

Quote of the Day: Tea Party Republican says U.S. default would HELP world markets

Our political Quote of the Day says it all about the truly sad, tragic decline of the Republican Party as a party with serious thinkers who weighed both sides and then came to a decision which could be tinged with ideology, but it was a decision based on facts. It’s from freshman House Republican Ted Yoho (FL) and we’ll give you part of the item on Talking Points Memo that brought this to our attention:

The Post has a profile in motion of freshman House Republican Ted Yoho (FL). The focus is how he’s part of the faction who forced John Boehner to trigger the government shutdown and now wants to move along to default on the national debt. How bad will default be? “I think, personally, it would bring stability to the world markets,” Yoho told the Post.

Which raises the questions a)are serious, thoughtful Republicans who are now or who have been in power willing to surrender their party to fact-denying ideologues such as these and if they are not then when are they going to speak up? (Bravo to Rep. Peter King). b) if this is the kind of thinking then what does it portend for the United States going into the 21st century if this powerful faction of the Republican Party gains more strength?

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  • It’s one thing to have ignorant wacho birds making up your base but when you send them to congress – that’s another thing.

  • Cabaret_Voltaire

    This has been coming for a long time ever since the “religious right” took hold of the GOP decades ago. In this, Goldwater was correct in everything he predicted would happen to the party. The thing about religion taken to a fanatical level is those involved are not “true believers.” These are the people who have a hidden doubt somewhere inside themselves. This is not something known to them on a conscious level. Because at all costs they must unconsciously squash the secret doubt their outward behavior is to purge virtually everything in their path as a proxy for killing the doubt. This Tea Party movement will collapse, but it is likely to take the entire country into ruins along with it. This element will be with mankind to the end. If you did not vote in the mid-terms then you are part of the current problem. Allowing so many of these people to be elected is why we’re in such dire straights now. The writing was on the wall for all to see early on.

  • Rambie

    I miss the days with both our major political parties were grounded in reality.


    I think Republican economists reading stuff like this are in danger of having heart attacks because of the blood pressure increase.

  • @Cabaret_Voltaire
    The so called “Religious Right” was initially based on anti integration – bigotry. It was not really involved in politics except perhaps on a local level. This is how the likes of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson got their start. Francis Schaefer convinced them to instead concentrate on abortion and become politically active. But the bigotry remained just not out in the open.

  • Cabaret_Voltaire

    The bigotry continues on with its incarnation being the Tea Party. It always amazes me that Republicans take offense at any charge of hating Obama due to his race. The “birther movement” would not have happened if Obama were a white man.

  • SteveK

    In another thread there was a comment from Moyers & Company that said,

    And while few explicitly talk about Obama in racial terms, the base supporters are very conscious of being white in a country with growing minorities. Their party is losing to a Democratic Party of big government whose goal is to expand programs that mainly benefit minorities. Race remains very much alive in the politics of the Republican Party.

    With all the denial of ‘racism’ from the right I think that statement pretty well calls it as it is. And the “I am not a racist” tea-party pretty much is, too.

  • sheknows

    I personally am tired of hearing the name Tea Party when used to describe extremist factions of the Republican party. They are no longer separate from the actual party. They ARE the party. They have found acceptance and approval ( inwardly) from the majority. We know this because they would have been over-ruled in votes to shut down the Govt. LOL, the Republicans are about one thing. Obstruction. They have taken over SCOTUS and redistricted the US in their favor now and are in the drivers seat of this country. They would of course LOVE to win the WH in 2016, but we pretty much know for sure they will take the house again in 2014 due to remapping. All they have to do is sit back and obstruct all Democrat legislation and approve bills to harm the social programs of the country in order to win.

  • Rip

    “..we pretty much know for sure they will take the house again in 2014 due to remapping. All they have to do is sit back and obstruct all Democrat legislation and approve bills to harm the social programs of the country in order to win.”

    I optimistically disagree ๐Ÿ™‚ I am hoping and, yes, praying that they will lose a few if not enough to lose the house. But, more realistically, they may keep what they have but, I have a hard time believing they will gain anything.

    On a side note, I am still confused on this Tea party, are they truly the majority of Republicans or, are they just the squeaky wheel so to speak? My guess is that they are the minority in the party but are backed by big money and some very powerful people.

    Oh, as far as being a racial thing, I live in the south and believe me when I say that it is VERY MUCH a racial thing. Donโ€™t be fooled for a second when they tell you it has nothing to do with race, it has everything to do with it. I am so fed up and embarrassed that I have seriously considered moving further north.

  • sheknows

    Rip…lol..better hurry before the lines are drawn…this could be getting ugly ๐Ÿ™‚
    I just wanted to address the 2014 issue for a moment. I should not state things as though they are a forgone conclusion…my fault. However, after reading some very upsetting articles about the 2010 congressional election I have DEDUCED ( lol) a failure to win the house by Dems. In 2010, there were one and a half MILLION Dem votes more for congressional leaders, and yet , because od redistricting the Republicans won the house by 234 to 201. Now that was back in 2010. Since then, VRA out of the way and the reps remapping faster than the speed of light the day after the VRA decision until this very moment spells enormous trouble to me. Think about a million and a half votes. staggering! and yet it wasn’t enough.
    Again..just my alarmist voice….

  • Rip

    Again, my sad but persistent optimism but, I have to believe that even in the republican strong holds there is dissension among the ranks. At the least, if there is a choice of a moderate candidate vs. a Tea party candidate, I think there the moderate will come out victorious. At the most, the districts where we have left leaning republicans and a sprinkling of independents, there may be enough rebellion that a democrat could pull a rabbit out of the hat.

    What can I say, I would rather go through life optimistic and believe that the human race as a whole is well, human. I have told my coworker this, my belief is that history will show that this episode in our political miniseries was one of extreme redneck-ism . Where mob mentality ruled and common sense, compassion and empathy took a back seat to everything. History will also reflect what a huge turning point this was in our society when a black man was elected president of the United States of America! People will look back on the rebellion of the Tea party the same way we look back on segregation, womenโ€™s voting right, etc today. They will not understand how people could be so ignorant and how pure hatred could blind so many.

  • sheknows

    That is a healthy attitude Rip.
    My 30 yr old daughter said she can’t believe how hard we fought for civil rights back in the 60’s just to have it all ruined now with VRA. As the saying goes sometimes..” everything old is new again”.

  • petew

    Forgive me for sounding too religious, but The Republicans today are one of the groups which Jesus may have looked down on from his cross and said, “Forgive them father, they know not what they do,” But while he may be able to forgive their spiritual poverty, I still think the rest of us should do everything possible to keep as many of them out of office in 2014 as possilble, so they will not create a spiritually barren world for all of us, consisting only of billionaires and poverty stricken serfs!

  • justcowboyway

    Mr petew,

    Still think that we should call them CINO’S[Christians in name only].

  • JSpencer

    Petew, I totally agree with your uncharacteristically abbreviated post. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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