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Posted by on Jun 17, 2013 in Media, Politics | 7 comments

Quote of the Day: On Sarah Palin’s Return to Fox

Our political Quote of the Day comes from Salon’s Joan Walsh who, in a piece on Sarah Palin’s star rising again among conservatives, notes Palin’s return to Fox News and what it means:

Palin’s return to Fox shows that Roger Ailes knows the GOP can’t win back the White House in 2016, so he may as well focus on consolidating his audience, and keeping them comfortable as they watch the further decline of what Bill O’Reilly called “the white establishment” that was vanquished by Barack Obama. “I have great confidence in her and am pleased that she will once again add her commentary to our programming,” Ailes said. “I hope she continues to speak her mind.”

Palin’s re-entry into the Fox News commentator line-up and her rising star also signal another thing: Republican rebranding will not happen for those who had hoped for a GOP that sought to enlarge its tent and engage in real dialogue, versus zingers, snarky sound bites and over-the-top comments about political foes and groups not in the GOP coalition.

Which means a)the GOP will continue to do well in holding onto the House and b)the GOP will have its work cut it for it in winning the Oval Office (but Democrats can do some of that work for them by poor management of the White House, inadequate response to crises, and by Democrats doing that they often do best in some tough elections — staying home because they don’t like parts of their party’s platform, their party’s candidate or because they feel demoralized).

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  • sheknows

    I think it was non-Republicans who coined the expression “rebranding”. I think it is non-Republicans who are the only ones hoping for a transformation in their ideology/behavior. CLEARLY, the Republicans aren’t trying to change a thing. Whatever they are, whatever they are doing OR saying…works for them.

    I am sure we will see Bachman back in the scene here well before 2014, but make no mistake, she will be back. She, like Palin have an appeal to many of the republican women who like “outspoken” women ( as long as they still spout Republican beliefs). You will never see Palin or Bachman bellowing anything but stupidities about anything of concern to women, like equal pay, or work outside the home. In fact, you will never see them bring it up since they do not believe in those things.
    Fox News must not want anything to do with a new image either.

  • dduck

    I hear Chicago needs new stars, maybe FOX will have half a brain and jettison SP.

  • slamfu

    I am also glad Palin speaks her mind, its usually very enlightening. Welcome back Sarah! /huggles

  • Smooth Jazz

    Palin’s return to Fox shows that Roger Ailes knows the GOP can’t win back the White House in 2016, so he may as well focus on consolidating his audience.

    LOL. I find it interesting that a partisan such as Joan Walsh, who frequents a network that has demagagoues like Martin Bashir, Al Shartpton and Chris Matthews seeing racial code at every turn, opining on 2016, at a time when Obama’s Presidency is unraveling and ObamaCare has Dems cowering and on the run. Yeah, I know, I know – It’s Hillary’s “Turn” in 2016, as if the Presidency should be handed to her as a birthright.

    What I find so ironic about what Walsh is saying is that Gov Palin was the one who vehemently warned us in 2008 that a community organizer without executive experience who was in the Senate barely a year before running for President was an empty suit who would be in over his head as President. History has arguably proven that she was very prescient in 2008.

  • bluebelle

    If the GOP continues to block immigration reform, and resists any other type of re-branding, then they will have to rely on Benghazi, which is now being investigated by 6 House committees. They will literally keep it going until ’16 to tarnish the prospects of Hillary Clinton.
    Their entire campaign strategy will be summed up as “but we’re not them”. If they are not going to adapt to a changing electorate, they may as well keep Palin and remain in 24/7 attack mode. She makes a nice pit bull- even though she is otherwise rather useless. Brings in good ratings!

  • bluebelle

    Sorry Smooth, but I think that Palin’s commentary since ’08 has proven that she was the one wearing the empty suit. They aren’t hiring her back at Fox for her intellect!

  • sheknows

    LOL bluebelle…too true. 🙂

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