I can’t even comment on First Read’s take on former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s Fox News interview since First Read says it all. But I will offer two quickies:

(1) Romney is unable to move on.
(2) There will be no group of GOPers within the party battling to keep Romney’s principles and political spirit alive. How can you keep alive that which is difficult (if not impossible) to unearth? First Read:

*** Unable to move on: In his first interview since losing last year’s presidential election, Mitt Romney made it pretty clear through his words and tone that he hasn’t moved on from his loss. “I look at what’s happening right now, I wish I were there. It kills me not to be there, not to be in the White House doing what needs to be done.” Ditto his wife, Ann. “It was a crushing disappointment. Not for us. Our lives are going to be fine. It’s for the country.” Given that the Romneys haven’t moved on, it raises this question: Why did they do the interview? In fairness to Romney, he’s not the first losing presidential candidate to have a hard time getting over a loss — George McGovern, John McCain and Al Gore all come to mind. Not everyone ends up like Mondale or Dole and moves immediately to elder statesman status. By the way, don’t miss what Romney said about his infamous “47%” comment: “What I said is not what I believe.” Folks, that one sentence sums up Romney’s two failed presidential bids.


JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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  • dduck

    I think any of us, even those vilifying MR on other threads, would be kinda down after two losing grueling campaigns. Whether they are correct or not, MR and AR could in their own minds think they could do a better job than POB, and that can make you wish you had won even more. I am not defending MR the candidate, he had a lousy campaign, stuck his foot in his mouth and said stuff I don’t agree with, but loser MR is another story. He deserves more than piling on and partisan exaggerated personal attacks from holier than thou commenters, here and in the greater media world.

  • SteveK

    Losers generally have had the good sense to… Stay lost.

    Mitt Romney it appears didn’t learn that lesson and thinks it important to tell us what he would be doing… If HE were President.

    I think the word we’re looking for is pathetic.

    1. Arousing pity, esp. through vulnerability or sadness.
    2. Miserably inadequate.

  • cjjack

    At the risk of sounding “holier than thou,” and at the risk of being accused of “piling on,” I’m going to comment on this quote from Mittens:

    “It was a crushing disappointment. Not for us. Our lives are going to be fine. It’s for the country.”

    How arrogant do you have to be to feel bad for the country because they didn’t choose you? How self-centered do you have to be to think the country simply can’t keep going without you sitting in the White House? This is the “47 percent” comment all over again, only this time in public and aimed at the rather larger number who didn’t vote for Mitt. He’s saying, in effect, “how dare you not vote for me? Don’t you realize how great I am? So take your ‘will of the people’ and stuff it…I’ll sit by with my millions and laugh.”

    It is one thing to be dejected over the results of a Presidential race you lost – in Romney’s case, twice – but it is another thing entirely to go on television and rain sanctimonious scorn on the American people for having the temerity to vote for Obama. A lot of folks have (fairly) criticized those on the left who held up Obama as some sort of savior, but Mitt is actually holding himself up as one.

    He feels bad for the country? Really? I don’t. In fact I’ll feel a lot better if he keeps shooting his mouth off like this.

  • dduck

    Potential savior, to be exact, we’re finding out the one who was thought in 2008 to walk on water instead may have clay feet when it comes to actual governing, but he is good at giving populist speeches at $175,000/hour for Air Force 1.

    If anyone running for president doesn’t think he can do a better job than the other guy/gal, and is disappointed he didn’t get to prove it, then he is not a fit candidate. So I don’t get all the angst because of what he said. Except I do. It is all partisan hate.

  • slamfu

    Who cares?

  • SteveK

    … giving populist speeches at $175,000/hour for Air Force 1.

    Yeah, President Obama is now also known as the first U.S. President to use expensive aircraft to take his message to America…

    oops, short memory… Guess I forgot.

    “And in his first two years, Bush took 148 missions with 416 sorties, compared with 126 missions with 324 sorties for Obama over two years.” *

    FactCheck.Org – The Traveling President

    To put Obama’s use of Air Force One into context, we also asked for travel data for his predecessor, President George W. Bush. Bush took 89 missions and 259 sorties in 2002, his second year as president, according to the airlift group. And in his first two years, Bush took 148 missions with 416 sorties, compared with 126 missions with 324 sorties for Obama over two years.
    A Continuing Pattern
    These latest chain e-mails are part of a continuing pattern of indignant, anonymous authors spreading false and misleading claims about the travels of the president and the first lady.

    In November 2010, we wrote about the “highly doubtful” claim that Obama’s trip to India would cost $200 million each day. That figure was based on only one report from an Indian news organization that cited an unnamed official, with no additional evidence to support the claim. The White House called the claim “wildly exaggerated.”
    In July 2009, we wrote about another chain e-mail that complained that the first lady used taxpayer money to take her daughters and her mother on a European vacation. While taxpayers were on the hook for some of the cost of transporting the first family, and for providing security for them, no taxpayer money was used for their personal expenses.
    In October 2008, we wrote about the false claim that Michelle Obama spent nearly $450 on room service at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City that year. Not only did Obama not stay at that hotel when she was in the city, according to her husband’s then-presidential campaign, she hadn’t yet arrived in New York by the time the bogus receipt claimed she had ordered room service.

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    Hi Steve,

    Hate to jump in the middle of this one, but I just have to give you kudos (as I have in the past) for combating rumors, inaccuracies, exaggerations, falsehoods and innuendo and just plain crap with just plain facts.

    Thank you and keep it up.

  • dduck

    Who cares.

  • cjjack

    If anyone running for president doesn’t think he can do a better job than the other guy/gal, and is disappointed he didn’t get to prove it, then he is not a fit candidate.

    I coined a phrase once that I believe applies here:

    There’s a difference between having an ego, and having an ego problem.

    Basically, if you are #1 – the best at what you do – then there’s no problem having an ego about it. However, if you’re not #1 but act as if you are (or should be), then you have an ego problem.

    Of course Mittens thinks he can do a better job than Obama, and Obama would of course disagree. Hell, Hillary Clinton thought she’d make a better President than either of them. That’s ambition, and that’s not what I’m criticizing. What I’m criticizing is a lack of tact. A lack of self-awareness. An unjustified ego.

    Mitt earned a right to have an ego about his business acumen. He’s made hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital. Yet as a Presidential candidate, he’s failed. Twice. The fact that he still thinks he belongs in the White House despite losing demonstrates an ego problem. The fact that he expresses pity “for the country” over his loss demonstrates an insufferable amount of arrogance.

  • dduck

    “I coulda been a contenda”.
    Shut up you lost so you can’t say anything.
    I coulda………..
    No room for losers, no one respects you.
    But a gotta an honorable mention award in 6th grade, don’t that count.
    Nah, you have to learn to BS and promise, and yes lie, if you want the big prizes.
    Cause the world is full of schmucks.
    Oh, so what now?
    We start an action committee and do what the other guys did but we do it better cause we got more money (LOL). 🙂

  • bluebelle

    Gotta agree with cjjack once more. It is total arrogance to profess that their loss is the country’s loss, that we will not be able to muddle through without them. Its likewise an opportunity to take one more little jab at President Obama and his dealings with an intractable GOP at a sensitive time. I’m sure its no coincidence that they didn’t grant the interview after the administration got a deal on raising taxes or when his nominees were approved for the Cabinet.

    Also, I don’t believe them for one second. They are feeling bad for themselves, 100%, because the last campaign was hard, bitter, grueling and very long. Its only natural they would feel totally drained and defeated. Just don’t project that feeling onto the rest of us.

    If the Romneys sincerely want to serve our country, there are thousands of ways to do so, other than coming on Fox with a pathetic (nice word Steve) display of sour grapes.

    I make it a rule never to vote for anyone who is in the process of fulfilling their lifelong destiny or who is answering a long distance call from God, LOL. Either their boundless ambition has created some kind of mental delusion, or they are cravenly manipulating the faithful and foolish.

  • zephyr

    There’s a difference between having an ego, and having an ego problem.