Our Political Quote of the Day comes from magician Penn Jilette who writes about Donald Trumps hair in his new book:

‘I wasn’t even going to say anything about Trump’s hair. I live in a glass house. I’ve always had ugly, out-of-style hair. Trump’s hair is a lot better than mine – but as I sat there for hours half listening to Donald carry on, it struck me exactly what his hair looked like.

‘It looks like cotton candy made of p***. That revelation came to me, and I had to type it here. But my hair is worse.’


As for Celebrity Apprentice, Jillette says the show has no rules – it’s just Trump ‘doing what he wants.’

‘We’ve chosen to make this whackjob, with the cotton candy p*** hair and the birther s***, into someone we want to please.’

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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