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Posted by on Aug 30, 2011 in Politics | 6 comments

Quote of the Day: Barack Obama’s Three Biggest Mistakes as President

GOPer David Frum, who does NOT march lockstep with his party’s talk radio political culture of the Tea Party movement, ponders Barack Obama’s three biggest mistakes as President. This comes into this context: it is now the consensus that Barack Obama has not been one of our history’s most successful or even inspiring Presidents — even to many in his own party. He seems the classic case of someone who runs a great campaign but has problems using not just the levers of power but the powers he personally has.

Here’s Frum’s intro and what he views as the biggest mistakes. Go to the link to read it all but your comments are welcome below:

Over at Bloomberg, Jonathan Alter poses a question to non-supporters of President Obama:

“Tell me again why Barack Obama has been such a bad president? I’m not talking here about him as a tactician and communicator. We can agree that he has played some bad poker with Congress. … (But) what, specifically, has he done wrong on policy?”

OK, I’ll play.

Obama made three crucially bad economic decisions in the first year of his presidency:
1) Obama deferred to Democrats in Congress on the writing of his fiscal stimulus. He fought for a big total, but he paid much less attention to what was included in the total. The predictable result: a stimulus that most economists condemn as very poorly designed.


2) Obama failed to mobilize the Federal Reserve to support his fiscal stimulus.


3) Obama bet his presidency on the best-case scenario.

I particularly agree with the last one. Obama assumed too cheery an outcome and was — and seemingly continues to be — stunned when the cards he got were not the cards he assumed he would hold.

To batter an old cliche to death:

“When we assume it makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me.'”

Or an unsuccessful — or at least seemingly on the ropes — President.

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