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Posted by on Apr 19, 2014 in At TMV, Society | 8 comments

Q Is For….. Q


As you might imagine I had to do a little pondering in figuring out what to do for “Q” day.

In the end I decided to follow my inner Star Trek nerd and go with “Q is for Q”.

For those not familiar, Q is a character from Star Trek The Next Generation. Played by John DeLancie he is an omnipotent being of virtually unlimited power. During the series he would show up to torment, tease and otherwise frustrate the Enterprise crew.

But in one episode he had a different agenda, offering a member of the crew “the power of the Q”. That is to say virtual omnipotence and the ability to do anything you wanted.

In another episode he showed up to try and convince a young woman who had the power of the Q that she must leave human society because the temptation to use them would be too great.

So I though this would make a fun discussion for the weekend.

What would you do if offered all of that power… would you take it or not ?

Do you think you could control your use of that power ?

And if you could, what would you do with your power ?

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  • sheknows

    A fun topic. The scariest part about having all of this power is not knowing the consequences and the ripple effect. I would hate to stop all war, only to find out disease was running rampant, or visa versa.
    I suppose if I was omnipotent, I could take care of all the concomitant results of any action, but once I created the perfect world, I would probably become like Q…bored and mischievous. 🙂

  • JSpencer

    I loved Q. Eloquent and irreverent, DeLancie did a great job with the role. Not sure anyone should have that kind of power, but if I’d make one tweak around the edges: Every time someone told a lie their eyes would momentarily glow red. I think that would be more of an equalizer than the peacemaker ever was.

  • This is actually the second time I read about Q today, after not seeing anything about the character for quite a while. I also read that the Star Trek comics are doing a multiple book series with Q in the JJ Abrams rebooted Star Trek timeline.

  • StockBoyLA

    Here’s what I would do: anyone who is a hypocrite would have feelings of dread when they act against the teachings of their religion. the amount of dread felt would change depending on the level of hypocrisy and type of action. The feelings of dread would only last a little while and the memory of such feelings would be quite vivid when the person thought on the matter and considered doing the action again. In addition to the feeling of hypocrisy, people would also recognize that their actions go against the teachings of their religion and they would feel remorse for their behavior. The universe is letting them know that they are going against their strongest values and core beliefs.

  • StockBoyLA

    Also free college education for everyone with money to cover basic living expenses.

    Global universal healthcare and lastly, free daycare centers for full-time working families.

    Then I think I’d give up my powers so I wouldn’t meddle.

  • dduck

    If I had the Power, I would ban the asking of philisophical questions at the Miss America pagent.

  • JSpencer

    SB and dd, excellent suggestions. If only…

  • StockBoyLA

    JSpencer, thanks. I enjoyed yours- imaging liars with momentarily glowing red eyes. I think that’s something Q would do… it’s wonderfully mischievous but gets the point across at the same time.

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