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Posted by on Dec 2, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Politics | 9 comments

Real Psychic Predictions 2012: Politics and More: SO HOW DID THEY DO?

DECEMBER 2, 2012: So how did the psychics do? Read the full post with updates.

UPDATE: November 3: “Psychic Nikki” is starting to see an Obama win in an extremely close election:

As of this past week, Nikki was “feeling stronger about Obama” but added it was going to be “a very tight race, almost too close to call.”

“It’s very tight between Mitt Romney and Obama but I’m feeling a little more stronger about Obama right now,” she said. “I haven’t made my final decision.”

Nikki also senses the “influence” of a woman in this election, and potential “havoc” in polling stations.

“The problem is Mercury is in retrograde that day, the day of the election, and what that could cause is a disarray with the polling stations, things could go wrong, there could be a miscount,” she said.

The longtime clairvoyant says she predicted Obama’s 2008 victory. She says she also predicted the trouble in Syria and Lebanon, as well as Hurricane Sandy.


She adds that she feels the presence of danger around Obama and the election.

“I hope that there’s no danger around him but I do get that all the time,” she said.

UPDATE NOTE: There have been a few new entries since this was last on TMV’s front page, so here is an update. Partisans can now pick the entry that fits there preference about who’ll win since there are divisions.

First, here’s one we didn’t see in its full form from “mentalist to the stars” Sidney Friedman, who predicted Barack Obama’s election more than a year before he won the White House. These are from December 2011:

2. President Obama will be re-elected. Period. This is not a political statement, but just what I foresee. I predicted Obama would win the presidency a year-and-a-half prior to the last presidential election when Hillary Clinton was favored, and even though the coming election will be a battle for the ages, especially with new voting rules in many states and record amounts of campaign funding yielding an unprecedented number of attack ads cluttering the airwaves, Obama will still win. He will not win states like Indiana which he won last time, but he will win two southern states, including North Carolina or Virginia. Also, two third-party candidates will siphon off votes from both the Republican and Democrat side. Plus, expect an August surprise. By the way, Mitt Romney will not win his home state of Massachusetts.

Some new updates posted 10/28: This new one is unusual: it says astrologers can’t predict. If you scroll down and read the others made since late last year, you’ll see most psychics and astrologers have made a prediction. So keep scrolling:

The Dallas Morning News:

Even those with an eye into the future are stumped.

Just as public opinion polls show the Barack Obama-Mitt Romney race too close to call, local astrologists who’ve studied the celestial charts say they aren’t making any bold predictions, either.

The biggest factor: Mercury will be in retrograde, a temporary illusion that causes the planet to appear to move backward.

For the first time in American history, the planet will “station retrograde” (begin a new cycle) on Nov. 6, the day of the presidential election.

The last time Mercury did something similar, it “stationed direct” (ended the cycle) on the final day of the disputed 2000 presidential race — an alignment that’s “very scary” to Ennis astrologist and numerologist Sherle Stevens.

When Mercury is in retrograde at the start of any new adventure, things change three months later.

Her guess? “Confusion with the results. … Maybe there could be a lot of voter fraud,” Stevens said.

Dallas astrologer and psychic Diane Eichenbaum also saw confusion in the skies, a precursor to a long election night.

She has done the charts and doesn’t see either candidate with a distinct advantage.

“It’s very hard to predict. They both have very tenuous aspects in their charts now, so they’re under a lot of pressure,” she said.

Still, the choice will be made in the polls, Eichenbaum said, not by the stars.

“Nothing is so fated that it’s not going to change,” she said.

Unlike astronomy, the scientific study of the physical universe, astrology deals with the positions of planets and suns and how they affect human behavior.

With little clarity gained, In the Running turned to the Magic 8 Ball for an interpretation of some classic predictors, but even those yielded cloudy results.

The Atlantic now has THIS POST which contains some of the links and quotes I had collected in this post that I started last year — plus some new ones. The bottom line: the vast majority of psychics are calling the election for Barack Obama.

NOTE: This post was originally written in December 2011. I’ve updated it today (9/29/2012). The update portion is on top and the original post from December underneath, unedited. And, no, this isn’t an endorsement of predictions or saying it will happen. But each year we run a post about predictions and its interesting to see if there are some new ones.

OCT. 2012: As you will see below this month’s entry, most psychics and astrologers have predict an Obama win. But there are now several predicting that Romney will be sitting in the Oval Office come January. The Prophetic Light presents a sketch and then writes:

Completed in January of 2011, this data shows what I now believe to be a highly symbolic sketch of our next President of the United States elected in the year 2012.

The central figure [X] reveals a male of refined and handsome features such as a formed and well groomed part of straight hair. A slight blemish or dimple above the left eye is noted accenting the aforementioned part.*

A symbolic hive of bees [A] is also shown as if being held into position by [X].

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of this data relates to the bee fixed upon an eye within a triangle [C]. This was very difficult to render as initially, various aspects of a single bee had been viewed and methodically pieced together.


I believe that according to this highly symbolic work, a President Romney is suggested.

And the Voice of Russia’s article finds psychics are split this month on who’ll win — with at least one suggesting a repeat of 2000:

“President Obama will be one term president,” said Blair Robertson Psychic Medium with assurance, to the Voice of Russia, “Obviously, it’s going to Mitt Romney.” Robertson is sure that Romney will win over the hearts of Americans. Even on his blog at, he posted his prediction back in 2011 saying that he predicts Republicans winning the presidential election.

How can he be so sure that Romney will defeat Obama? Robertson uses time projected empathy (TPE), to determine many of his predictions, including the 2012 election decision. TPE he explained is when he imagines reading a newspaper from the future, where headlines give him strong signals as to what is going to happen.

Though not all psychics are in agreement with Robertson’s predictions, a psychic consultant out of Toronto, Canada foresees these coming events much dissimilarly. “I had predicted Obama winning like over a year ago,” Tara Greene, psychic consultant, who sees there’s a strong planetary contact on Election Day, which is more favorable for Obama, told the Voice of Russia.

Greene stated on her blog that Obama would be reelected in the 2012 presidential election. She has looked at both Romney’s and Obama’s astrological chart and can see past their fluffed up promises and possible condescending words.

“Romney is kind of the big gung ho kind of guy and Americans seem to like that,” confessed Greene, “He’s [Romney]a Pisces, he’s a chameleon, in a way he’s the perfect snake oil salesman.” From his chart Greene can see his true colors. Romney is manipulative, devious and he’s after a lot of power, which compels her not to trust him.

“He sounds like an intelligent man, from looking at his chart I was kind of surprised –he’s all about power and control,” explained Greene.

Two premonitions, both opposing one another about who will be deemed victorious might leave the public perplexed. Although skeptics may be thrilled to see such a deadlock like this one, though Robertson and Greene do agree on a key underlying aspect on and surrounding Election Day— chaos.

“I think it’s going to be a crazy election and I think it’s going to be a repeat of what happened in the year 2000 because on Election Day at precisely 6:04 Eastern Standard Time, Mercury goes retrograde,” Greene explained with concern, and states that recounts of votes won’t be surprising.In layman’s terms, the Mercury retrograde is when sending correspondences and signing agreements are not considered to be the most favorable time for such to occur, as resending messages or going back into a contract to slightly alter such, is more plausible during the retrograde period.

On balance — as you can see below — right now most predictions are that Obama isn’t going to be leaving the Oval office anytime soon:

September 2012: The biggest update is that in the past six months many of the newest predictions have predicted an Obama win (and no, by doing this update we are not saying this could happen). If you click on links you’ll sometimes (not always) find that astrologers’ and psychic predictions sometimes mesh with their political viewpoints which could be pointed. So read this post, don’t read it, take it seriously, dismiss it — it’s your call. It’s almost predictable by that by doing this update there will be some (tiresome) claims this is an endorsement but it isn’t. You’ll also see a USA Today story noted here — and they did not endorse predictions they reported on, either.

But, hey, any psychic on his best or worst day is more accurate than Dick Morris.

Here is the update:

Denise Siegel has had an eerily accurate record on election predictions. She correctly notes “In 1999 I predicted the 2000 election would be won by both candidates, and that Gore would win the popular vote but not sit in the White House and that Bush would win the Electoral college – this was purely based on their astrology which was incredible in that it looked like both would win – but Bush by just a hair more positive planetary energy than Gore. ..” She also had a good record in predicting the economic downturn, and Barack Obama’s 2004 win.

In May she did current Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s astrological chart. Here’s her update (click on THIS LINK to read the original in full):

I didn’t post Mitt’s chart earlier because I did it on a different computer but here it is of course without his time of birth.

As you can see in his chart there is a plethora of water in his chart which as I researched past presidents was a no go. There has been very few Pisces presidents – the most notable being George Washington. However Washington had only one planet in water – his Sun in Pisces. In almost all cases of presidents we see very strong air/fire dynamics and this was also true of Washington despite his sun sign. I also actually ran the charts of both candidates a few days ago and was surprised to see just how impossible it would be for Romney to win against Obama. Pluto which rules the job of President is making terrible aspects to Romney during this period until the election which is why all this is coming to the surface – the real Romney. Obama on the other hand has a lot of support, trines and positive aspects. There are many reasons I won’t go into here but a few days ago after looking at their charts I was more than reassured my spirit guide was oh, so right about Obama winning. I’m going to repost what I wrote here back in May of this year about Romney’s chart which I completely stand by and you will see just how right on it has shown itself to be. I took a screen shot again so everyone could see the date. You can also use the search button on this site to find all I’ve written about Romney and Ryan.

Go to the link to read the original post on his chart.

In May, a panel of astrologers at a conference in New Orleans predicted an Obama victory — and voting irregularities. USA TODAY:

It’s unanimous: A panel of renowned astrologers predicts President Obama will win re-election in November.

That’s the word from the last day of an astrology conference here that also forecast earthquakes, explored the impact of lunar cycles on U.S. stocks and demonstrated how to use planetary charts to find a job.

The United Astrology Conference meets every four years and is the largest gathering of astrologers from around the globe, says David Railey, a conference spokesman and an Atlanta-based astrologer. This year’s conference included, for the first time, a contingent from China, where astrology is rapidly gaining popularity.

“Everybody sees astrology a little differently,” says Ingrid Zhang, 50, an astrologer from Beijing. “It’s important to have astrologers from around the world in the same place.”

The highlight of each conference is the presidential prediction. At the last conference, in May 2008, six panelists unanimously predicted Obama’s win over Sen. John McCain.

This year’s panelists used an array of different techniques to reach their predictions. One panelist inserted the candidates’ birth information into winter solstice charts and directed the information to the swearing-in location, Washington, D.C. Another looked at planetary charts dating back to 1880. All chose Obama to win.

The astrologers also warned that a Mercury retrograde — an alignment of Mercury, the sun and Earth — begins on Election Day and could lead to voting irregularities. The last time a Mercury retrograde appeared on Election Day was on Nov. 7, 2000 — and it took a Florida recount and Supreme Court decision to finalize a winner.

Meanwhile, some HERE predict a Romney win.

Here’s another list HERE.


Some years ago, particularly after the 1963 assassination of President John F.Kennedy was accurately predicted by psychic Jeane Dixon (but some say her prediction was exaggerated), the mainstream media and tabloids had a field day with end-of-the-year predictions. Sometimes these predictions were silly and didn’t come true. But sometimes they were spot on. It’s much harder to find lists of predictions these days, but they do exist. Some are often funny and the psychics will make a ton of them. Only a few psychics will make sure people know the ones they made that didn’t come true.

(I need to add that here in San Diego I was friends with the late Mickey Gable who used to read cards and she was shockingly accurate and precise — down to a string on my dummy breaking due to a traffic ticket).

Here’s a collection of some of the predictions that are starting to emege now.

From Vicki Monroe, Maine psychic medium and spirit messenger:

* Obama will win re-election. Others won’t.

“They’re saying in the election what’s going to surprise many is that a lot of those Republicans that were voted in … will be voted out,” Monroe said.

* The American economy will improve, and job security will increase.

“Industry is going to start looking at all these new technologies and saying ‘Do we actually need this type of a technology? Because people used to do these jobs. Let’s bring these back,'” Monroe said. “And also retraining people on technology you don’t want to lose. But there are some things you just don’t need, that have gone too far.”

* Moods will improve, both nationally and worldwide.

“Everything is going to change. Basically on a global scale we will start looking at things in a positive way,” Monroe said. “What the Mayans said as the end of the world is the end of the world as (far as) nations having to beat each other (to be) No. 1.”

West Palm Beach Tarot Grandmaster Christiana Gaudet:

On a global scale, each year seems to bring some sort of major disaster, be it natural, industrial or violent in nature. My biggest concerns for massive loss of life in 2012 surround military or terrorist actions. Worldwide, there is possibility of violent rioting and unrest.

Ironically, 2012 is a presidential election year in the United States. At the time of this writing, I am predicting that Obama will serve another term as president, but his victory will be by a very narrow margin.

The political divisions in our country may begin to lessen as those to the far left and right of the political spectrum present as overly extreme. Both the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement may win more ridicule than respect. Toward the end of the year, the political pendulum may swing to the center, and centrist candidates may triumph on Election Day.

As we welcome 2012, there is increasing concern about problems with Iran. These issues will continue throughout 2012 and into the following years. Current posturing may lead to military action, but at this time, I feel war with Iran is not inevitable.

The Western economy will continue to falter. In the United States, the real estate market will remain sluggish. Wall Street will have a difficult year, and may experience greater intervention and regulation from Congress.

Psychic Joseph Tittel:

The world won’t end in 2012. Nor will the presidency of Barack Obama.

Those are just two of the prophecies from Bucks County psychic Joseph Tittel. He draws listeners to his weekly radio program and New Year’s Day prophecies.

Tittel’s notoriety blossomed in 2007 after he appeared on the Lifetime Television series “America’s Psychic Challenge.”

*In a New Year’s Day 2010 broadcast, he predicted an East Coast earthquake registering between 5.5 and 6.0 on the Richter scale.
The Aug. 23 earthquake felt from Virginia to Canada registered 5.8 on the Richter scale, according to the U.S. Geological Service.
*On New Years 2009, Tittel forecast a “major downfall” for Michael Jackson “leaving him hospitalized.” During a Feb. 2, 2009 interview on “MTV Live,” Tittel said, “We might actually lose him.”
Jackson died June 25 to a cardiac arrest…..

…“People are going to think I’m really crazy when I tell them Obama is going to clean up in the next election,” Tittel said Thursday. “Mitt Romney is going to screw up late in the year and Obama is going to win big time.”

Blair Robertson:

I predict that the Republicans will win the Presidential election.

A horrifying premonition: spandex will make a comeback near the end of 2012.

Volcanic activity in the Northwest will be big news and I feel there will be a very good chance of a large eruption.

There will be a bombing on a cruise ship this year.

I predict North Carolina will be slammed and heavily damaged by storms in April.

I predict Jennifer Aniston will marry.

Watch for major riots to occur in Miami and London in the spring.

I predict a train crash in Southern Europe within the next 120 days that will be caused by sabotage.

Bonnie Baranski:

The Soo Greyhounds will not rally, St. Marys Paper will remain shuttered and U.S. President Barack Obama will get re-elected in 2012, predicts local psychic Bonnie Baranski.

Robyn Carissa:

In the United States, Carissa expects U.S. President Barack Obama to win a second term after the federal election slated for November.

Now let’s see if the psychics can do better than the ever-changing American new and old media conventional wisdom. Or are the jobs a matter of “same difference”?

Photo via

Sylvia Browne:

Psychic Sylvia Browne’s new book is her 57th and while that might seem enough to cover just about everything she could possibly have to say, don’t be fooled, the well-known psychic says, because there’s never been one quite like this.

Q: When will we get a Big One-style earthquake?

A: Thirty years from now. I say to them, ‘When I move, you move. I’m not moving anywhere. If I thought anything (was going to happen) I’d put it out on my blog or my Twitter. I’d say it everywhere. I don’t think we’re going to have the Big One.

Q: Is Obama going to make one term? Or two?

A: I’m worried about him. If he goes into a second term, I hate to be a predictor of bad (news), but I’m very concerned that if he’s elected a second time that there could be an assassination.

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